Spiritual Wealth in Love

The global financial crisis is jeopardizing something far more important than world markets, banks or real-estate values – that’s right, it’s threatening relationships.

According to the most rigorous marriage study ever done (by the Gottman Institute of Seattle, Washington) money problems are the number one issue couples fight about – and break up or divorce over. So, in these uncertain, scary times, what’s a financially stressed relationship to do?

Call in an expert, that’s what!

Expert advice
Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit – Daily Affirmations For Financial Stress Reduction and Zero To Zillionaire – Eight Foolproof Steps To Financial Peace Of Mind has worked with thousands of couples and singles alike, and her advice can help you quickly, “Mind your money without losing your mind…” to help restore peace and love once more.

The good news? She doesn’t espouse the usual, “Spend less, save for a rainy day, be cautious,” advice. Her happy message – there’s no need to fall into despair because there’s always another way to get what you want.

Live richly
What does that mean? It means, if you and your honey want to go on a fabulous vacation, trade apartments with someone in Paris – for free! If you long for a new gorgeous wardrobe, have a clothing swap with well-heeled friends or find what you need at consignment shops for a fraction of the price. If the two of you have always dreamed of living on a large tract of land, rent a guest house on a large property or find a place that backs up to a park or public open space.

Inexpensive fun
Use this time to become romantically creative, as well. Can’t afford a sitter for date night? Share one with neighbors up the street by having your kids and theirs get together at one home. Or better yet, have close friends with children over for potluck and movies – put the kids all in one room with the latest animated rental while the adults all cuddle in front of whatever you want to watch. Scan your local paper for free concerts, festivals, restaurants with “early bird” specials or happy hours, and go to the museum on “discount” days. Heck, you can always go for a walk in the moonlight, or bring each other breakfast in bed…

Get what you want
In other words, there’s always a way to get what you want and show your love without it having to cost you a thing! But you’ll only be able to see such options by staying positive and optimistic, no matter what your latest 401-K statement says. So, Campbell’s biggest suggestion is to harness the Law of Attraction (you know – the one that says, “what you expect is what you get”) and tell yourself positive financial affirmations and avoid negative thoughts.

Because, like everything else in life, this too shall pass. And it’s in times like these that we’re reminded of what really matters – and that the best things in life (like love!) are free.

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