True Love Exposed

Where to Find True Love

If you look hard enough, you should be able to find anything, right? Then why is true love so elusive? By looking at some of our assumptions (or myths) in a different light, we can see where we might be holding onto false assumptions. When you let go of the assumptions, a new way of thinking will allow you to see this search for love in a different light.

Myth #1: There is Only One True Love or Soulmate for Each Person

If that is the case, then let’s all throw in the towel. If we allow fate or destiny to guide us to our one true love, then we might be waiting forever. Psychic Devyn ext. 5303 states there are at least three soulmates/true loves for every person. Usually, your partner is connected to you through your soul group. These groups of people were with you in your previous life and play very specific roles in supporting you in your life now. We usually recognize these people instantly and feel a strong connection with them. Don’t take my word for it, check out what Devyn says in the video.

Myth #2: I’ve Done Everything I Can to Find True Love

Have you really done everything you can? Have you gone out on every blind date? Went to every bar every night and talked to every single mate? No one can possibly do all that. So it’s time to readjust your perception of what you have done, what you can do and what you expect to be able to do. With a skewed view of reality, you might be missing opportunities.

Myth #3: The Deadline

I’ve heard women say, “If I’m not married by 30, then I haven’t done something right.” I’m 39 and about to get married for the first time in a few months. I’ve been with this person, however, for almost eight years. The reality is most of my friends who said the above statement have already divorced once (twice in some cases). I didn’t marry earlier simply because I wasn’t ready. At 30, I was still figuring out how many shoes I could buy and still be able to pay the rent. Soon after, I figured out what I really wanted: true love, not shoes. After I rearranged my priorities, there was true love waiting for me.

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30 thoughts on “True Love Exposed

  1. Norman

    When almost every decision we make in this world is based on physical aspects right from the start, it’s difficult to find what qualifies as true. Why would love be any different? Physical attraction is exciting, fun & very deceptive. It lasts for a while, but not forever. Be nice if it did, but very few ever do. Ironic isn’t it, how those in love speak of having true love & single men & women can’t find it. I’ve loved 2 women in my life & I’m 54. Both were my true love. What I experienced & learned in those 2 relationships is priceless. I’m sure looking forward to #3. My true love is the woman I’m in love with at the time. If I don’t believe she is, it’s not love at all.

  2. Kerri

    I have had some disastrous relationships and am looking at another disappointment where I once had high hopes. I think I am going to do what the text above said and concentrate on shoes and take a break on relationships. Shoes are low maintenance.

  3. Rose O.

    Hi! Devyn, I enjoyed your video. I did not know we had all these
    soulmates. At this point of my life I have dated quite a few
    dates and boyfriends. But if there are so many soulmates why
    haven’t I at least found one to be my life partner. I am slowly giving
    up. Is there a way of cutting it down to the one?

  4. Abdul Jabbar Daudpota

    True love could be find in marriage relation which is infinite love for ever.everybody to keep this trend.

    Abdul Jabbar
    Marine engineer

  5. SCOTT

    I know Devyn is right on because it is a reality in my life. I got divorced to who I always believed was my “one and only” soulmate a couple years ago. I basically thought my true love life was over in my lifetime. Then I met my current darling, and WOW was I sadly mistaken! We are enjoying such a beautiful and deep love relationship that I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure im not dreaming!! We both feel very strongly how God has matched us together and blessed us with each other. I say to look for those gifts in life that god blesses you with and give thanks and appreciate them, because you will find there are MANY MANY blessings God gives us on a daily basis that some people overlook or even take for granted!!

