The Art of Teasing

While the act of sex itself gets a lot of (well-deserved) hype, sometimes it’s the prelude to the actual deed that’s most exciting… And as the most highly skilled lovers will tell you, that prelude begins way before foreplay. A steamy, satisfying and surprise-filled sex life is all about the art of the tease.

Think about it. Unlike sex itself, teasing can begin in public or at home, at any time of day and with (or without) anyone else even knowing about it. It’s the power of a glance, a touch or even a well-timed text message. A little exchange that may seem like nothing to an outsider might get your lover’s imagination working and their blood boiling. That enhances the experience for both of you once the time arrives to get down to business.

The best part is, if you want to drive your lover wild with desire it may be easier than you think. Remember, the key is not to be lascivious or test your boundaries (though of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, those things don’t usually hurt) – it’s simply to get the wheels turning in your lover’s mind. Let’s face it – there’s nothing sexier than thinking about sex. And it doesn’t take much for most of us to go there.

So let’s get down to business with these three quick ways to turn your lover on – without even seeming like you’re trying.

Reverse striptease
While the striptease may be time’s most tested version of teasing, getting dressed can be just as sexy – and doesn’t require any rhythmic skills or a seductive setting. In fact, it’s one of the easiest – and most effective – ways to make your morning count (and send your mate’s mind reeling all day)!

Whether you start fresh out of the shower or in any stage of undress, be sure to let your lover see you before your morning outfit is complete. Whether you iron in your underwear or simply pass by as you button your shirt, take a moment to make eye contact… after all, the eyes are the mirror to the soul… and if your soul is feeling sexy in that moment, they won’t miss it – or forget it soon!

Acknowledge their assets
Everyone enjoys a compliment, and giving one of a sexual nature (however directly or indirectly) is a surefire way to spark up some chemistry with your mate. Let them know you like the way their (fill in the blank) looks in that dress/those jeans/their birthday suit. You can be nonchalant about it, or make a point of letting them know what seeing them that way does to you. Either way, they’ll either inquire further (prompting you to give more detail or actually demonstrate). Or they can simply take that information with them, for use at a later time.

Let there be silence
When things are quiet, often the easiest thing to do is to start chatting. But some of the most profoundly sexy and intimate moments can be found between words. Whether you’re at dinner, on the beach or in the car, resist your urge to fill the space. Let the silence linger. Touch your lover gently (a hand on their hand or leg, a head on their shoulder), or look in their eyes for a moment. Smile softly. No need to hold the gaze (unless it just feels right). It’s the mere acknowledgment that you’re both present in the moment that fans the flames. And while it may not lead to sex right then and there, you will likely experience your next romp (the one that will very probably be that night) as be a close, connected one.

Remember that sometimes the best way to seduce your lover is to take a simple, thoughtful course – without too much effort. Then let the heat between you do all the talking.

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