Surrendering to Your Soulmate

“Nothing can ever withhold your soulmate from you.” As a psychic this past year for California Psychics, I have found this statement is one of the most important things to remind everyone calling me for a psychic reading concerning romantic soulmate relationships.

I believe one of the most important reasons we have come to this planet is to learn courage, trust and patience, and the romantic soulmate relationship is where some of those greatest lessons happen. It seems to be almost universal that everyone on planet Earth desires a romantic soulmate, wants to know when they are coming, and when they have arrived, we worry that we may lose them over something we have or have not done or said.

Each and every one of us has the ability to feel that “soulmate homing device” in our hearts. Truly it is a process of surrendering our heart and trust that we cannot in any way withhold our romantic soulmate coming to us. Over the years doing readings I have seen we all have more than one romantic soulmate potential and I have often thought that makes sense in a world that seems built to learn most of our lessons in relationships, that, if of their own free will a romantic soulmate is not able to fully enter our lives, another will be sent to us.

We are given many opportunities to surrender to the truth that our soulmate will arrive in our lives, and we cannot fail in this opportunity. As long as our hearts are beating, that “soulmate homing device,” we are sending our unique signal of love to our romantic soulmates on earth.

16 thoughts on “Surrendering to Your Soulmate

  1. Rosetta January 28th 1962 8:30 p.m

    Hello, I like what you had to say. I keep searching for my soul mate but alway’s end up with the really wrong persons. I am 52, with a lot of health issues. I feel life has passed by so fast & here I sit alone, wishing for that special person to come into my life. Starting to feel that I am meant to be alone.

  2. jawed Iqbal khan

    HI there,
    My date of Birth between Nov 22 or23,1947,Place of birth Rawalpindi,Pakistan time after min night but not shore.Please send me my soul mate NO
    jawed khan

  3. mulza

    interesting- i love the reassurance! at this point in my life (35) i feel i’ve had several “soul mates”. this sometimes make me sad thinking i’ve “lost” them but then realize we are not granted “forever” in this life. we do not “own” these souls and we are given what we NEED, not what we WANT. then we move on….. towards another “mate”….

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  11. Heidi Kentwood

    How do you handle callers who try to wiggle the best outcome out of a reading? How do you deal with those who simply don’t want to hear the truth at that moment?

  12. lucky

    I love this blog. It reminds you that there is still hope and that when free will changes direction another one is sent your way when that is what you want. I read with Abrielle and love her. The guy I have been involved with is a soul mate and we are currently separated. She assures me he is coming back but this is something we needed to go through. Him to make changes because he is afraid of commitment. Me to learn patience now that I am over my fear of commitment. Time will tell but I have never really wanted to wait for anyone without playing with others until this one. The article on here about focusing your energy so the universe knows who you truly want also helped me realize that. Oh yea, I am 47 and have been divorced 15 years so I haven’t given up hope yet and I don’t have problems attracting men. I have just needed to evolve in who I am and who I want in my life to grow with.

  13. Mary

    This is a great blog!! I’m 40 & I haven’t found my soul mate either. Yet I continue to keep the faith that God will bless us to connect one day. I believe in my heart that if I ask God to bless
    me with my soul mate he will. I just try to keep in mind that theres a season for everything, even
    finding that true Luv & soul mate.He not far away
    I believe this in my heart.

  14. indigodanceIndigodance

    The article really is very beautiful. One day I hope mine will come along – but at 53 I really don’t have much hope. My health won’t take me much further in life and I have not yet found love in anyone. Only those who seek to drain me.
    I know where my heart lies – but at the moment it seems just not meant to. Another woman is separating me and my best friend – we only email – he has now told me she stated if he wants to continue with her – he has to stop emailing me. (I am not a lover, just a friend) we are thousands of miles apart.
    My heart is now breaking. So I am now expected to make the decision whether to go unless he forces it as his commitment to her. I see my love for him as truth – not her dictations??

  15. LimeLight

    Thanks Abrielle for the blog! I haven’t been in a relationship in a while, and the men that come around are potential partners, but not my soul mate. I feel if I should wait patiently my soul mate will eventually come. It’s my divine right to have happiness. I try not to close all doors in the process and enjoy life, but my family members are starting to worry that I’ll never get married or have kids. (LOL) I laugh at the thought. I know in my heart he will come, but sometimes I have wondered if I push him further away. I cannot rush what is meant to be so I find ways to enjoy life to help the wait.


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