Date and Love the Irresistible Libra

The Zodiac’s Most Inviting Sign

If you’re dating or falling in love with a Libra, there’s no wonder why. The zodiac’s sign of partnership is ruled by Venus, and besides being romantic to a fault, they likely lavish you with trinkets and tokens of their affection often. They can be truly hard to resist.

Finding Balance and Bliss

Libras are at their best when in love because until they find a partner of the heart, they feel somewhat incomplete and out of sync, even if they don’t know why. Once they’re part of a blissful couple, they feel fulfilled and happy, and that their scales are truly balanced as they’re meant to be. But that doesn’t mean they won’t test that bond on occasion, just to make sure it’s real. They need some reassurance from you when it comes to love.

Date a Libra

Libras are quite gregarious. They can converse with just about anyone and have no trouble chatting up a room full of people. If you’re at a party together, be ready to be introduced to everyone and enjoy a sociably engaging evening that will undoubtedly end in a romantic one-on-one encounter filled with romantic gestures and steamy kisses. To date a Libra is to have found a person who knows the true meaning of together.

Love a Libra

What makes them find you so special is that you’ve obviously given them the feeling that you know what makes them tick. You make them feel like they belong to something bigger than life itself. Somewhere in between their millions of thoughts and words, you’ve found the heart of their sentiment; you get them, understand them. Undoubtedly, what makes your Libra so special to you is their love of all things romantic and luxurious, all of which the want to share with you. Romantic dinners and holding hands, and sharing sensual massage are the ways they show their love, making you feel special in the process. Instead of drawing you into their world, they prefer to bond with you and make their world fit neatly around the two of you as a couple. Though not great when it comes to making decisions, if you can be the one to uncomplicate their life, while adding love and devotion in the mix, you’ve found the magical key to opening their very big heart. To love a Libra is to be in love with love itself.

They need someone to balance out the scales their sign is represented by. Once you and Libra are a couple, there will have to be a storm of the century to pull you apart, at least as far as they’re concerned. If there are any problems, Libra would rather work through them then have to go out and find love again. They may walk away temporarily, but their need to feel balanced will soon bring them back.

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25 thoughts on “Date and Love the Irresistible Libra

  1. kisha

    I am a libra women and I am involved with a Gemini man. Can anyone tell me how libra women and Gemini man are compatible??

  2. Debster

    @Connie the Capricorn – don’t do it. He will drag you down in more ways than you know. You sound like you’ve got energy to spare, this guy will suck you dry.

  3. Star

    I feel the same a sag had my all ! Found out i find it hard to let go of people I love, and when iv had it with people’s ways an life style’s I feel I need to get away !!!! this time round I have to face what’s happening around me deal with it , an because I can’t do anything to change things its hart me a lot ! What to do about it

  4. Dawn

    I am a Sagittarius with a Sagittarius rising and my soul mate is Libra with Libra rising LOL! It’s amazing. Not only am I in love with him, he is the best friend I have ever had. We just recently hooked up after 20 years of going different directions. We have been friends for 30+ years. I think it was fate, we both had lesson to learn growing to do etc etc, now we fit together like puzzle pieces.
    I love how tender and compassionate he is, I love how he loves his children, how family is the most important thing in the world. He has integrity, passion, loves adventure, and the outdoor’s everything a Sag loves 🙂 I love most of all the way he loves me, I liked what you said about how they show love through little things like massage’s etc, that is so true. He knows he doesn’t have to shower me with gifts. The best gift of all is showing me his heart. Anyone can SAY I love you! How many can really deliver it? Any Sag would do well to find a Libra man, not to mention mmm romantic, loving, and adventurous in the bedroom.

  5. Rose

    One more important thing ,if we feel pushed away or we feel our partner is not reciprocating their feelings to us fully ,that’s when we need to leave to get our bearings back ,and our heads clear . And figure out whether we should be in this relationship and continue to invest ourselves in it further ,or decide that it’s unhealthful to stay in it. Because of a libra it’s a commitment , a partnership and an investment. We give all . We care only for the small details that show our partner cares and pays attention. Good luck to all. My Chinese sign is Monkey , Native American sign is Raven. Check out numerology too for compatibility it’s easy.

  6. Rose

    I am Libra female , everything is on point . A better explanation is libras are sensitive beings. We love hard ,play hard . We want someone on the same page with us who understand us. We are indecisive by nature . With that said our better half needs to be patient and understanding of our sensitive nature, and indecisiveness . But most of the time we know what we want and go for it. I’m with a Taurus male who doesnt talk or communicate his feelings ,this gets frustrating at times . I want to know his desires and needs I want to fulfill them. He will show when he doesn’t like my indecision and doesn’t help me with it. We do love each other and have put up with each other for 4 yrs . But I don’t see marriage.

