When Your Soulmate Opts Out

Very few things are as painful emotionally, for men and women alike, as losing (or never consummating) a relationship with someone you feel is a soul partner.

And it doesn’t seem to matter whether you recognized the other person as a soul friend, soul mate, or some other kind of soul partner… the fact is, if you have the unshakeable conviction that the purpose the two of you share is unfulfilled, then it seems impossible to let go.

If you find yourself hearing and even agreeing with loving advice and even harangues from friends and family about letting go – and still not being able to let go! – take heart. You can and will heal and move on.

In order to find your way through to healing in these cases, it’s essential to work on it at a soul, not a personality, level. This is important for several reasons.

First, if you’re approaching this on a soul level (see below for one method) you won’t interfere with anyone’s karma or free will.

Second, since the agreement was originally made on a soul level, it can only be fully understood on that level.

And third, since your Soul or Higher Self will be your mediator, it gives you absolute freedom and safety in which to express all your feelings, the high and the low, the murderous and the weepy, the vengeful and the compassionate.

Soul Level Mediation

In the following meditation, your two souls communicate with each other on behalf of their respective people. Then the souls “repackage” the information and insights and compassion they exchanged, and give it to their individual people in whatever form is most effective, whether it’s in dreams, or gut feelings, or signs, or as clear messages during the session.

To prepare for the meditation, create a quiet space, and place two chairs facing each other. As you do this visualization, remember that the more senses you use at each stage, imagining or feeling sight, sound, taste, touch, feeling and intuition, the more parts of your brain are activated, and the more effective the meditation and its outcome will be.

Sit in one chair, and imagine your soul partner sitting in the other. Visualize your Soul as a star high over your head, and that a beam of light connects your Soul to you, shining down through the top of your head, through your body, and down to the core of the earth. Then imagine your soul partner has the same connection with their soul star. Then complete the “grid” by sending a beam of light from your soul star to the other soul star.

Next, give it all to your Soul, everything, the good the bad and the ugly. Cry if you need to, or scream, but let it all hang out! Then sit quietly while the souls commune. And expect the unexpected, from having the soul partner imagined in the other chair actually converse, to having them call on the phone at the end of the meditation.

You can do this meditation as often as you like, and you should do it two to three times at a minimum. If you’re willing to invest even a tenth of the time into your healing process that you’ve spent feeling miserable, you will not only be able to determine whether or not it’s time to move on – and then do it if need be – you’ll also have found closure in the process.

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24 thoughts on “When Your Soulmate Opts Out

  1. red cloud

    Hi. This is indeed powerful. I had my BF insult me, so I “sat down with him” as directed. I “told” him what I had. Then I heard his response. He said; we lived before, I know everything. Would you like to hear? I said yes, and he summarised in 3 sentences. I went- What?! The story seemed so cruel! Next day, I wanted to get to the bottom of things. We connected again,I asked for the full story & to speak slowly so I could write. I did so for 2 hrs. The “love story” emerged by whispering words to me. After it I felt many feelings of abuse. I had to call a friend for crystal therapy. She said fear attached to my aura and I should ask guides for protection A LOT before doing such a thing! The therapy was 9/10 intense. I relieved sexual abuse.
    I told my BF about it. He replied: “It was me”. Then I read the story. But as it hapened, he was not ready to learn, he broke up with me with lots of insults. I wanted to “clear up” that karma,I don’t want him around next time. I think he refused me this chance. Or maybe he disappeared as I moved on? All in all, I suppose this life of mine is based more on another pre-incarnation and I want the continuation of love and path of that, but this was a huge lesson. JUST BE CAREFUL, as I will be with this exercise, and ask for PROTECTION.

