Things Men Really Want to Hear From You

Make the First Impressions Count for More

The first date can make or break a potential relationship, so let’s examine a few effective phrases and tactics that are likely to keep him interested and things moving in the direction of many more dates to come.

“I’m impressed.”

It may seem obvious, but showing respect and admiration for any life accomplishments he chooses to share with you during your date, large or small, is extremely important. This is not to suggest that you should be dishonest, saying whatever you think he wants to hear, but if he is trying to impress you by sharing a story of something he achieved, and if you are impressed, share that! Mutual ego stroking is an important element of a successful first date and sets the tone for the future of a relationship.

“I really like your…”

Speaking of making your date feel attractive, choose something about him that you find appealing and compliment him on it. As a woman, you know how important it is that he compliments you at some point during the evening, so reverse that scenario. Whether it’s something he’s wearing or something he’s doing, making him feel good about himself and letting him know you find him attractive or sexy can be a huge factor in how much he enjoys your first date.

“Honesty is an important component in any relationship.” Giovanna ext. 5214

“What are you working on right now?”

Most men take pride in their work and often value themselves according to their career accomplishments. So whatever career field he has chosen, asking him more about it will display a genuine interest in learning about all aspects of his life. Remember, he’s trying to impress you too, so give him the opportunity to do just that.

Anything That Makes Him Laugh

Having a good sense of humor is one of the most valuable qualities to have; people appreciate those who have the ability to see the lighter side of things. When it comes to dating material, a guy likes to know you don’t always take things too seriously; he’ll consider it just one more asset about you that he’ll feel proud to show off to his friends when you hang out together.

“Anyone can attract a fun partner by having a fun sense of self.” Lalita ext. 5408

Laughing at His Humor

Having a similar sense of humor can play a significant role in a happy, well-adjusted relationship. Just as it’s great that he thinks you’re funny, he’ll need to feel that you understand his jokes as well. If you just can’t, not only is a connection not being made between the two of you, but as many men attach a good sense of humor to their egos, his may feel bruised by your lack of appreciation.

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10 thoughts on “Things Men Really Want to Hear From You

  1. Melly

    For love compatibility comrape Sun with Sun and Sun with Moon to start. Also comrape Venus with Mars. Actually you need to comrape the whole chart of both individuals involved to get a good picture of how the relationship will work. The same with friends or co-workers, you won’t get a good understanding of how you will relate unless you do a full comaptibility reading.

  2. angela

    I have an english bf, and were planning to get married but lately i felt something wrong and it;s seems he;s avoiding me ,, does he scared to face respnsibility being a family man ,, thank you

  3. zed

    im in a cuurent relationship with one. i guess ure rite. bt the problem is the rite single men dn’t cm around. evn married men seem nicer than singles.

  4. carolyn Munro

    Sharon I am being blunt here

    There are a few reasons why your “””married “”lover stopped calling First of all you need to come 2nd on his list and maybe last. He has a life with a wife and family who come first, even if he isn;t happy they still come first

    He may haven come to his senses to realize this and cut the relationship with you but hasn;t have the nerve to tell you.

    Usually a married man is just having a fling. He really isn;t in love with you. Men do this all the time and some have 2-3 on the string .

    Maybe he found another he would li
    ke to be with more than you
    maybe he lost his job or ill

    Or maybe on a beautiful vacation trip with his wife

    Or maybe his wife found out and either has him locked up somewhere or put a knife through his heart

    I suppose you can’t call him to find out but don’t you think it is time you found a single man and leave the married one alone. He isn;t going to leave his wife for you, most don’t

    Face it, you maybe his play thing when he gets bored with his wife. Do you really enjoy a life that you have a man just part time and need to keep him a secret.

    If he did marry you, he would cheat on you. He is cheating on his wife isn;t he so he will cheat on you. Think about his history. That kind always do

    But I do wish you the very best in finding a single man who you can enjoy full time and he is all yours. Don’t you think you deserve that?? I do.

  5. tanya aquilla

    Im thanful for your effort,i think i have to take your ideas into consideration for the better of our relationship bcoz i love my partner.

    Thank you,

  6. sharon

    will i ever have areal relationship?was with this married manfor about 3 months he stop calling would like to know what happen


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