  7. aliyu

    libra is a masculine sign in the zodiac so he is usually more compatible with his masculine counterparts of aquarian,leo, sagittarius, aries, gemini. and as a cardinal sign is very compatible with fixed signs. but also date of birth and life path numerology compatibility is very important in a perfect match. and the problem with the relationship with libra and capricorns is that the two naturally happen to always bully eachother. libra is a romantic and funloving masculine sign while a capricorn is a serious,career and conservative earthy feminine sign. in all the earthy signs libra is very compatible with the fixed taurus.

  8. Connie

    I am a Capricorn and seriously thinking about dating a Libra (Hmm?). I have known Libra man for 9 years. We are both seniors but he is 15 years older than myself. Whew! This man is a pure pain in the butt and a thorn in your side for anyone. We agree upon nothing, does not give out compliments, No sense of humor, cheap, stubborn and just a sneaky man which is just not the man for me. We both have different agenda’s. I am a fun loving person wth a keen sense of humor who loves to smile and laugh and have fun. Libra man is an boring, dull, slow and don’t laugh or smile. Libra is not a fun loving person to be around or talk to at all. (Ugh)! I Ms Capricorn have all the signs not to get involved with Mr Libra who is heartless. (Oh Yeah)!

  9. Sheila Reese

    I have just read ur comments about libras but i notice noone spoken about LOYALITY AND FAITHFULNESS in a relationship R THEY.

  10. CoupleStaRs

    My Libra Man really is the half that makes me whole. Without him my llfe wouldnt even come close to what It is when we r together. When mu Libra man is off balance it seems like we r not only not on the same page but differnt books. I see what it may be is He’s the bigging and I’m the ending of the same book and Thats my libra man finding balance with me on the oposite end. Wow I should tie a string aruond my finger to remind myself that. This smart, irresistable, trusting, whole hearted man and I Love oneanother with all our hearts and Soul. Taurus and Libra love with a 20yr.age differnce between us is full of passion,blessings,a complicated ring of fire, thats fulfilled with luxury secured in good intensions that continuely grow building the kinda Life and Love thats worth holding on and never letting go. Those things he does that make me TIC is so he can TOC.I will take my Libra Love with me wherever I go,and He will keep me by his side for the whole wide world to see.IloveyouStevewithallmyheartandsoulyouloverandfriend…Ferrisofemall………………..Love,Light,&Blessing for Steve+Ferris

  11. khushbu

    can ny body tell me hows libra boy nd capricorn gal relation works out….if gal is truly in love nd the boy is nt sure abt the relation.plz reply.

  12. Anne

    Astrologists are doing their best. In real life all is different.
    I am happy for Marcy. She is a rare lucky one.
    But I think I agree with Shana.
    “… all things romantic and luxurious…to share… “
    Yes, they will talk about it a lot, but the rest is yours. Many times I found “all Librans of mine were “economical” if not to say more.
    “a person who knows the true meaning of together.” ” they prefer to BOND with you and make their world fit neatly around the two of you as a couple”…” They may walk away temporarily”.
    It’s not true.
    I’d rather say ‘they prefer bond with themselves until you walk away, and then they will try to make their world fit around you ETC”
    “To love a Libra is to be in love with love itself”
    No offend. We all know that God is Love who never leaves you.
    I am a bit confused. If the Libra is “Love itself”, why do they need walk away temporarily?
    I think next time I gonna go for a Capricorn.

  13. Sheryl

    My soul mate was a Libra… i am a Gemini and he was the first Libra I was ever involved with. What a perfect combination… I never experienced a more rewarding and loving relationship than I had with him. It was incredibly intense. He was so generous and kind, so strong and so gentle, so amazingly perfect. I miss him terribly, as he died suddenly (and very young) a little more than a year ago. I hope and pray to find someone anything like him again, although nobody could ever replace him, ever. I miss him so unbelievably much… every day, every hour, every minute… the love of my life :

  14. shana

    sorry to say this but libra and virgo not good together many cases i been there ….that’s a lie

    Libra so special to you is their love of all things romantic and luxurious…… that’s lie …

  15. Rose Cocca

    hat was the nicest think i read about libra…that makes me so good inside….i do have alot of love but sometime it does not show…i cant walk away..sometimes i will like to leave everything behind but i have some much here…my love for love for my family..keeps me coming back…it is that i have so much on my mind …going on right now..that i cant see straight..that is why i have to get away just over nite if i can…just to clear my head and bring some joy in my life…we both need a vacation..but if you cant get away i understand..i have to take someone with me to NYC at christmas time…I HAVE TO GET AWAY TO CLEAR MY MIND ..I NEED IT


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