Stop Waking Up With Your Ex: It’s Over for a Reason

He’s Not Coming Back

So you’re having sex with your ex, and I bet it’s great. How many of you honestly think that you’re ex will come back to you if you sleep with him? According to Psychic Danni ext. 5193, he’s not coming back for a full-time relationship. From what I’ve learned, men love having sex—the more, the better. If they are getting sex without the complication of a relationship, that’s even better.

We’re conditioned to think that there will be a fairy tale ending and that we’ll live happily ever after if only… What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So if you’re still sleeping with your ex and you don’t have a ring on it (or some other kind of spoken commitment), then it’s just sex, pure and simple. If you were expecting a full relationship, you need to talk to your ex. Otherwise you’re assuming a lot and disappointment is sure to follow.

It’s time to figure out what you want, because plainly you’re not going get it from your ex. As folks keep telling me, there’s a reason (many reasons, actually) why exes are exes. Do you remember the reasons? Write them down and post them where you will be reminded. Have a friend remind you periodically when you start getting wishy-washy about your ex.

If you don’t want to be alone, you won’t be alone for the rest of your life. I’ll share a little secret that I learned: tell the universe what you want—use the Law of Attraction. Since I kept dating the same types of guys, that’s what the universe thought I wanted and that’s what I got. When I finally told the universe that I wanted and I believed that the universe would provide, I got it!

Sex with an ex can be fun, if you’re in it for fun. If you’re thinking it’s something else, talk it over with your ex. Perhaps they do want to get back together, but you’ll never know unless you talk with them.

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7 thoughts on “Stop Waking Up With Your Ex: It’s Over for a Reason

  1. Mandy

    Once u term one ‘ex’, let the person stay as such. One does not spit on the floor and go back to leak his spit. Once it is over, it is over.

  2. rafiki

    great article on the whole until the cop out clause in the last paragraph – DONT FUDGE THIS it’s too important for both women and men


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