The 7 Commandments for a Stronger Relationship

How to Make the Relationship Last

Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 gets a lot of calls from men about how to better understand their partner. He wants to give her everything, but the women may not allow it or give enough in return. In our independence, have we lost our way in allowing others, especially our partners, to do things for us? Do we constantly have to be in control? Amelia provides seven tips on how to make your relationship last.

1. Develop Your Own Personality

Too often we get into a relationship and lose ourselves. We stop doing those things that made us happy when we were single (hanging out with friends, reading on our own or our favorite hobbies). Instead, we spend as much time as possible for the other person. Remind yourself of who you are. If you’ve forgotten, get to know yourself again.

2. Be Happy

Be happy yourself. If you need someone else to make you happy, you’ll be disappointed every time. They can’t read your mind and don’t know your every need. Instead of relying on them for all your happiness, rely on yourself. Do what makes you happy, then you’ll be happier in your relationship. Also, tell your partner about what makes you happy and ask them the same.

3. Work Together as a Team

I’ve always said if a couple can get along camping (in a tent, in the woods) for a weekend, then they have a strong relationship. They can cooperate to get tasks done and still find time to have fun. So split up the house chores or hire a cleaning service so you can stop arguing over who does the chores. Divide and conquer!

4. Talk About Problems

Have you ever not talked about a problem with your partner? Have you watched your fear and anxiety increase tremendously as the problem grew in your mind? When you finally talked about it with your partner or it finally exploded, was the reality as bad as you expected? I’ve said it before, you’ve read it before – so instead of holding it inside, talk about it with your partner. No gossiping. No talking behind each other’s back. And NO second-guessing.

5. Share Life Based on Reality

In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s younger sister married a military man. She thought the marriage was just dreamy. In reality, the couple was forced to marry, because she had runaway with the man and lived in sin. Check that you’re really seeing your relationship for what it is. If you have an assumption, talk about it with your partner to get a reality check.

6. No Finger Pointing

No matter what happens, do not point your finger at them. The old adage is that when you point one finger, three more are pointing back at you. You will have disagreements, you will not be pleased with some things your partner does and you will lose your temper occasionally. This is normal. Blaming each other is not.

7. Honor and Respect the Person You’re With

In her years as a psychic adviser, Amelia has found that many times we don’t honor and respect the person we’re with. Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to really look at your partner and all the things they do for you (or would do if you allowed them) and what they mean in your life. If you honored and respected your partner, you’d be amazed how differently your relationship can be. The trust that is created is amazing. As my soon-to-be-husband says, “Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.”


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34 thoughts on “The 7 Commandments for a Stronger Relationship

  1. Gina

    I truly appreciated this article. Everything that was said is so true. I wanted to encourage Ms. Denise Perry who wrote about her past in allowing partners in her heart to quickly and others throwing it in her face. I have found through experience that those who judge others and throw stones are the ones who have done the most terrible things in their own life. They do things you would’nt dream of doing yet all you want is to be genuinely loved in every way. At this point in my life when a man approaches me and I’m sure like yourself I have many that do I am very honest, up front and direct about what I am requiring of a man in the way that I want to be treated and I will do like wise as long as it is not conflicting with my
    principles as a Lady. When you do this it increases your self esteem,self worth and integrity to you both. I have learned this through experience. Mind you I was married for eighteen years to one man . Divorced 10yrs. Was in a serious relationship so I thought who told everyone I was his wife and my two children his stepdaughters. He did this knowing I was saving intamacy for when I would get married again hopefully to him! Well when it hit me that he was’nt mature enough for me emotionally and began to mistreat me and disrespect me with other women especially if another man was trying to get my attention or try to flirt with me. In essence this was his insecurity by paying attention and flirting with other women. He was playing games with my heart. The more I brought it to his attention the more he became frustrated with me. Instead of him taking what I was trying to impart to him as a benefit to him and our relationship he took it as a negative and a afront to him as a person. I tried to explain to him if another man or woman is trying to divide or put a wedge inbetween your relationship then you would want to protect your partners interest and yourself in the relationship. He did not do this in our relationship yet wanted intamacy. I felt disgusted with him and heartbroken. I was dissapointed in myself that I felt this man was even truly for me when I know I deserved so much more. Even he began to say it was’t fair to me in this relationship! I wanted to tell him so bad “GET THE FUNK OUT OF MY FACE ” The title of the Brothers Johnson Song(smile). Then I would think about all the wonderful things he did for me and my girls and the good times we had together as a couple for him to spoil it by Lying about something dealing of course with another woman who wanted us to break up. this type of man is what you would call “A SMOOTH OPERATOR”! I truly got fed up with this type of behavior . I told him one day that if he did’nt take seriously my concerns that I would no longer be in his life. He got so angry that he hung up on me. I did’nt call him back. I allowed him to cool off and he called me back. To make a long story short we both went our separate ways with him telling me he really did love me and not to worry my husband is right around the corner.I responded and told him love is kind,patient,long suffering,dosent keep account of mistakes,True Love Dosen’t Fail. My Husband is Near The Horizon and Not Around A Corner. I know you get my drift. Take Courage Ms. Denise Perry your Husband Is also Near Your Horizon too. Notice I said Your Horizon No other WOMANS!.

