6 Signs It’s True Love

6 Signs It’s True Love

Lovestruck or True Love?

I’ve got some good and bad news for you. The good news is that the initial symptoms of falling in love are easy to identify. The bad news is that those initial symptoms are often very untrustworthy, as you’ve likely experienced for yourself. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you understand the difference between feeling lovestruck and experiencing the signs it’s true love.

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If you ask 100 people what the most important part of their relationship is—more than half of them would claim it is the sex they have with their partner. And these same people are likely in the initial stages of love, where they are also experiencing goosebumps, butterflies, jealousy, lack of an appetite, and general obsessive thinking. That’s the body’s way of telling them they find their partner sexually attractive. But sex isn’t an indicator of true love or soulmate love. Here are six signs it’s true love.

1. It Gets Easier and Better
Love takes work, but the work becomes easier the truer the love becomes. This doesn’t mean you get to coast through life the longer you’re together. It just means that you and your significant other will eventually get to a place where you know each other well. Your communication will improve, you’ll learn how to compromise, and you’ll experience a true sense of contentment, security, and happiness. And once you reach that place, your life together gets easier and better.

2. The Lustful Feelings of the Early Days Turn Into Contentment
Being content in love may sound boring compared to those early passionate romps when you couldn’t get enough of each other. But all that lust and passion of the early days wasn’t one of the signs of true love. It was an addiction to a pleasure that could never last forever. One of the signs of true love is that you feel contentment, well-being, and simple happiness. This is a very satisfying stage of true love and you can use it to explore the deeper aspects of your relationship.

3. The Future Feels Certain
One of the signs it’s true love is finding yourself thinking about your partner in a future context. For example, you may buy tickets to a concert that’s months away, plan a trip together, and you discuss places you would like to live one day. Also, you see arguments as setbacks that will be overcome, and while setbacks are often unavoidable, you and your partner have an unspoken understanding that you will find a way to move past your setbacks and continue on your journey together.

4. You Commit to the Other Person’s Happiness
Another one of the signs it’s true love is when a person takes the focus off their own happiness and puts it on the happiness of their partner. This is not the manipulative action that some lovers take in order to control the other person, but rather a pure and loving act that signifies you have surrendered your needs in exchange for loving the other person unconditionally.

5. Your Love is Unconditional
One of the signs it’s true love is that the love shared between two people is unconditional. This means that love is not dependent on income, looks, or material possessions. True love doesn’t need to be earned.

6. You’re Living “Happily Ever After”
Some people spend their entire life seeking a “happily ever after.” And if you are reading articles about discovering better sex, encouraging your lover to be faithful or how to keep their interest after five years in the same relationship, these are big clues that one (or both) of you has not progressed beyond those early lustful days.

True love is love that evolves. From those lusty first days and weeks to the security and content that comes with months and years of being together, the signs it’s true love are certainly out there. The question is, do they exist in your relationship now?

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3 thoughts on “6 Signs It’s True Love

  1. Lee-Ann Hack

    I was with this guy for year , he end things between us cause he is going threw alot depression did not want to hurt me . he is going for help . i was wondering if we will get back together ? He tells me loves me and cares deeply about me . we are both in relationship not happy with our others

    1. Bri

      Well maybe you need to sit with Johnny and tell him how u feel. Let him know you will always be here and you’re not going anywhere.

      Can i ask why hes so depressed??

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