Touch and Go Love

Many of our psychics enjoy working on questions of the heart – because as they say – no matter what walk of life you are in, no matter where you live, whether you’re rich or poor, married or single, straight or gay… everyone has questions about love.

“What’s really interesting about the subject is that each caller brings a different set of obstacles and challenges to the table in a reading,” tells Seha ext. 9668. “Love, for many people, leaves them feeling very vulnerable.”

Age issues were just one of the sensitive differences behind the frequent breakups between Alana and Ethan (not their real names). Seha could see this at the start of Alana’s first call to her. “I’ve fallen in love with this wonderful man, but I don’t think he loves me,” she admitted woefully to the Clairvoyant and Empath. “I know he’s holding his feelings back.”

“There is happiness and love in your future together, but it will take time and patience,” Seha pointed out. “There are obstacles… your fears, his fears… He’s worried about the age gap between you.”

“Yes, it’s 15 years,” Alana said, confirming the information Seha had given her. “I tell him that I don’t think about his age. I’m 43, and my child is grown. I love Ethan’s worldliness. He appears to be younger than he is… he’s stable, professionally. I even like his music,” she laughed.

“He’s insecure about the age difference,” Seha interjected. “He’s frightened that you may feel burdened by him, in time.”

“I know,” Alana concurred.

“There will be a dramatic breakup next month…” Seha warned her caller.

“What will happen after that? Are we meant to be together?” Alana wondered. “Will we survive as a couple?”

“I see it as an opportunity to build a brand new foundation for your relationship. It’s a new start,” Seha responded.

“Okay,” Alana replied, uncertain about Seha’s insight into her future with Ethan. The call ended.

The following month, Alana called Seha, obviously upset. The breakup that Seha had foreseen had happened – right on schedule. “Ethan said awful things… he told me he couldn’t handle our situation any more. I need help with a decision. We have a European vacation planned. We were going to visit my friends in Switzerland… should I cancel?” Alana implored. “I’m so awfully embarrassed… I bragged about him to everyone.”

“Don’t cancel!” Seha told her.

“Don’t cancel? Seha, are you nuts?” Alana was yelling at this point. “We’re supposed to be there in three weeks!”

“Don’t cancel your plans,” Seha repeated with strength and confidence. She had set out the Tarot, and she was sure she was seeing things clearly. “I know there’s money involved here, and I’m putting myself on the line… It’s entirely your decision, but it’s not over. You will have the opportunity to take the trip together – and even that will be up to you in the end. It’s going to be a last-minute decision.”

“We’re not talking to each other, and before that we hadn’t been sleeping together for weeks. I have every reason to believe it’s over, except for your reading.” Alana ended the call, remarking sadly, “I really would like to believe you!”

Seha recalls that as the weeks went by she wondered if she would hear from Alana again – whatever happened. The psychic continued to feel sure that she had been right about the circumstances.

“You are my wonderful angel!” Alana announced to Seha a month later. “If this hadn’t happened to me, I might not have believed my own story – Ethan and I literally ran into each other in a parking lot. He followed me to my car, and asked if he could get in and talk. He said he wasn’t ready to give up on us… he also asked if I had cancelled the trip, because if I hadn’t he’d still like to go – that is, if I wanted to go with him.”

They both had a really wonderful time in Europe, Alana reported. The couple spent their evenings alone, sorting out their feelings and their fears. “He’s been confused, and I’ve learned not to be dismissive about it. The age difference was keeping him from showing his true feelings for me.”

“So divine intervention brought you together,” Seha mused. “Divine intervention gave you the opportunity to take the trip together and work things out.”

“Yes, and I have no doubt he’s in love with me.”

“I get chills and a warm wonderful feeling, just talking about this,” Seha responded humbly to Alana’s story, then added, “You will be moving in together by the holidays.”

“Since it’s coming from you,” Alana responded happily, “I trust we will.”

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