  2. aisia105

    Hello Verbena, I was wondering if i can do this exercise for my situation. Me and my bf are broken up at the moment. We are off and on because he tends to run away and run back to me. I have always felt our relationship is not over yet and there is still so much! I am not looking to cutting any connections with him, i just want our souls to communicate and understand each other without cutting any ties, but making me and him stronger as a couple. We are both still so young, he is only 20 yrs old and i feel he runs away only because he finds commitment hard and has some maturing to do. He has just signed up for the army and will leave to basic in a few months. I have a strong feeling we are going to work things out. Even though he runs away a lot, and he will for months without ever saying a word to me, and then he shows up wanting me back, i have always known that he truly cares about me. I just would like to find an exercise that will help me out and let him realize how i truly care about him and strengthen our connection. Thank you so much =)

  3. Steve Crawford

    Interesting to read all your responses, I’ve dealt with something similiar – to be honest, i’m still dealing with it, but after over two years i can feel it fading away, slowly but surely. I was sure it never would, luckilly i was wrong ( i’m sure she is a soulmate because she brought facets of my personality out of me which i did not know existed in me ( hell, i didn’t know they EXISTED period ! ), and all from the other side of the country – no physical contact – no verbal contact [ well, very little ] – DAMNED IMPRESSIVE . I would impart more details of this – ( haha ,I don’t know what to call it ) ” A SPIRITUAL AFFAIR ” ? but it’s a long long long story and i wouldn’t really know exactly where to begin

  4. flowers

    I admit I was hoping for something like Charlotte’s experience but my man is just SOOO stubborn! 🙂

    Verbena, we talked last night. I will also reread the Soul Agreements article. I did sit down last night and today – once facing “him”, and today I invited him to sit next to me on the futon like we used to, and put my head on his “shoulder”. So many of our past talks were spent curled up on the couch or in bed so I thought this may be more comfortable for him.

    Last night – all I can say is I started to cry so uncontrollably, like when he first backed away months ago. I have pretty much gotten the crying under control in the last two months, especially in public. But just as I started to talk to him, I lost it and it took me awhile to regain composure. I was shaking and couldn’t breathe.

    I explained to him what happened with me, my emotions, the baggage I didn’t even know I had. I know he knows this as I wrote to him many months ago (and saw him read it) but I felt he should HEAR it from me. I apologized for the pain I caused him – it was never intentional. I was protecting myself and ironically enough – him. Our r/s had been built on deceit – not to each other but because we weren’t free to love one another at first. It was hard to get out of that mode, it had become a way of being, and he was ready way before I was (I think my Italian Catholic upbringing hindered me in many ways). He (I think) lost the belief that I was there and would be there, quiet as I had become in my quest to heal.

    I do hope he heard me and is processing all this. I do not want to pull or cut cords. I have never felt this way before about a r/s and I have had men in the past who lost interest and faded away. A week or two and a few tears, and I’d be fine. This has been 8 months and except for acting happier in work/public – I am not fine.

    He had given me so many signs until a couple of months ago that there was still a little interest. I guess I just hung on to them. I understand his fear and I hope he understands it’s groundless now. The reasons I hurt him in the past do not exist anymore so it’s impossible for me to do that to him again. I have grown so much in these last 8 months. I finally believe in working on a r/s – a first in my life. I have learned so many lessons I have lost count.

    I hope he hears me and understands……….

    Verbena, I also am confused about giving this up to The Universe. We didn’t talk about this. I have a hard time releasing control. Even when I feel I do, he is still on my mind unless I am super busy. Am I hindering what may be because of this? I feel some days that if someone came to me and said “he will come back in 18 days if you believe that he will and stop thinking of him”, that I would still not be able to shut my mind off. I am not hiding in the house as I had in the beginning, but that damn mind of mine – it’s always run non-stop and this is no different. I remember happy times, I dream of the future (no different than when we were together) and I remember times I hurt him and I want to make it up to him. It never ends. I feel like I am healing and moving on, but I wonder because of my eternal thinking.

    Many blessings for all you do – I love your articles and our chat last night. Sorry for the lengthy comment! I wish everyone well in their quest for peace.

