Stay True to Yourself in Love

How to Have an Incredible Love Life

Love is what everybody wants. People can want it so badly, in fact, that sometimes they can do things, or try to become things, that are totally contrary to their character. We’ve all seen it: somebody trying to be somebody they’re not in order to impress others, because deep down they think that what they are isn’t good enough to deserve love. But the irony is that nothing could be further from the truth. It’s only when we’re honest and true to ourselves, when we are our true selves and love our true selves, that we become truly lovable to other people.

But staying true to yourself isn’t always easy, especially in a world that’s constantly pushing and pulling us here and there. That’s why talking to a psychic can be incredibly worthwhile. A good psychic can not only tell you what’s ahead for you, they can also help remind you who you truly are. Here are four psychics who are experts in doing just that:

Nicholas ext. 5499: Stay True to Yourself

“Sometimes we must stop and examine how much we have changed in the relationship, and recognize if we have lost too much of ourselves to make room for the other person. If personal interests, plans and even hobbies have disappeared then it is time to get honest and take these pieces of ourselves back. If we do not do this, the relationship can only be partial. It takes two whole people to make a whole relationship.

“I learned this from from a psychic friend in a reading many years ago as I struggled with leaving a troubled relationship. ‘Stay true to self, and the rest will follow.’ This advice has allowed me to stay true to what is important in my life. I am able to be myself in my relationships and enjoy a well-rounded and full experience of life.”

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Nina ext. 5111: How do You Want to be Treated?

“The best advice I was ever given was from my mother, many years ago. The advice was, ‘Treat other people the same way that you would like to be treated.’ This advice still applies in today’s modern world. It has taught me to be a good listener, patient, and compassionate. But most of all, it has made me see things through other people’s eyes (giving them the benefit of the doubt, always). It is a rule and actually, a way of life for me now. I thank her greatly.”

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Trinity ext. 5275: When You’re Not Being Loved for Who You Are

“If the relationship that you are connected to doesn’t initially feed your soul and inner-most desires, walk away. Ironically, my own daughter said this to me. Trusting these powerful words has allowed me to find the healthiest and most rewarding relationship of my life. I was empowered to leave a lengthy, unproductive relationship. Months later, I found the man of my dreams, as well as, finding the most incredible relationship that I could have ever imagined. In fact, it has been better than I imagined.

“I have also noticed that when I ‘see’ similar unproductive relationships in my readings, I ask callers to take a realistic look at their relationships and review them with honesty. Those that take this advice have been handsomely rewarded with beautiful, reciprocal relationships even when they had previously ‘convinced’ themselves that their former connections were their soulmates or the ‘only one’ for them. Those who have not heeded this advice have continued to call and invariably mention the constant, negative dilemmas of their soul-fated connections.

“Being honest with ourselves is the most valuable gift we have at any time, and sometimes it’s hard to be honest, but it’s always worth it.”

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Larkin ext. 5707: Love Yourself First

“The best advice about love I ever received is to love myself first, and everyone else second. This has been advice that I have taken to heart, and that I freely give to others. The advice I received has shaped my life in that I do not allow others to take advantage of me. I also make decisions based on the level of love I have for myself, not on how I think others will perceive me, or what I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do in a relationship.”

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2 thoughts on “Stay True to Yourself in Love

  1. Ellen

    Great words and advice, I understand it but after being the opposite all my life, always putting everyone else’s feelings before mine, I am finding it very difficult, any suggestions?

  2. old-fashioned22

    You know whats funny??? California Psychics has MORE psychics than they do customers!!!! I can’t believe for a moment that there can be SSOOO many psychics walking around??? You post someone NEW every day!!! pretty scary if you ask me…sounds like one big SCAM!


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