  6. Ellesbelle

    I beleived I had found my true love with my lat realtionship , he was younger than me and he wa indeed perfect in every way ,,, I was walking on a cloud most of the time unaware of what was truly happening ,, when it crashed i felt like Mike Tyson ha hit me and left me to die ,, actually that would have been better for me i think ,,, but as they say evryone comes into ur life for a reason ,, season or a lifetime ive learnt ive grown and ive now met another lovely man i wont make the same mistakes ,, baby steps dont give them ur heart tottally till u are really sure wish me luck …

  7. ashb13

    I agree with what andrew and victor had to say. I believe in soul groups, but with many soulmates. and the real ones do come to if you are on your true path and doing you day to day thing. and ah, yea, people in bars thing… not everyone drinks and most people are just looking for one night stands when they pick people up in bars. and victor said, close the end of your life, if you have some one beside you then you have found your soulmate

  8. camash

    Myth #1 my partner is really a connection from what she calls a soul group. I met this guy while out wit my ex and today my ex kinda play a supportive specific roll in my life to. But my thoughts on true love is having a high belief in love at first sight. My partner i love now really caught my eye. Im now hoping he the one for me i am 30 and very marriage minded he just turnt 21 so im scared to even try to take thing to a higher level. I already told him i love him. My hororscope yesterday said to see my loved one is a must. I never thought in a million years i was gon see him. God answered my prayers. But in the end im just hoping he can really be my soulmate. Im taking all my psychic readings in a way thatll make me happy. And thats not always the case.

  9. Amy G

    Hi Devyn, I really loved how you explained soul groups. I definitely think there are people who are magnetically drawn to us and vice versa. You are such an amazing psychic – filled with love and insight. Thank you for sharing. Peace…

  10. Gelsomina

    Hi Devyn,

    Great video you look great too!

    This is so true I am such a believer of Soul groups and connections

    Your advice is sound and true!

    Love and Blessings
    Gelsomina 5354

  11. quinn

    love is love…
    never say never, it might be the next thing you do…
    you only feel what is inside of you, let it be love…
    you don’t feel the other persons love you feel your heart, if you feel good with that person that’s your love.
    it makes me sad to think people struggle with love so very much. soul mates are precious and rare, what a blessing to meet your soul mates in this life time.
    don’t give up on love… it is the strongest power in the universe.
    -quinn ext. 5484

  12. LeAnn B

    Devyn’s video really resonates with me. I can’t wait to call and talk to her tonight! Maybe she can help me find my true love 🙂 Thank you, Devyn!!!

  13. Eric

    Mayln- your right also we on the same page i’m 35 and i’ve tried everything in my bags of tricks to come up with a relationship, but it always slips away. now it’s harder to find that special someone. why wait forever you must search for them now. but for me i’m just busy with work also.

  14. Victor

    U only know true love when u are close to the end of ur living days … By that time if someone is beside u… That is ur true love…. Until there enjoy life … There is not dificult to get love if u give love… There is only dificult to keep love at all times:-) ask ur self first what true love means…

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Devyn is correct when she talks of a soul mate group and the fact that we have choices amongst the rare, more strong, Karmic connections that we encounter in any given incarnation.

    Somebody posted that we have thousands of soulmates,…. Andrew is correct in a broad general way……we are ALL soulmates to each other on the earthly plane…..
    …there are many different types of soul to soul connections.

    Nice job Devyn!

  16. Sean

    Paste from above:

    “I’m 39 and about to get married for the first time in a few months.”

    She must do this several times a year? How many months has it been since the last marriage?
    How many prior to that? Switching around “in a few months” with “for the first time” might go a long way towards achieving a better understanding.

  17. Natasha

    That is a true statement. I can see my husband we are a perfect match, i am 32 years old and the guy that i was in love with for years has come into my life like living on paradise. True love is real and it feel so nice.

  18. andrew

    Wow are you way off the mark, each person has hundreds and even thousands of soulmates on the planet at any moment, not all are romantic potentials. If you are centered and going about your daily life they will appear without effort and you really think love is to be found in bars?? Really??

  19. komadan

    hai iam loving the girl name MALA.M age 07/02/1974. iam komadan.s my date of bith 16/10/1976 iam able to marry her because day by day iam in circtical life because she had marrierd 1 guy she is waiting for diverous. pl let me know whether it will happen to marry she will get diverose

  20. Rose Cocca

    my only true love is my husband who past away…i will NEVER find one like him….true love on outside is only a myth..there isnt any….it hard to find one so good ….they are all the same…


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