The Mysterious Power of Love and Soulmates

Understanding Your Soul Group

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and when it goes awry, one of the most excruciating. All of us—bar none—are looking for our soulmate—the one who will complete us on the soul level, where we will feel truly understood and know that person will be with us for “as long as we both shall live.” But relationships are so mysterious and fulfill so many functions. Often we magnetize someone to us to heal a deep seated wound, sometimes from our childhood, sometimes from our past lives. Sometimes we have a spiritual contract—we promised in a previous lifetime to be there for them at a particularly critical time for them to help them through or we have a kind of contractual payback – they did something for us so we are repaying our debt of gratitude.

From what I’ve been shown spiritually, we all hail from a soul group—our soul family—the ones we truly connect to, or as Jerry Maguire says in the film of the same name in that great speech: “You complete me.” According to the channeled messages of Robert Detzler of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), we all have a soul group of nine who we reunite with in the astral when we transition from this incarnation; one of that soul group is meant to be our true mate or twin flame – the one and only one who truly we become whole with when we fuse. With anyone of the soul group will feel like a soulmate, a kindred spirit, or a soul brother and sister, so I often say we have a number of soulmates – they can be a lover, but also a family member, a teacher who profoundly supported you or understood you, even a pet. It is a beautiful, very deep and abiding thing to connect with a soulmate.

Sometimes the twin soul relationship is a too highly refined relationship to survive in the density of the earth plane. Sometimes we cannot be truly happy in our soul mate or twin flame relationship until we do the healing and spiritual work we came into this incarnation to do. Sometimes we are meant to teach each other or evolve through each other – and this is sometimes very challenging, even anguishing and painful at times. Sometimes it is not our destiny to be with that individual in this incarnation or we are only meant to be together for a time, not a lifetime.

(As Rivers ext. 5273 says, “When a relationship ends and your heart feels broken, nurture your spirit by forgiving yourself and the other person for things not working out.”)

Once when I was near Trafalgar Square in London, going to meet another man, I asked a random man on the street for the time. After I’d gotten about 10 blocks away, I realized I recognized him as my True Partner. I ran back – remember those Kodak commercials – the closer you get the better you look – well it was just like that. And imagine my shock as I ran towards him, I looked up and he was running towards me, too. Amazing! Well when we got face to face, all I could say was, “What are you doing for dinner.” And he replied, “I am meeting my girlfriend.” Well…that was it. It was simply not our destiny to be together in this incarnation. But what an amazing moment!

We always think relationships and love are easy – but we sometimes forget as my very dear friend Margie Herskovitz was fond of saying: “We are down here in school.” Relationships are one of the most profound sources of evolution. Sometimes the relationship is too damaging, too difficult and too detrimental and the negative outweighs the positive. Then we must discern which path is for our highest good to pursue. Because we desire that closeness, that oneness, when we meet someone where we come close to this, we are willing to go through tremendous hoops to try to make it work – and through that process we often grow and develop. I believe in love there is no wasted effort as you will always develop and perhaps that lesson will be applied to a future love.

As Psychic Faith ext. 9608 says, “Be willing to be open and ready to receive because what you are asking for is also looking for you.”

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7 thoughts on “The Mysterious Power of Love and Soulmates

  1. Katrina


    THe Universe generally does not present these relationships to us until we have the life condition to sustain them in a positive on going fashion. Strive to be happy and have a fulfilling positive life…….

    Strive to be happy!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Katrina

    Thank you dear Chloe for your beautiful message and insights.

    It’s a joy to hear from you!

    Love + Light to you!!!

  3. Katrina

    Thank you dearest friends for your beautiful messages,

    So glad this article resonated on a deep level. These connections and lessons are some of the most mysterious life has to offer.

    I deeply appreciate your comments – forgive the delay – I’ve been on a several month hiatus.

    Much love from

    Katrina x

  4. Anonymus

    This is a “Wow” article, it is what I have been told many times by people that have read for me, seeing it written creates a Wow factor in print. I also have a daughter that I will share it with and hopefully it will help her on her life journey to see there is a much bigger picture not only with the day to day life lessons, but with your souls heart as well. It is my hope that it takes her on her journey earlier than myself who did not have this insight at her age.

  5. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    So true Katrina!

    Our soul-mate connections are often our most profound and sometimes our most challenging.

    With every life experience we are being given an opportunity to learn and grow; away from pain and back toward love.

    Thank you for sharing Katrina you are a wise and old soul!

    Love & Light!

    Chloe (ext. 9421)

  6. Gelsomina

    Dear Katrina,

    Wow is all I could say. What a great article and so true. I am sure this will help many people, understand the soul connections. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.
    Love and Blessings
    Gelsomina 5354

  7. suzanne

    i want to be with my soul mate his been waiting his whole life and now is the time i need to close my bad karma doors and then connect with him how


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