The Eternal Dance of Isis and Osiris

Is the love of your life so magical that it feels that your relationship is beyond space and time? Do you believe that this love is an eternal love? This is a feeling so ancient and real to us that our Egyptian ancestors saw it reflected in the sky thousands of years ago, and saw the eternal lovers Isis and Osiris as their, and our, true ancestors.

If your honey is close and available, seeing the image of Isis and Osiris eternally together in the universe could make for a really romantic start to a very exciting evening. If your beloved is far away (or on their way, not yet in your life), you can still look skyward and share your eternal love by way of a common sky, as these constellations are visible in essentially all inhabited parts of the world – beyond space, like your love.

Orion/Osiris is the easiest constellation to spot this time of year, looking south, by his very bright belt of 3 stars extending in an upward angle. Once you spot this, you can see a red star that is his right shoulder (on the left by our perspective), Betelgeuse. Pretty soon, you’ll see his grand figure, with broad shoulders and slim waist (or belt), with his feet forming a firm stance with very bright Rigel as his right foot. Once you get over what a “hottie” Osiris is, you’ll realize that you’re looking at the same wonder that your ancestral lovers worshipped – love beyond time, as his belt points towards Isis: Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.

Isis is known as the Goddess of 1000 Names, the Shining One and the Scorcher. She is considered to be the expression of fidelity, devotion and tenderness, as she eternally travels with her lover Osiris across the sky. As the most brilliant star in our sky, she is the feminine creative force, eternally linked with Osiris’ quest and fulfillment of rebirth – the two of them forming a realized, complete Being.

As you gaze upon Isis and Osiris in the sky, their myth is something that can inspire you through the delights and difficulties of your own union. Isis traveled the Nile and the sea coast all the way to Byblos (now Lebanon) to find the body of Osiris after he was encased in a coffin by his brother Seth. She came upon a palace where the sweet scent of one of the pillars made her realize that it contained Osiris. She disguised her goddess attributes and served as a nanny to the royal child there. After she revealed herself as the Goddess, she was given the pillar so that she could free Osiris.

Isis carried him back to Egypt and hid him along the Nile, but Seth found him and cut him into 14 pieces and scattered him across Egypt (similar to the fourteen most visible stars of Orion/Osiris). Isis recovered all the parts of his body but one, and through her magical abilities was able to bring him to life and mate with him to create the divine child of reborn/resurrected Osiris, their son Horus. Might that “magic” that brought Osiris back to love and created the Child have been Divine Love?

Your challenges in finding your eternal mate and establishing and maintaining a love relationship may sometimes feel as challenging as Isis’ and Osiris’ journey. As Juliet said of Romeo:

“…Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.
O, I have bought the mansion of a love,
But not possess’d…”

(From Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”)

Yet, with all of the challenges in life and love, what could be more fulfilling to your soul and your heart than the knowing of that amazing eternal Oneness we can find through loving another? As we gaze at Osiris and Isis rise in the sky every evening, dancing their eternal dance of love, we can feel the majesty of our own powerful and enchanting experiences in loving another so deeply, or we can call that person to us if they have not yet entered our life. Let Isis’ magic begin!

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5 thoughts on “The Eternal Dance of Isis and Osiris

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  3. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Valeriann – Sorry about not making it clear that Isis is the Star Sirius in Ursa Major, and she has traveled with Osiris/Orion for millenia – the brightest and the most dazzling – don’t know whether this was lost in my editing efforts or what, but that is the distinction, my apologies.

    Scalpelchick – I’m sorry you had a bad Libra experience, but don’t know exactly what it has to do with the Isis and Osiris article as they are 2 entirely different constellations from Libra – possibly you were commenting on the Libra Mythic article printed previously? In any case, mythology is the ideal and that is what I am presenting. As a practicing astrologer, while I look very extensively at sun signs and find them invaluable to my interpretations, they certainly don’t tell the whole story of a complex human being. As we grind through everyday life, sometimes the ideal appears so far out of reach that we become angry and cynical, and I have certainly experienced this. The ideal is to remind us of perfect love – those moments when we feel complete communication and connection with another, or when we totally love ourselves. It isn’t sustainable, just “re-create-able.”…thus, these myths – each is a rebirth, like Orisis/Horus rising each day…and those couples who make it happen for them, or the person who makes it happen for him/herself, have to re-create it, ALL THE TIME…

    Corrine – Thx for clarifying this for me. and Scalpelchick: best wishes for your healing from your experience. Relationships can be very hard, and I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. Even in the myth, Isis’ search for her husband was horrendous but had a renewal. Passing through Libra in the sky is passing through the Symplegades – a place where one can crash against the rocks as well as find “the golden fleece.” I hope you are willing to “sail again” when a more appropriate partner comes along.

  4. scalpelchick

    This article was cutesy….. but frankly I was in a relationship with a Libra (10/19) who possessed not one of the characteristics described above…. He was self-centered and a horrible person…. Not a lover of beauty, just a user……… so this article was really a bunch of crock!…..

  5. valeriann

    Help! I love astronomy as well as astrology, but – to me – your article doesn’t make it clear which star or planet represents Isis, “as she travels with him across the sky.” I would have said Venus, but Venus does not stay close to Orion in the sky.
    Hope you can solve this little mystery, many thanks,


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