Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope Turns Up the Heat

When I looked at the astrological lineup for your Valentine’s Day Horoscope, I saw both difficult angles and inspiring aspects—not too different from love and life in real time. Valentine’s Day is an astrological mixed bag of tricks, including Mercury in retrograde, but I believe that Mars in the partnership sign of Libra will make the most profound connection to the Full Moon in fiery, luxury-loving Leo. After all, what is love without a few sparks?


With the Full Moon in fellow Fire Sign Leo (your love and creativity sector) and Mars (your ruling planet) in your partnership house, it’s likely that you’ll think of a unique way to express your feelings for someone special and vice-versa. It’s also very likely that a romantic dinner will turn up the heat.


On Valentine’s Day the luxury-minded Full Moon in Leo plays well with your luxury-loving style. Host a party over the coming weekend to celebrate the joys of partnership (or singlehood). You’re a star at work this week, so treat yourself to a little fun and frivolity. You’ll be happy you did.

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Mars is not only emphasizing partnerships this Valentine’s Day, it’s also in your house of true love and it’s making a great connection with the Full Moon in a sign compatible to yours. Making Valentine’s Day a 3-day-weekend getaway is just what the romance doctor ordered. Connections deepen.


Love and security are your two most treasured life notions and Valentine’s Day makes it possible to have both. You’ll be so excited about solidifying your professional life path in a positive direction that you’ll feel like dancing and celebrating with someone special. See, you can have it all.

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Time to get excited Leo, because the Valentine’s Day Full Moon in your sign is a day that’s made for luxury-loving you. If you’re single, get yourself out and about throughout the weekend and you might be pleasantly surprised at the connections you’ll make. If you’re attached, communication opens up and romance can deepen as a result. Lavish in love.


The Leo Full Moon is in a lovely placement for a special, out-of-the-way Valentine’s Day dinner with your true love. Surprise them with something special; they may have a surprise for you as well, for Leo rules your house of secrets. It’s a delicious day for you and all you have to do is put work aside to enjoy it. Singles could meet someone interesting while in the least likely of places.


Even with the Full Moon in your house of friends and gatherings, your chances of having a spectacularly lavish and romantic day (and weekend) are very good this Valentine’s Day. Mars (currently in your sign) is helping you to stand out in your best light with help from the Aquarius Sun. You’ll effortlessly attract others like a magnet and you handle it graciously.

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Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope brings you to new heights that highlight your career. That alone will be enough to put you in the celebratory mood. Share your exuberance with your love—a candlelight dinner for two. If single, your chances for meeting someone new are pretty good as well on this day. The New Moon in Pisces at month’s end will be like Valentine’s Day part two—the best part. Life is beautiful.


You’ll love the Fire Sign energy of the Leo Full Moon, and Valentine’s Day will live up to and beyond your expectations in love. The Moon, in your house of distant travel, is angled perfectly to Mars in Libra in your house of personal goals and aspirations. Love is in the air, and if you’re away on vacation it could be the most romantic getaway imaginable.


With Venus still in your sign and now moving forward, your Valentine’s Day Horoscope puts you in a good position to give and receive love in a way that is meaningful to you. The Full Moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day suggests that you may be the recipient of a lovely and valuable gift. This gift may or may not come from your lover—so many sweet surprises could be in store for you all weekend. Enjoy.


The Full Moon on Valentine’s Day is in your opposite sign and it puts the spotlight on relationships. If you’re in a good relationship, taking the next step forward is quite possible. If you’re not in a relationship or in one that doesn’t thrill you, you’ll decide to make changes that bring you closer to your vision of love. Your fact-based sign will experience a day where emotions tug at your heart.


A lot is culminating around February 14 and you’ll want to enjoy a luxurious break, thanks to the Leo Full Moon and possibly a positive cash flow. Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope suggests that if you’re attached, this will be a romantic day of celebration. If you’re single, next month and beyond are more promising but you’ll still want to enjoy Valentine’s Day, and you will.

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