  5. rosequartz

    I just did this visualization, along with the “cutting the cords” visualization in the hopes to get closure from a love relationship. I broke up 3 months ago but it feels like we are still attached for some reason. I experienced some physical pain after I finished, right above the uterus. There was a very thick cord, very hard to break, and some thinner,easier ones. Now the strange thing is that I also felt someone else, a non-physical being was standing by our side watching the process. I don’t know the nature of this being but I felt a sense of compassion. When I was trying to cut the cord between me and my ex, I asked if he could help, and he helped cut that thick, dense cord. I will do the visualization again tomorrow and see what happens.

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  7. charkammancharkamman

    Dearest Verbena,
    This was a very profound and emotional exercise. I put the two chairs up, and as soon as I sat down, I felt his presence in front of me. He was so near, I could almost touch him, and I started to try uncontrollable. Amazing. After a couple of minutes, the crying slowed down, and I told my Higher Self that I miss him so much. His Higher Self then showed me an image of him sitting on a chair, totall wrapped up in a thick rope and unable to move. I cried again, this time out of pity and pain for him, and I asked my Higher Self if he wanted me to wait for him, and what I could do to help him. His Higher Self showed me the same picture, and some words came through: “Be patient and listen – listen truly to him”
    I cried again, but this time out of gratefulness for the experience.
    Thank you so much, sending you love.

  8. nela123

    Hi! I don’t usually do this, posting things but I can’t bealive I came across this article. I had a pretty rough year…lost my job a year a go and can´t find one since, my self steem has suffer a lot, I was in a car accident this year and I’m constantly affraid of almost everything. I met someone at my lowest point (thats what I thought) this may and traveled and pretty much left everything to be with him. I can’t bealive how perfect we are for each other, for the first time in my life (I’m 26 years old) I felt love, we shared the same taste at things, finished each other sentences, have the same birth day…little things maybe that mean the world to me. He just ended a previous relationship (of 5 years) 8 months before we met, he told me he really likes me but couldn’t be in a relationship just yet…so I stayed a little bit more and then came back home. I was decided to find a job but no one calls me back, I stayed in touch with him via e-mail and skype…Now (almost 4 months later he doesn’t even talk to me and I don’t know why) when we video chated the magic was stil there, I have his e-mails and cards and I know he liked me…I want to know what happened…and I need to go on with my life. I can’t sleep at night thinking about what its going on in my life, and when I’m sleeping I can’t wake up. I don’t feel like going out and I’m constantly thinking about him, I’m having problems with my family, recently my mom told me that I’m ruining everything for them too. I tried to see a local medium and she refussed to see me. I pray to get my life back on track because I don’t know how to do it…do you have any advice for me?…Thanks

  9. TojayTurbo

    Verbena, Thank you again for posting the meditation. I have tried once, which has begun to bring me closer to peace, I think. Like you said, there was a response on a personal level – in the form of a phone call. But I know that I still have a long way to go. I agree with you that I may not get the closure in person, because what I need (or think I need) is something he either cannot or does not feel free to express.

    My best understanding of the situation is that my soul connection is something that kind of happened, neither of us asked for it, and due to circumstance on both sides, we have been unable to even consider being together. However, those factors do not negate the connection. I feel like a horrible trick has been played on me – that finally I found what I most wanted in life, yet am denied it due in part to my own past decisions, and see where he is in the same situation. what I feel in my heart is that economic situations and health issues have been bigger than both of us in preventing even the possibility of exploring anything beyond a close friendship. I have no clue what would have happened had I not lost my home or had there been some physical healing for him.

    Now my friend may well be nearing the end of his life. I love him unconditionally, and have felt the same from him. However, he has been pushing me away, he says for my own good. What he fails to realize is that being pushed away hurts me more than I would hurt if he let me be there for him. The very human part of me gets in the way – I just miss us, he has said as much for his feelings, yet won’t come out and say anything that will help me. I sense this is just what it is – and less about me than about who he is and honoring a commitment. Unlike my friends, I do not see this man as a monster, just human like all of us, and very concerned about doing the best all around.

