What Are The Side Effects of Love?

Relationships Change Everything!

Ah, that crazy thing called love! When cupid finally hits his mark, all sorts of positive changes can occur in your life, some more expected than others. Most of us are familiar with the physical and emotional changes being in love brings, but there are many more positive alterations in store for the “newly smitten.” Being in love often brings:

1. Lower stress levels. As long as the relationship is healthy, knowing your partner supports you and has your back reduces daily stressors.

2. A rejuvenated desire to plan for the best possible future—as a couple.

3. High levels of the cuddle hormone oxytocin, which lowers blood pressure and creates feelings of well-being.

4. A stronger immune system. Not only does the feeling of love boost immunity levels, but partners in love often take better care of themselves than those who avoid intimacy.

5. A significant confidence boost! Those in healthy relationships are more apt to be confident in every area of their lives, buoyed by the loving support of their partners.

6. A lower cancer risk. Couples in long-term, healthy relationships have been found to have lower cancer rates than single people. A satisfying relationship promotes white blood cell growth, which kill cancer cells!

7. A sense of empowerment. Being loved and supported can give each partner in the relationship more energy and confidence to take on daily life challenges!

8. That glowing skin look. The feeling of being in love produces endorphins, which increase blood flow to your skin, improving skin texture and color.

9. A sense of security. Knowing intimately someone who accepts you, flaws and all, and supports you through the good and the bad days makes you feel more secure and stable about yourself and in your daily endeavors. Are you questioning your compatibility? Give Psychic Saphira ext. 5243 a call and she can tell you what’s going on.

10. A expanded life view. Loving and inviting someone into your life opens you up to new people and situations that you otherwise would not have had the opportunity to experience. Psychic Morgana ext. 5471 knows what lies beyond the “honeymoon phase” of your relationship. Give her a call if you want to know too!

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