Your July Chinese Horoscope: Lucky Sheep

 Your Chinese Horoscope: Your Personal Animal Days

July is the Month of the Lucky Sheep, according to the Chinese Horoscope. You’ll feel your life shift into a more comfortable, relaxed, forward motion filled with more spirit. You’ll be moving ahead with a life that feels more natural to you, particularly if you are a Sheep. July 27 begins the Month of the Elegant Monkey when you may find yourself in a surprising leadership role or will simply experience the richness of life.

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Your personal animal days in July indicate the times of your most natural and powerful self-expression. Look for your birth year on the chart below to find your animal. Then read your Chinese Horoscope!



The holiday evening on July 4 offers romance, fun and friendship for you as the Field Rat. Morning is the time for action on July 16. This brings a harmonious flow of emotion with personal spirit as Granary Rat. Use July 28 to “turn back time” and heal an old relationship wound as the Rat on the Crossbeam, according to your Chinese Horoscope.

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Your careful communication on July 5 creates an opening to immerse yourself in loving energy as the Lake Buffalo. The morning of July 17 brings a new sense of energy and purpose for you as Ox in the Byre. On July 29 you are the Ox on the Road using your words to bring passion and money, according to your Chinese Horoscope.


Relax in warm feelings on the morning of July 6, then take action in the afternoon as the Tiger Who Climbs the Mountain. Focus on balancing your emotional and physical health on July 18 for success as Tiger Leaving the Mountain. July 30 offers a solid new beginning as the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


You’ll have a serious attitude and accomplish great things on July 7 as the Rabbit Leaving Woods and Mountain, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Sweet, loving words on July 19 transform a relationship as you are the Rabbit in the Burrow. You sense new beginnings unfolding on July 31 as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest.


Your Chinese Horoscope says you’ll be feeling more positive about life and more generous on the morning of July 8. Action opportunities arise in the late afternoon/evening as you’re the Dragon of Patience. You discover the power of your love on the evening of July 20 as the Rain Dragon.

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Flashes of brilliance and inspiration enliven your day July 9. Getting lost in thought as the Hibernating Snake can produce amazing results. Align your words with your greatest dreams on July 21 and make a powerful declaration mid-day as the Snake in the Field, according to your Chinese Horoscope.


You are the Way Horse on July 10. Balance your thoughts and emotions early in the day and you can channel edginess into energy for accomplishment. You have the energy to heal old wounds and free yourself on July 22 as the Horse in the Clouds.


This is your month and these are your days! Use inspiration and beauty on July 11 to make this high-energy day one of joy. As the Sheep in a Flock you want social and spiritual connections, so socializing is a perfect plan. On July 23 as the Serious Sheep take action where your heart has been leading you.


As the Tree Monkey on July 12, you’re the one with the big picture, so be certain activities and communications are inclusive of everyone to keep work and family harmonious, according to your Chinese Horoscope. You are the Mountain Monkey on July 24 creating beauty, warmth and healing through your words and artistic expression.

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The evening of July 1 is the time to finally announce that project through social media or among co-workers as the Barnyard Rooster. You are the Cock Crowing at Noon on July 13, and it’s time to speak up and be attentive to all relationships. Focus on loving creativity when your passion drives you on July 25 as the Rooster of Solitude.


Focus on making someone special feel safe and secure on July 2 and passions will flow, as you are the Guard Dog. Relax and let words create the actions you’ve been wanting to happen on July 14 as the Sleeping Dog. Take care of others as the Mountain Dog on July 26 and you could find yourself in a new position of power.


Your positive attitude and high energy as the Traveling Pig on July 3 will get others moving in your direction. Romantic words bring joy on July 15 and creative efforts arise from your spiritual essence as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. Remember your responsibilities on Jul 27 as the Monastic Pig and brilliant changes will bring a desired new beginning, according to your Chinese Horoscope.

18 thoughts on “Your July Chinese Horoscope: Lucky Sheep

  1. KABIR

    I am an Arian (Sheep), just started a new job last month June, but looking for another one and a new wife, because my present wife is sexless. Will i succeed in these two ventures soon?



  3. Tanoli

    I wish it proves true for me as you suggested for TIGER … Hope to get a new job this month which takes me to the right track … Amen

  4. Steven Ferguson

    I’ve had a year of financial hell like no other in my life. Will I finally find a new media sales job this month to turn my year around?

  5. Sharmy

    I hope I’llbe able to sort my bills out with a financial breakthrough for this month. Thank you very much, very enlightening!

  6. Linda Bulos

    When I read that this month is a lucky month for the sheep, I was so overjoyed. I look forward to what you mentioned that I’ll be having a life of comfort . Thank you and more power to your gift of visualizing.

  7. carole

    j ai jamais compris tout ce que les gens me disent au sujet de mon horoscope ou l’avenir ne me concerne jamais mais pas du tout

  8. wesley a howell

    I like your horoscope, but i wish someone would tell me when I am going to win the big lottery, and meet my soulmate.

  9. Toalua Taisau

    God’s created every animals and it’s use on earth…So animals always mean something to me as a human being….i really enjoy reading my horoscope and i thank you for sharing this great info that make my day…god is good…all the time…all the time…god is good!


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