Staff Picks: Psychic Love Advisors

Be Empowered in Your Love Life

Do you need a bit of insight and inspiration into your love life? I have found these four psychics (two new gems and two other gems) can really delve into your love life. Don’t just take my word on it. Give them a call. All you’ll lose is your doubt and uncertainty.

Psychic Sandy ext. 5768: Ease your mind and soothe your soul.

Sandy is also new to California Psychics and has been reading professionally for 12 years. You can expect a positive, upbeat experience when you read with Sandy. She also has a soft voice and loving tone. She specializes in love, work, and money concerns. Sandy says, “We all get messages and guidance from something and others larger than us. I have been gifted with the talent of seeing and helping, that’s the light for which I live.” It’s time to clear the uncertainty and doubt from your love life. Gain clarity and feel more empowered by talking with Psychic Sandy ext. 5768.

Psychic Shauna ext. 9010: See the unseen picture of your love life.

Many of you know our lovely Shauna who has been with us for over seven years.  She is a master Tarot reader as well as highly skilled in astrology—even the wisdom of the Mayan calendar! If you’re confused or overwhelmed by the energy shifts and lessons of 2012, give her a call. She can definitely unfold the mysteries you’re facing. Open your heart with the help and insight from Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 and let it all pour in.

Psychic Leo ext. 5265: Clarity in your love life.

Leo has been with us for a few years now and has received praise for his rapid-fire readings. Information flows smoothly through Leo to you during the call. It’s amazing, so say many of you, how much information he delivers in a short amount of time. When it’s time to solve any riddles in your life, Psychic Leo ext. 5265 is here to help.

One thought on “Staff Picks: Psychic Love Advisors

  1. chuck

    Was going to come on here and let you know there is enough advertisement for physics instead of a normal help and interesting article but after reading these two bios on the physics I wish I could afford a reading that I desperately need but I have no money n am in love with the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life, I know she cares for me but would like to know if we have any future other than friendship.


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