  2. Denise Perry

    The gift you have given is wonderful and God Bless all of you ZI f I had this wonderful
    messages given to years ago , I would have had been married. I ‘ve tried in vain to make
    the men happy only to later find out it was my body for one night stands. Due ot childhood
    background somewhere I’ve never received thelove I craved for. I’ve worked hard to stay
    away from men . so that I can intune to my inner feelings. These messages have helped
    me alot . I’ve know now I can’t turn back time and undo the past , although there are those
    who have thrown in my face, I keep praying and hoping that there is a place to start fresh
    but where I ‘ve yet to find. Again , these messages awaken me . ZI just can’t undo the past and start new with the one I really loved and still grieve for. Thank you again and God Bless
    all of you. Denise Perry

  3. Holly Allender

    Thanks for all the feedback, folks! I agree no one is perfect and recognizing that fact has helped me in my relationships. I used to think everyone was so much better than myself, until I saw the truth. Whew!

  4. misskrystal

    ps and thanks, holly-hope all is well..I had such a wonderful time meeting you and working with you, on Face Book…I hope I see you, again, real soon.
    Miss Krystal

  5. misskrystal

    Your article is great. so timely-Now that the summer is over, we tend to get more serious minded, and this was such a great article to post for the new season. Thanks, Amelia. Huggies, Miss Krystal

  6. Carolyn

    My extremely jealous, unhappy sister meddles in all my romantic relationships. I am divorced now but, she even slept with my then husband, gave him chlamydia, which in turn caused me to have a miscarriage. Nobodies perfect but, some people are seriously evil and sick in the head! She now stalks me on Facebook and tries to network with people I know, so I have in turn deactivated my facebook account.

  7. Ms A

    I’m ending a bad relationship & someone has come into my life but as a friend. We really seem to be friends with no expectations. We both want to marry one day. Your advice has been so rewarding in many, many ways in my getting to know myself & admit what I have. That’s great. It eases the pain. I’m not trying to get into another serious relationship but I’m enjoying having fun with this gentleman. He is very relaxed seems open. He takes care of his mother who recently suffered a stroke & is peralized on one side. What a man, I’m telling you. He is dealing with that very healthily & that shows me his character. With that I allow him space. That’s a huge responsibility so I don’t want to impose. I’ve learned so much from you because in the past I would have thrown myself at this man. I let him be the man & accept his generosity & care for me. We talk & we even “pinkie swear” that we will share any concerns in our friendship/ relationsship. It works! Thanks so much. Keep it coming. Have a very blessed & joyous marriage.

  8. saeed

    No body is perfect, couples should work hard and try to understand each others’feelings for the benefit and honor of marriage specially those with children. Amelia u are doing and sending great guidelines.

    good looking

  9. debbie

    I did all those things… really was patient and kind! The man I did these for was really appreciative but there was no “spark”. This was revealed after more than a year. I “saw his exes… and not impressed by them one bit. A lot of men are attracted to psychos and bit—-es…amazing…

  10. gentlespirit

    Peace and blessings to all… at California Psychics, i just wanted to personally thank you for all the, enlightening, informative and useful information on all topics of interest, from awakening the human spirit and expanding my thought process, to relationships of all kinds, which was helpful. As this year comes to a close i have a better understanding of myself and the challenges that are before me to pursue with an open mind and heart. I respect your various positions and talents…and your insight as well as your wisdom have been priceless and an asset to my growth and awareness. You guys at California Psychics have nourished my spirit, my mind and body with all of the various topics which was always food for thought.

  11. Rose Cocca

    i think married is a good thing..i doesnt stop them for seeing their friends..or i doenst stop them to do what they want to do…it keeps toghether…no one has said that when you get married you have to be together 24/ way…..that is how a married dont work….then comes the fighting..that is why they need space in a married….( boy if i only can write english or write.) see what i mean…my nails get in the way..(that is a good excuse) i write like im still in school in the bronx…you know what i mean..i think you are the only one…xooxo

  12. Jean

    Thank you Amelia. This was a wonderful piece and very enlightening.
    Congrats on your marriage & wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.

  13. Katrina

    These are absolutely wonderful suggestions, Amelia!

    Great and very helpful guidelines.

    And I love the photo!

    Hugs to you,
    Katrina xo


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