Spice Up Your Sex Life With…

Better Sex!

There are many different ways to spice up your sex life and bring back an excitement you used to celebrate. Getting to know your body is an important part of the process! There’s always room for improvement, as they say, so read on to take your bedroom basics to a higher, hotter level.

For Her

Getting Better Acquainted With Your Body

As women typically take longer to reach orgasm, the more you know about your body and its erogenous zones, the better. Taking the time to experiment when alone through masturbation and self-exploration will give you the essential knowledge that will turn your bedroom time with your lover into a den of sensuality! Knowing what works to achieve orgasm will ensure that no matter how clueless your partner may be, you can show them the way.

Playing Up the Foreplay

If you’ve done the above, you already know that sometimes it takes a bit of work to reach your ultimate goal. While it often takes men a minimal amount of effort to orgasm, foreplay is a woman’s best friend. If a woman typically needs a certain amount of stimulation to orgasm, foreplay can take care of a good percentage of that!

Talking it Out

Being open and honest with your partner will always reap rewards as long as your delivery is truthful and informative. No one is a mind reader, so instead of leaving him to play the guessing game, let him know when he hits those hot spots!

Open to Trying New Things

While you may know what works and doesn’t work up to this point, who knows what unchartered waters you haven’t explored which could reap all sorts of pleasures you’ve been missing out on.

For Him

Let Her Finish First

Ok guys, you know how easy it is for you to get to that point, and how spent you can feel afterwards. So a good rule of thumb is to get her there before you. Whatever you have to do to deliver the goods, the goal should be to help her first. Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 has the tools you need to take your romance to the next level!

Cunning Combination

Women have multiple erogenous zones, and different women find certain techniques and areas more sensitized than others, so instead of finding one thing and sticking to it, keep her on her sensual toes by combining methods and sensitive areas.

Bouts of Abstinence

Refraining from sex and masturbation for a period of time will always make you appreciate playing the more attentive lover, as well as heightening her experience, and leading to more intense orgasms for you! Turn up the romance in the bedroom with advice from Psychic Marin ext. 5113!

Talking it Out

As women love communication in and out of the bedroom, telling her how good she is making you feel, and communicating what she’s doing that’s making you feel that way will go a long way towards increasing your own and your partner’s pleasure.

12 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Sex Life With…

  1. Aryan

    I have tried every thing many many times but did not do any good , my wife says she does not like sex and does not want sex we had sex only 4 times in 10 months ans still no matter how I try with toutching and kissing and talking and doing every thing for her , nothing works she does not want it at all , I am sure atleast some times she has a good orgasm and she tells me too of course if I ask , but next time againg she does not want and she start big fight if I ask or try to turn her on , she does not go to professional for this and will not listen to the reason that sex if part of marriage , if she did not want sex them why married me because sex is part of marriagew ,can any one help

  2. virgo

    SEX is not everything in anyones relationship as TRUST and COMMUNICATION are your fantastic ways of having a very interesting and devoted relationship as SEX plays only a very very small part of any relationship, like in other words what good is sex when you have no trust and no understanding within your personal relationship wether male or female of the opposite sex.

  3. dorothy

    I think That after not having sex after a very long absence that it wouldn’t take alot of forplay other than a long kiss and being touched
    in just one of my very sensitive spots ( Breasts) By the one particular man, To take me to heaven. WOW.
    I love your articles very much and read them every day.Thank-you.

  4. Barbara kaminski

    I have been reading California psychic horoscopes, for a while now. and believe me it has been directly on the point. everything that was written and
    everything I read hit it right on the point
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  5. Randy

    THanks to the response I had on what I wrote yesterday to Alwxandra and faith your lines did not fall on deaff ears and I appreciate you both tell every one at church to give you a big hug but I must depend on Jesus and go through this crisis by myself. I don’t fill it would be even be correct to ask anyone at this point when I’m losing ground to get involved with this senario now.

  6. izettee harris

    I have a lover I knew for three decades now! We just became sexually active for a year an a half.,after three yrs of communication. We stopped talking about what’s good for me an for him. He says it’s good and I know he wonder in bed.,but afterward we don’t discuss how it was or different things we can try with other.,I’m interested.


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