Summer of Love

Sultry sun. Decadent drinks. Long, lazy days. Summer is the hottest season of the year, and not just because of the weather. It’s almost as if the rules don’t apply during these months – everyone’s up for a little extra fun in the summer.

But don’t let the prospect of a summer romance stress you out if your body’s not quite bikini buff because summer isn’t a look, it’s an attitude! Summer is lifting up your sunglasses to wink at a stranger. It’s singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs, just to make your crush laugh. It’s inviting a cute workplace friend for an impromptu picnic on the office lawn, because it’s just too nice outside to stay cooped up. Summer is about finding a thousand different ways to flirt, without even trying.

Show off!
Summer heat is the ultimate excuse to show some skin. Ladies, ditch the jeans and t-shirts and slip into a sexy denim skirt and tank top. Guys, forget about khakis and sneakers and go for comfy cargo shorts and flip-flops instead. Cool, casual clothes send a message that you’re laid-back and ready to go wherever the warm weather takes you.

Another perk of summer? You can wear bright colors without looking like a castoff from That 70’s Show. Not only are bold colors more eye-catching, they also create an air of fun and excitement around you. Take a fashion cue from the vibrant colors of the season – blues from the sky and the sea, sunny oranges and yellows – and your summer tan will really pop!

Summer’s also the time to let your hair loose. Women can try out a shorter style or become a believable blonde by adding a few extra golden highlights. Men should still stay away from “frosting their tips” (way too 90’s!), but can still show off a summer vibe by letting hair grow a little longer than usual – or if they’re really bold, shaving it all off for a sleek summer style.

Be connected
Once you’re feeling summer sexy, it’s time to zero in on your target. Set up a situation in which you and your crush will both feel comfortable, but also allows for some serious flirting.

Nothing breaks the ice better than beer and burgers. Pick a sunny weekend and bust out the barbeque grill for your friends and neighbors. Keep an eye on the object of your affection by assigning them a “job” like manning the keg or flipping the steaks – and of course, staying after the other guests leave to help you clean up.

You can also gather the gang and head to the woods for a bonfire or co-ed camping trip. A group setting is less intimidating for you and your crush, but still provides plenty of one-on-one time. When the stars come out, so do your opportunities for flirting. Be sure to brush up on your astronomy in advance so that you’re prepared to offer up a private lesson in stargazing.

Stage it
Flirting is a coy dance that leaves the other person wondering what you’re thinking; a date, on the other hand, should send a clear signal. You don’t necessarily have to make a move – just arrange a date that makes it clear you’re interested in more than just friendship.

The beach is notorious for igniting many summertime romances (remember Gigi?) but it’s not just a great place to meet a crush – it’s also the ultimate summer date location. The sand is a comfy couch for chatting, the wind makes wonderful music for dancing, and the water’s a perfect place to share your first kiss.

Taking a date to see a sports game can be the perfect way to spend a summer night. Unlike movies (which grant you no time to talk) and dinner dates (which give you way too much time to talk), sporting events offer the perfect balance of conversation and diversion. And what’s sexier than a celebratory kiss after a home team win?

The key to summer flirting? Have fun! If you’re killing yourself trying to think of the perfect pick-up line or plan the World’s Most Romantic Date, you’re missing the point. Summer is about feeling the wind in your hair, the sun on your back, and the sand in your toes. Summer romance is just sharing all of those moments with someone cool!

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