The Real Reasons Women Fake an Orgasm

 Why Would She Fake It?

The real reasons women fake an orgasm are quite simple and explicable, even to men! The female orgasm is a mystery to a lot of men. They spend so much time figuring out how to make it happen, that when it does, they always assume it’s real. If you really want to know why she would be faking, read on.

A swing and a miss

Sometimes she may feel that it’s taking her too long to get there, or perhaps she thinks she won’t get there tonight. Instead of being the bearer of bad news, she’d prefer to protect your ego by making you feel like you’ve pleased her.  How does this fit into your life? Contact a psychic today!

The soreness factor

If you are 40 minutes into your show, your lady may be feeling a bit sore. If it has stopped feeling good to her, she’s probably looking to get it over with, and what better way to keep the soreness from getting worse than to bring the curtain down with a little white lie.

Gun shy

Perhaps she isn’t totally comfortable around you. Your relationship could be new or she could have some insecurities about her body. She may decide to fake it until she feels more comfortable around you or isn’t as distracted by her own self-consciousness. Is your lack of self-confidence having a negative effect on your relationships? Psychic Danni ext. 5193 can help you see yourself in a more positive light!

Sick and tired

If she’s not feeling well, or if she’s exhausted, but agreed to sex just to make you happy, she may fake “The Big O” after she feels like you’ve had enough time to please yourself and her. This is probably the most understandable reason for men, because there are times when even they don’t feel good enough to be intimate or would just rather go to sleep!

Fear of intimacy

It could have nothing to do with you at all. Perhaps she was hurt by a previous partner and as a result, something is keeping her from letting herself go mentally, emotionally and physically with you. This is something that may change over time, the more comfortable she becomes with you. Do you feel the need to lie to your partner to make them happy? Talk to Psychic Josie ext. 5520 and get the tools you need to be more honest.

She just doesn’t get them

There are some women who have never reached orgasm, or never reached an orgasm during intercourse. Maybe there is something different you need to be doing to please her, but she isn’t comfortable telling you about it.

If you think your partner isn’t being honest with you when it comes to “The Big O,” talk to her about it. Be honest, but kind. Her pleasure should be just as important as yours.

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24 thoughts on “The Real Reasons Women Fake an Orgasm

  1. Ronald Stuckey

    Listen, People out there, take your time with sex; and the issue of having orgasms. Making love to someone you want to be with should be the adult play your seeking if you want to express your deepest feelings for; and yet, wanna touch the soul of her inner self. For men-we should sense her internal flow to create moves and rhythmic banter between our sensations, that flow like a tide. Love-making is natural, and should be that if all is mentally ok in the relationship. Let something or someone get between your communications, and all bets are off.

  2. Kristina

    Most of the time or almost all the time I can’t have one. Ill have one every couple of weeks but I usually fake it .

  3. sassy

    Because of the partner im currently with i know now i had never experienced an orgasm. Yeah sure ive gotten wet, but nothing as in lightning as the real orgasm. I miss it so much, we still make love but its like that spark died when he stopped kissing me

  4. jay

    Im strange even to myself. I think men are so nasty; however, i know im not gay. its like i recent them, they seem so selfish to me. everything in the world bad that happens is because they let it or encourage it. they seem so evil. dont feel comfortable enough, relaxed enough, they dont seem worthy enough. my pin is beyond sex i guess.

  5. sky

    it’s hard for women to have orgasm especially if they are disturbed… live with their extended families… nakaka-conscious huh… so to let it finish, just fake the big “O” until he’s done. But discussing it once in a while with your hubby will help a lot.


    I would be the happiest, if she could be open to me, and tell me that she is not ready for me at the time; not really disclosing what her problem is; instead of faking what i may later come to realise – which may have a negative effect on our relationship.

  7. Sophia

    Hi Linda
    Your husband sounds like he could be a sex addict? It’s not simply he needs it every night
    but his complete lack of sensitivity to you or your needs has me worried for you.
    You deserve much more. It sounds
    like sex could get sore and painful if you aren’t stimulated and ready? i wish you well
    and that your husband is open to pleasing you.

  8. Susan

    The subject of organism is WAYYYYY overrated. Too much emphasis on needing physical validation to be perceived “whole.” Sometimes the act of sex is just that; the act of sex. With that said, who said a women has to have an orgasim (or share the fact that she didn’t) EVERY time she has sex with her partner anyway?

    Focus on genuine affection, spontaenous consideration and communication and leave out the let’s share EVERYTHING with your partner (and the world) concept verses focusing on the insignificant details that don’t define a healthly long term relationship anyway.

    My opinion, too many should do rules that leave little room to be yourself.

  9. SNE

    Mervyn…if you KNOW your wife fakes it maybe YOU need to find out what works to help her reach her big “O”….because obviously whatever you are doing isn’t working…

  10. Linda

    Its afternoon now but I wanted to say, I can understand why a woman would want to fake it. My husband wants me to every time we have sex almost every night and honestly it takes alot out of me. Sometimes I will fake it. My husband doesn’t want to hear that maybe I am sore or tired or I just don’t want to. Sex is not a flip the switch thing for females. They need to build up to it but sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

  11. Amanda

    Sometimes a man can feel a woman’s orgasm but if he sometimes doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that she was faking it. It is easy for women to fake orgasms & it makes it confusing to men whether she really achieved the O or not. Usually my husband can feel mine.

  12. Amanda

    There are good reasons to fake the O & the article mentions those very valid & forgiveable reasons above. Sometimes I just need my husband to finish, he’s older than me & sometimes it takes him longer to reach his O so I sometimes fake it until he does. No woman wants a sore & internally bruised vagina.

  13. pisces girl

    I think this piece was interesting today. Personally for me I usually don’t fake it. But for the females who do they tell me all different sorts of reasons why and number one is because they can’t climax and they is no known reason why. So guys if u get to get off just be happy for that and she cares enough to not make u apart if this intimacy issue she shares cause believe me that would be horrible and embarrassing. I set let her do what she likes and love her for atleast trying to please you.

  14. Janette

    I really don’t understand why a woman would want to fake an orgasm. Not only is it a lie but she is possibly letting her partner think that what ever he is doing actually works when it may not. What about the next time he does the same thing and no orgasm, he will understandably be a little confused. If you are with your partner and you can not share in this most intimate of closeness what does that say about your relationship. A good part of our problem in life today is the falseness in people. People trying to be something they are not, someone they are not. Do you really think it is helping your relationship by lying.

  15. franklin odom

    Good-morning sir,i am really blessed by your inspirational advise sends to me every day.growing up as a child is very challenging but you have put so many things in place in my life.yet i still have one thing about love to deal question goes like this…,i don’t know if am still a virgin duo to my experiences as a growing child,i don’t have a girlfriend(intimate friend) to talk greatest fear is that i wanted to have a virgin girlfriend for a relationship that will leads to marriage life because i believed in ” one man one woman”.this is the restriction of me making love to people.please i really do appreciate your council-ling concerning my problem and how to have a true love(virgin or only date) that exist in reality.god bless you so much.

  16. matt

    I don’t who wants to be with I haven’t a steady since 12/2003. Who is she where is my dob 11/25/1967 my name is Athanosios matthew costis.


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