    I will continue to work with the meditations, to see this through to resolution. I acknowledged to him when we talked that I would probably feel his presence even when he is gone. and I probably will feel it when he dies. He says the same. Thing is, these days I don’t know what to pray for – he has been in pain for a long time, and I don’t want him to feel pain, at the same time, as long as he is here, there is hope that we will have a little time together. Sometimes it feels like it would be better for me to have the hope taken away.

    There will be a silver lining in this cloud – I know that for sure. I am hoping through meditations and spiritual work it will become evident sooner. I am open to learning anything I can to help get there. Who knows, maybe it will touch him in a positive way as well. Anyway, thank you for helping me find a beginning.

  10. jollykali

    Thank you! I appreciate the personal response. Yes, the name does refer to the goddess Kali and her joyous obliteration of all illusions.

    I will certainly try the methods that you have suggested. I can hardly believe what intense work it has been to get through this. I really had no idea something could be so devastating.

    I am not certain that my pain is coming from a notion that I should be punished. I am aware that I did nothing wrong. I feel that it is coming from a terrible sense of hope. You see, against my will, a belief exists in my heart that he is about to talk to me at any moment. I am unable to extinguish this hope with my efforts. And of course, there is a daily (sometimes hourly) sense of loss that this does not occur.

    The pain also comes from a sense that I have been tricked into opening the most vulnerable and trusting parts of myself and then abruptly abandoned. It is hard to comprehend that a soul partner would knowingly cause pain. The indifference following such total intimacy is so confusing.

    Thank you again for your suggestions. Especially about how to process grief. I will try these ideas.

  11. jollykali

    Dear Verbena, thank you so much for writing this article. The man who I feel is my soul partner chose to cut off our relationship completely many months ago and I have been feeling intense pain nearly constantly ever since. I have tried this exercise that you detailed a few times but it seems to increase the painful feelings. I am so confused as to how someone could love me as much as did (does?) and be content with causing this much pain and upheaval to my heart. I still feel him as though he is right in front of me. How did he stop feeling me? I don’t feel like I have the option to stop feeling him. I suppose I keep expecting him to somehow make things better and am not sure how to begin to accept that he most likely will never speak to me again.

  12. Leisha Gibbons

    I knew it thanx Verbena once again for confirming he is a soul partner coz I used to feel this huge energy wave and too many coincidences from him. I also reckon he stalks my facebook page too. Now time to do some spiritual cleanisng take carez 🙂

  13. Leisha Gibbons

    I do thank you for the kind words @ love21 😀 do wish to hear more about you

    Thank you Verbena for taking time and answering all our questions Im gonna give those things a go and try be more positive in life but most of all im gonna try love myself more and love others in a non self fish way.

  14. love21

    @ Kiara~ Thank you…so true. Hope this article will help bring peace to your heart…maybe you will update with good news. 🙂

  15. Kiara Prasad

    Thank you so much Verbena I will chek it out now. I can feel the emotional tide of wave washing over me I dont know if its love or what I jsut dont want to fall down like I did in the past it has destroyed me. Thank you once again.

  16. love21

    Due to circumstances on both ends, I tried my best not to have the feelings I do for someone whom I am trying to determine whether or not he is my soulmate. From the torment it’s brought not being with him, and the short amount of time we had spent together….and now living 3000 miles away……and continuing and deepening the relationship against ridiculous odds….I have come to the conclusion that yes, he may very well be my soulmate. I am doing my best to let go – but at the same time I don’t want to. We have both come to the agreement that as much as we love each other, in which he has stated that I am his soul mate, we both may never be together purely for the sake of others involved. Thanks for this article – I don’t know if I want to try it…lol. I have a feeling I will always feel lost without him and thinking of him.

