The Mysterious History and Significance of 2012

Understand the Deeper Meaning Behind 2012

2012 represents two very important events: historically, it represents the so-called ending of the Mayan calendar, and astronomically, December 21, 2012 is a once-in-26,000 years or so time when our sun is poised in a very specific and rare placement in the Milky Way galaxy.

The more one studies the Mayan calendar history and prophecies, one ends up having more questions than answers. It’s quite possible that asking questions is what the Mayans wanted us to do in these modern times. Imagine that centuries ago the powerful Mayan culture and people reached forward into our future and said, through their amazingly accurate calender calculations, “don’t miss this important date and year!”

So important was the future for the Mayans that these calendars were carved in stone, and look like a mandala which is a circular piece of art. The Mayans thought of time as circular, and rather than the calendars we have of one day, month, and year following after each other, the Mayans thought of and documented time as flowing in a circle. Sounds very similar to modern clocks.

The Mayans didn’t really lay out any specific prophecies as much as they carved in stone specific astrologic events. An extremely advanced culture of mathemeticians, their astrologic calculations are near-perfect. The steps of Mayan stone pyramids are also said to be a series of calculations of the passage of time. So everywhere you looked in the Mayan culture there was a huge obsession with time.

Sounds pretty modern, doesn’t it? Aren’t most modern cultures pretty obsessed with time and making sure everything is happening according the clock? The Mayans obviously had a very sophisticated timing system for the events that affected their world.

Why are there so many dire prophecies right now about catastrophies in 2012? If the Mayans created a circular calendar indicating time was never-ending, why then are there so many people saying that because there are no more Mayan calculations after 2012 this means that time ends for the world?

There are no specific Mayan prophecies saying that 2012 is the end. It may be the end of the calculations, but it also looks like the Mayans were trying to tell us it was a tremendous beginning by carving in stone the very important date of 12/21/2012.

The Mayans left us a very positive sign by calling 12/21/2012 a sacred doorway. That day, all of us on Earth lucky enough to be born at the right time, will experience our sun being in alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

It is possible that the Mayans wanted to send this message to us alive on planet Earth now of how fortunate we will be to experience the “sacred tree,” and that they wished they could be with us. Through these very special calendars, they are. What we will make of the day and the year of the sacred tree is up to us.

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5 thoughts on “The Mysterious History and Significance of 2012

  1. Najeeb Saleh Shinwari

    Hi, 🙂

    In my opinion on 21sth December 2012 world war three will begin because as we notice the current political situation seems extremely critical and shows an obscure future.

    Thank you,
    Regard, Najeeb Saleh Shinwari

  2. gail

    Yes…. 2012 is signifacant. I have been reading a hard back entitled “The Mystery of 2012” . In that book they give another important date. One that is the fore runner of Dec. 21, 2012. the date is October 28th 2011. so everyone keep your eyes open and watch. I do not know what will happen but we will all find out together….. be blessed!

  3. Estrella Aguon

    My comment is pray to God, People should change their attitude. No selfishness, jealousy, envy, greed. Unfortunately, no one is following the Ten Commandments. But it is my hope that December 21, 2012 will be a day of peace.

  4. jesse9027

    Hello, Krystal! Hope to see you again before the year is done! You are an amazing woman!

    I just had to drop in a little comment about what you had written regarding the sacrificing of women:

    I lived deep in the interior of Mexico (where I was known as the “yellow haired bruja”…LOL!) for a time and worked with women from Chiapas and all the way into Nicaragua. One thing I know, we, as a world culture are STILL sacrificing women.

    Right now, the marauding gangs in Haiti have make the Mayans look like they lacked ambition. The Congo is even worse, if you can imagine. At least the women who died at the hands of the Mayan priests were treated with dignity and heavily sedated before their demise. After all, there are so many things so much worse than dying.

    As for the Mayan calendar, as I am sure you know, there is a vast difference between the Mayan markers and the Gregorian calendar (which, of course, is the one we use!). When we moved away from natural time markers, we lost so very, very much. When we began using a calendar based on a mythological concept (B.C./A.D.) we started a long and destructive pattern of self imposed importance and self-righteous insanity that has never stopped.

    As we move toward the full impact of solar maximus, a lot of our technology will really be challenged. It may even force us to communicate face to face again. That would be wonderful!

    Here’s hoping we can learn some lessons before the Winter Soltice of 2012!

  5. misskrystal

    Loved this. Thanks so much, Abrielle. Hope your summer is going well.
    I visited Mayan turf-did pyramids in Chitza Nitza, etc. Saw where they sacrificed women-First thing that dawned on me, especially when we went to the area of sacrifice, was, “Wow the world has really changed.”
    I am so glad I went. I must say it was the prettiest sky I had ever seen-a rich deep blue and at night, the stars were so bright…Majestic. I have no fear for 2012. So many things have not happened yet, as I feel that we have a long ways to go, and yet, I can still appreciate all the wonders in Mayan history.
    Thanks again. Been enjoying your posts. Please write more. WOuld love to meet you at CP one day.
    Huggies and peace, Miss Krystal 🙂


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