Colors in Dreams Part 2

Ready to explore the meanings of the colors themselves?

Let’s quickly review a few important points first.

There are many perspectives as to the meaning of the colors we see in our dreams. These include ideas that the color in our dreams is an expression of our emotional state at the time of the dream. Another view holds that the color in our dreams, just like the dream symbols themselves, are very subjective and can also very possibly be part of our various cultural upbringings. Other people believe that those who dream in color are vibrating at a higher resonance than those who dream in black and white. And finally, there is a belief that psychics in the past recognized the correlation between colors in the aura and corresponding feelings and recorded these ideas.

OK, now we’re ready to look at the actual colors themselves. Of course, remember, that just like in a Tarot reading where no card stands alone, in a dream one symbol or color should be interpreted by itself. In other words, just like in waking life, everything is relative to everything else in your dream.

Let’s begin with the primary colors (used in painting, as opposed to computer screens), for with them we can make up all additional colors.

Red: This color is seen as very masculine, very strong, raw energy. It portrays love and the very life force itself. It can also represent intense anger, or rage. Example: A red mirror could be representing unexpressed anger. And in dream word play, “seeing red” of course denotes anger. A burning fire could mean uncontrollable rage.

Blue: Usually means calmness and spirituality. Peace of mind. Harmony. A cultural association is with the Virgin Mary. Sometimes dreams show us their meaning with word play. Example: Feeling blue, or “true blue.” Blue can denote feeling calm or the need for calmness, depending on the rest of the dream.

Yellow: Associated with the sun. Happiness. Conversely can be showing cowardice. Example: “Yellow belly.” Yellow can show happiness, as a sunny day, or the nauseating feeling of being unable to do the right thing.

Let’s next look at some “neutral” tones.

Black: Out of blackness comes light. This color symbolizes the beginning of spiritual development. Alchemists of old saw black as the first level of psychic development. Black can denote trouble or death. Black also typifies mystery, and sometimes danger. Example: Someone cloaked in black could signal danger or mystery.

White: Innocence, virginity, cleanliness, spiritual awareness are some meanings of this color. Also, new beginnings are shown with white. Taking into account the cultural layer in dreams, we see that in Eastern cultures, white denotes death. Example: A white wedding dress implies a new beginning, and innocence.

Off-white: Purity with a bit of worldliness mixed in.

Black and White: Dreams in black and white usually symbolize the dreamer’s perspective of seeing things either one way or the other, with no “gray’s” in between. If this is the case, the dream signals the need for more flexibility. Black and white can also simply mean that the answers you are seeking are not complex, rather just “black and white,” right there in front of you.

Gray: Confusion, fear, illness. Hidden meaning. It can mean emotional distance. Example: Gray around a building or person in a dream indicates hidden meanings, cloaking the truth, etc.

Beige: Earthy. The basics. Example: Beige shows a person’s feelings as being “neutral.”

Brown: Color of the earth. This is the color of fertility as well. In a dream, brown can typify the accomplishment of dreams, work, or purpose.

Remember with all dreams, we should run them through their personal filters first. A nice exercise would be to take out your pastels or magic markers and begin creating your own personal color spectrum!

Next: More on warm and cool colors.

7 thoughts on “Colors in Dreams Part 2

  1. tina

    A couple of nights ago,I dreamt that I was about to walk three dogs. Forst off,i am not a dog lover,I am more of a cat person. I LOVE wolves, and I like dogs, but have more of an affinity for cats. In this dream,I see a bright blue leash hanging on a nail on the yellow wall. I take it and am told by a male voice,I will be walking three Great Pyrenees dogs. The voice was distinctly telly me this breed of dog. I look out of the door, and there, sitting patiently,are the three dogs. They each worse a blue collor. The leash,was a Y shaped leash,with a center strand, shaped like a Rune symbol. Then,the main tether, for the lead.I place it on the three dogs, and we go walking. In the next part, is a small black terrier,urinating everywhere,and flooding the throw carpets,that were maroon,bright yellow,and hot orange. The underlying main carpet,was off-white. I told the little dog, that I had to get rid of him,because the washcloths I was using,wouldn’t clean up the mess. An odd dream, nonetheless.I looked up the white dogs,and sure enough,there they were. The small terrier was a Scotty puppy. I love this blog and will refer to it often, ofr more in -depth descriptions of colors. They have more info than my dream interpretation book !

  2. Ariel X9775

    Hi Gina Rose,
    I didn’t know all Psychiatrists were taught how to analyze dreams. I knew Jungian psychiatrists & psychologists were~!
    Thnx 4 your comment~!

  3. Josepha

    Thank you psychic Ariel for this informative article. I think it’s great advice to think of the personal meaning each person holds for a particular color. I usually go with the feeling in the dreams, but I am sure colors can give us hints to help us understand the symbols.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ariel,
    Excellent article…..and it really falls into line with the way that Psychiatrists have taught me on how to do dream analysis over the years.
    ( Many people don’t know that Psychiatrists M.D.’s are actually taught how to analyze dreams when they are going thru medical school to become Doctors ).
    Can’t wait to read more…very informative.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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