  17. TojayTurbo

    Thank you Verbena, for this article. I was once again agonizing, feeling the pain, etc. of the exact situation you write about. In recent years I found a soul connection quite by accident that brought me much joy, but recently a good deal of pain, because the other person seems to be so bound to do the “right” thing all around. Trying to deal with it and communicate on an earthly level just hasn’t worked. I am like a child in relationships to begin with, due to lack of experience, and part of me like a child wants to hold on to that which brought me so much joy and delight – yet what I feel in my heart is that love is something given freely from the heart – it comes with no obligations or expectations, real love doesn’t require the other to love you in return. I have almost wanted him to say something like I am sorry, I simply am no longer that into you, I am sorry I hurt you that I need to hear so that I can have my cry and begin to heal.

    You have made me feel so much better by explaining why it is so hard for me to let go, and it makes so much sense to try and communicate on a soul level, and more why the “brain” level I have been using has not worked. Thanks for writing about the meditation. I am going to try it. I hope I will be able to receive the messages. The timing of your article is right, and I so appreciate it.

  18. Jai Krishna Ponnappan

    Often times there are no work around for such a thing. You will stay perpetually accountable for what is written on the walls of your soul. There are no band aid fixes and healing that can do your soul any good in the long run. You will always start anew with a next time and a fresh slate if you can’t get your A, B, C, D……to the Z right this time around. I’ve come across many people on this site and others, who use the term ‘Soul-mate’ without knowing its meaning. They also use words such as Spirit, Soul, Spiritual teachers, Krishna, Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi (meaning the Great Soul Gandhi) and spiritual masters without knowing, understanding or fully comprehending the breadth and depth of what these imply. It is ok, because the fault lies in the language, the culture, the social habits and trends of the age. The fault lies in the flawed and per versified religious & spiritual principles or teachings that have lost its original meaning and purity in the blinding spiritual darkness of the age. Divination is divination, a flip of the coin justified by the science of probability, advice is advice, false or true, suggestions are suggestions good or bad. But nobody has the right to role play God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Krishna or the Supreme Soul except the true Lords that posses these identities. It doesn’t matter what the state and extent of your false ego, self absorbed soul or self gratifying and aggrandizing glorification is. A mockery of the word Soul with other worldly and mundane misconceptions is truly nothing more than a horrible and misguided mockery. An insult to God, the Holy Spirit, the Supreme Soul and the individual Souls concerned. If you wish to address and speak to your client’s on mundane terms than start by figuring out what have they done to damage the natural progression of things that were truly meant to be. We live in a world full of several social evils such as racism, stereotypes, hate crimes, prejudice, other isms and the long list… goes on and on. Surely your client must be happily engaging in one or more of these evils. May be their partner is tolerant, understanding and ever graceful in forgiving all their spiritual or worldly crimes in name calling, insults and abuse. It is rare to find a Soul that comes from a higher state of consciousness here on earth. Unless they are on some kind of a mission that may or may not have a large and profound spiritual or physical implications on the world, the supreme Lord and themselves. Certain Souls come, take birth, embody themselves and work and act to offer sacrifices, all in the name of devotion to the supreme and the glorification of the one that enjoys all sacrifices. You must understand Gender, both male and female to be a sacred and beautiful thing even on a soul level. One soul engendered as male or female was created together with its pair and never exists without its other significant half. Yes beyond a doubt and all debating they, both male and female complete each other, this is the eternal truth regardless of your acceptance of it. They make up perfectly for each other’s flaws and weaknesses with each other’s strengths and virtues. This is true in the case of Jesus and Mary Magdalena, and just as true in the case of Krishna and Radha. Their fight against irreligion would never have succeeded without their soul mates. This is the only real type of or definition of soul mating that has existed primordially and eternally. And yes when they take birth they do manifest as separate physical bodies or persons searching for all the resourcefulness promised in their other half’s eternal affection. Yes they do cross paths because there are natural forces, energies and entities here on earth, that conspire endlessly and tirelessly to make them cross paths and bring them together. Especially so if the union, perhaps holds great consequences and repercussion to all the energies involved. Born into this sensually bewildering and confusing world they develop a worldly consciousness filled with socially ingrained habits and character traits. This is what develops and constitutes their false ego’s and personas very far removed from the original Soul that is within them and responsible for their births. Without which they would have no flesh, no holy spirit of life filling and empowering them to reach their goals and wind up losing the very purpose of their Birth and existence. Not serving their initially intended purpose, acts of love, service of humanity and life or duty here on earth as a sacrifice in glorification of the Lord. They surely get entangled in the cycle of birth and life, karma, actions and reactions and may even needlessly, unfortunately, and yet