Single on Valentine’s Day?

A Different Approach to Celebrating Valentine’s Day

If you’re among the throngs of singletons this Valentine’s Day, take heart. This holiday is for you too—even if you’re not part of a couple. Hoards of people are without partners on this day and on every other, so rather than letting the sentiment stir sadness (or worse, provoke self-critique), why not celebrate it? After all, Valentine’s Day is all about love—which you want, and (more importantly) already have, even if it’s not in a romantic relationship!

With that in mind, here are some ideas for alternate activities this Valentine’s Day.

Accept Yourself

No partner is going to make your life perfect. They won’t complete you. If you can remember that and choose to love yourself above all others, not only will you be one step closer to attracting an appropriate partner, you’ll find a happiness that can only come from within! If possible, start your Valentine’s Day off with yoga or even a 10-minute meditation on gratitude for all that you already have. Meditate for the goodness (and love) that is to come. Then set about your day as a happy person.

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Let Love Rule

Wanna make a splash with prospective partners and people in general? Spread kindness on Valentine’s Day, even to those you simply see in passing. A smile, a chocolate, holding the elevator door for an extra moment—anything that conveys the spirit of loving goodness will have a surprise impact on the world around you. It’ll also up your magnetism. After all, who doesn’t like being around someone who emanates a sweet, giving and accepting nature?

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Gather the Troops

While it’s hard to remember sometimes, love is all around you. It radiates—and not just from a person you sleep with (or next to)! Valentine’s Day is an ideal night to celebrate the people you hold nearest and dearest. And don’t think for a second that can’t include couples. Plenty of pairs are bored with the idea of another candlelit dinner, or have kids and can’t get a sitter! Consider whose love has made a difference in your life this last year and have them over for dinner. If you can’t cook or don’t have space, arrange to meet out at a casual restaurant and raise a glass/fork to the bonds of friendship that sustain us, no matter what your relationship status!

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4 thoughts on “Single on Valentine’s Day?

  1. Marc from the UK

    Hilarious, I snuggled up to my dog Sam!!! genuine no hols barred affection, No hang ups, no attitude, eats whatever I serve! cool eh if humans could the same lol !

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, I manage a no-kill animal shelter that I funded and built from the ground up.

    And I own 3 Doberman Pinschers and a miniature pot-bellied pig I adopted named Petunia ( she thinks she is a small, pink , Doberman ).

    That is unconditional love….I get kisses whenever I want, a foot warmer if needed ( this winter was brutally cold ), they never bitch & moan about what was served for dinner, and I don’t have to share the TV remote control….ever.

    lol lol lol


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