The Single Life: Ask Him Out Using These Top Pickup Lines

Pursue Him Using These Top Pickup Lines

While many women prefer to be pursued by potential mates, there is actually something to be said for taking your romantic fate into your own hands. Flirting is one of the best ways to get attention from a preferred suitor. However, men are not always tuned in to flirting. In fact, a significant percentage of guys have a difficult time discerning between a kind gesture and a flirtation.

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Don’t Just Wait

While the idea of using a pickup line on a guy may seem a little forward for some women, it’s actually a great tool when done correctly. Think about it this way: If you take your romantic life into your own hands rather than waiting for a man to approach you, you get to choose who you interact with. You also have a better chance of meeting men who are more your type. Plus, waiting around for the right guy to find you can be a really long wait.

Research suggests that if a man asks four women out, three will turn him down before one says yes. But women have the advantage when it comes to asking men out. They need to ask two guys out before they get a positive response. If you want to get a positive response, you need to know which pickup lines to use. Check out these options:

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Funny (Cheesy) Pickup Lines

Laughter is a good icebreaker. If you use humor to get a date with a stranger, it suggests that you’re relaxed, confident and fund to hang out with. A few fun (cheesy) pickup line examples include:

“You Tarzan. Me Jane.”
“How much did you pay for your pants? At my place they are a 100% off.”
“Are you superman, because you look like you have buns of steel.”
“If you were a pirate and I was a tree, I’d let you shiver me timbers”
“Okay, I’m here. Now what were your other two wishes?”

There is a downside to funny (cheesy) pickup lines though. Research shows that if you use them you could be perceived as a less-promising relationship choice. Also, the guy you’re interested in might find cheesy humor annoying. Perhaps your better options for pickup lines are ones that are direct or in the form of a question.

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Direct Pickup Lines

Using a direct pickup lines requires confidence. It lets a guy know you’re interested in him romantically and most men surveyed like to be approached by women in this way. This is probably because guys have a hard time picking up on cues. If you’re direct with them, they are certain you are romantically interested in them. Next time you see a man you’re attracted to, try these pickup lines:

“Hi. I thought I would come over here and introduce myself.”
“That guy over there won’t leave me alone, so I told him you’re my boyfriend.”
“I noticed you from across the room and I thought you’d be interesting to talk to.”

The goal is not to be too eager. Research suggests that men like a challenge, so don’t throw yourself at a guy thinking it’s the best way to win him over. Some men are turned off by aggressive women, so it’s best to feel out the situation before throwing everything you’ve got at him.

Pickup Lines in the Form of a Question

The best way to challenge a guy is to either pose a tricky question, ask him for help, or ask for his opinion on a topic. It’s situational and it gives you an out if  he seems creepy or if you get the impression that he’s not interested in you. Consider these pickup lines:

“Hey, I need a guy’s opinion. How does my (hair, dress, this paint color, etc.) look?”
“Hi, can you reach something for me?”
“Excuse me, do you know anything about (take your pick)?”

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Men like to help women. They like to show off their knowledge and their strength. Being needed feels good. Asking a guy for his help or his opinion is a good way to break the ice. It gives the two of you a common goal and it helps him communicate with you. Men talk more openly and freely when they are busy doing a simple task.

So now you know the secret to picking up a guy. You’ve got a few options to consider, so go with which one fits your personality best. Are you funny? Are you bold? Or do you prefer the more subtle approach of flirting by asking for help. Why not try all three methods? Now get out there and find the guy of your dreams!

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11 thoughts on “The Single Life: Ask Him Out Using These Top Pickup Lines

  1. ponygurl66

    hey 75…….some women are the gold digger…..some are having daddy issues…..and some…well……are interested in your knowledge. depending on HOW YOUNG…….the majority just like you coz you are a likeable guy… have a golden personality to match your golden years. i’m 48, and I think older men are sexy, smart, interesting, and full of knowledge of life. they know what women want, and need. most of all……..know how to treat a woman. if you tend on pursuing a PYT(pretty young thing) be cautious …….but don’t be afraid.
    and hey…….no one is tellin you to marry her!

  2. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Great article, Eric, though, due to the suggestions of easy sex, I would not recommend the first 4 of the funny pick up lines to someone who is looking for a serious relationship.

    They would work great for a woman who is looking to hook up with a guy, though, and that is certainly ok, too. 🙂

    Loved the boldness and confidence of the last funny pick up suggestion.

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  3. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Hi Sunil,

    The key is to know what you are actually seeking.

    If you are looking for a woman for a serious relationship, aquarias gave you some great advice.

    Brightest blessings,

  4. Chris

    I have ignored most of those lines for years, but then I was married at the time.
    Sometimes when a man ignores you, do not take it personally, someone else got through before you. We are not good at Multi-(FEMALE)-tasking. One has been more than enough, at least until that became a void. I am still convinced one is enough!

  5. aquarias

    Sunil just be honest, up front (tactfully) I dont care for pick up lines. I love an honest man that can communicate well with me. Most men dont like to talk or share feelings. That’s where problems come in. Women live someone honest, trustworthy, a gentleman, intelligence, ooen-minded abd helpful men. I prefer a “Spiritual man over Religious Dogmatic type but I am understanding and patient abd kind. Women like that in a man also. Do I AM speaking to both you and George Neal.Women like men who have decent sense of humor and looking for sane things they are. Genuine companionship and someone who can look out for them and protect them too.I want someone truly interested in me and not someone just ready for a roll in the hay so to speak.A genuine friendship first. Uf you can’t be ny best friend then how can you expect to be ny partner? Blessings to both of you.

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Wishing everybody out there a happy July 4th holiday !!!!

    Stay safe and enjoy !!!!!

    Gina Rose )O(

  7. Sheila slupek

    To the 75 year old. They like you because they think they will never have to work again and they figure you will buy them things that bling and other fancy things. In other words, don’t be the fool some men are. But if your shallow enough to want a good looking young thing to hang off your arm to flaunt around then really you deserve what she’s dishing out.


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