inadvertently enter into the tormenting and false consciousness created by what’s on the other side of the three doomful gates of Lust, Greed and Anger. I sense, realize and understand if another third party deliberately interferes and triggers such happenings of hate and unhappiness. I understand that unlike the Dinosaurs and Druids, Wiccans still exist because they were unjustly ostracized, maligned and abused once the creative spirit, creator or holy spirit declared it’s jealousy for anyone who worships any other demigods including those of the wiccans. Yes that doesn’t make any of the demigods unreal or powerless, but there is surely a spiritual conflict that questions the very continuing existence of wiccans and occultists who do not hold true to the well intentioned principles of their original religion. And some of the wiccans have surely got caught up in the conflict. So they lay very deep inside, them a certain call for revenge and vengeful hate. Which is still justified but this hate is poorly directed and abused even to the extent of senselessly victimizing and oppressing by perpetuating Lust, Jealousy and Anger into the impressionable senses of the unsuspecting and not so enlightened Souls they share the earth with. Now if someone interferes and wishes to role play God, the Holy Spirit or the Supreme Soul with their self created false ego, self directed free will, stubborn, unwise and un accepting souls, which might be layered with their conditioned, impressionable and ingrained intentions of harmful or hateful habits, then they must bear the consequences of their actions, thoughts, words and energies. Where there is truth there are laws. Where there are Laws, call it abiding of religious principles or occurrences of irreligion and injustice there will certainly be Justice, the upholders of it and soul mates, entities or agents of Law enforcement. The wiccans or spritists can never take them back, these… their words, thoughts, actions, nervous, spiritual and emotional energies. They are all clear to identify and their sins and misdeeds are kept track of on the walls of their souls. Such hate should never be directed against the union of Soul mates and maliciously target their original purpose in devotion and Love. Self realized souls who have seen the truth have no intentions or plans to suffer in silence and turn a blind eye. I wouldn’t wish for such things to happen to any pair of soul mates regardless of what may or may not happen to me and my significant other. I’ll certainly do my best to ensure that I give it my all, to keep such horrible, sinful and hateful occurrences from repeating itself. For Soul mates life is like a race, they are drivers driving towards the finish line overcoming obstacles together. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly. Their eventual goal is eternally mutual. Towards one that is greater than all the demigods, the Creative Holy Spirit, Jesus in the flesh and the true enjoyer made complete in the Supreme Soul’s being. Then for the wiccans, this is their sin. Crimes against eternal Love are eternal crimes. The torment will be too much for any soul to bear. No one should have to oppress soul mates anymore and keep them from uniting. What strange pleasure can you get by destroying such eternal bonds made in devotion and dedication to the supreme? How can you separate the male and the female energies and souls made together in the primordial fire of the Lord without fully experiencing the correcting heat of its eternal flame. How can you have the heart to destroy something you never created? I know the answer to that. But people should never have to be oppressed by those who perpetuate Lust, greed, anger and hate. They don’t deserve to go on suffering unjustly. This is not the purpose of their human existence. They are here to make personal sacrifices to learn, love and show their eternal devotion to the Lord. They are here to devote their free wills and direct it towards that of the Holy Spirit incarnate in Jesus so that they may spiritually progress to reunite their souls in eternal love to their mother and their father combined in the Supreme Soul’s Eternal Being. These are the principles of the true religion. Many divisions and deviations have per versified it with faults and flaws. If you need spiritual strength and empowerment for your soul and body call out to Jesus for he is the source and the only Holy Spirit for All including the demigods you worship. He is the graceful and forgiving source of faith in you that makes such worship possible. Beyond that if you catch a glimpse of the Supreme Soul then engage in self sacrificing Love and devotion towards it, recognizing, glorifying and acknowledging its existence. The wiccans shouldn’t have to stray such a long way away from the principles of their own religion and its Laws or significant Truths without being offered correction or a choice to cease. Yes the dinosaurs and druids went extinct or just disappeared but the better word to use will be annihilation. The Social evils of this world including racism, prejudice and all the other isms wouldn’t exist unaided, un-reinforced and without being incessantly fed and perpetuated by the likes of those that think its right to hate hiding behind their false exteriors like cowards. I urge them to be brave to assemble on the spiritual battlefield with all their spiteful senses and justify their hate. Justice is neutral. Do not fear it. Choose to love and long for it instead. Let Soul mates be. Let the Supreme be. Lower your positions to what they are truly worth and deserving of. Let nature play its part in nourishing the deprived of the Justice they long for. Make no assumptions about souls; you cannot covet things that belong to the true Lord and Master of All. And if you do you’ll annoy him at first before you upset him. ‘Soul mates’ shouldn’t have to usher in a much needed age of transition with forceful justice. The Truth shall and will prevail against all odds. The Truth is eternal, constant and never changing. Eternal Love is its strength, Righteousness its strength and truly complete knowledge its sword.

