Surrender To Your Soulmate

“Nothing can ever withhold your soulmate from you.” As a psychic, I’ve found this
statement is one of the most important things I can remind people about. Ponder this point before you call for a reading about romantic soulmate relationships.

One of the most important reasons we have come to this planet is to learn courage, trust, and patience — and the romantic soulmate relationship is where some of those great lessons are learned. Nearly everyone on Planet Earth desires a romantic soulmate. People want to know when they are coming, and when they have arrived.

We worry that we may lose them over something we have done, or have not done — or, sometimes, something we said.

Each and every one of us has the ability to feel that “soulmate homing device” in our hearts. Truly, it is a process of surrendering the heart. We have to trust that we cannot in any way withhold our romantic soulmate from appearing to us.

Through the years as I’ve done readings I’ve noticed that we all have more than one potential romantic soulmate. I have often thought that makes sense in a world that is apparently built so we learn most of our best lessons from our partners.

If one romantic soulmate is not able to fully enter your life, another will be sent to you.

We are given many opportunities to surrender to the truth: that our soulmates will arrive in our lives. We cannot fail in this opportunity! As long as our hearts are beating, that “soulmate homing device” is working — and we are sending that unique signal of love to our romantic soulmates here on Earth.

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