  19. Cynthia Williams

    Thank You for this. I’m going to copy it so that I will be able to read when needed. I was in a 25plus years relationship. My parnter CHEATED with someone we from our Church and this was not the first time,but I Loved her so much and I have been having a hard time to let go. We have always thought that we were Soul Mate so this has been hard but just reading this has already started my Healing. So Thanks for this

  20. felemo

    I am so grateful I read this at this particular time. I’ve been torn emotionally in the past few weeks, cause of some one I have known for 25+yrs. The most recebt resurface revealed more that we could both handle and to make matters worse is my inavailability. I’m in turmoil and really need to move on for my sake and my familys, he has just gone all quiet, though I feel him 24/7. I never thought I could feel my insides literally being torn apart by just thinking about someone who has never even kissed me. Its amazing!!

  21. misskrystal

    thanks verbena, brilliant as always-
    we can have soul connections that do not last a lifetime.
    my granny was married for 72 years. A blissful marriage. She has been w/out grandpa for 11 years now, and she never thought she would have to go through something like this. She was 90 years old, when he died, but even though she was lucky for a 72 year marriage, she would like to be with him and tries to enjoy her life as much as she can-but she still yearns and cries for him…just an example on how some soul situations can play out…thanks again, miss krystal

  22. Kiara Prasad

    What a coincidence Verbena you have put this up what disasspoints me is that i can feel my the “others” pain. They do not want to come to my path or doubt I’d ever come to that persons path but feel very lost. I dont know where I went lost and how they went. I do know if it was for the good im more then happy to acknowledge it. I do know that person was someone in the past may not remember but I feel and do. It angers me how their thoughts and visions at times comes into my mind as if I want to know. I need to learn to control them.

  23. chrissiem

    would this actually work if the person in question has passed on, I have an ex who died and since I heard I can’t seem to get him out of my head we had a great relationship but he was more mentally and emotionally mature than I was and although we split we kept getting back together, even though we’d split again, usually, in hindsight because of something I did, and we went on like this for many years until he actually moved away


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