Signs You’re About to Cheat

Know the Warning Signs That Your Thoughts Are Straying

Are you done with your relationship? Have you hit a well of fatigue that just won’t seem to end? Are you looking around for greener grass? There are clear signs that you’re finished with your current relationship, and that you may be about to take action to end it. So you might want to keep a close eye on yourself and know the warning signs, so that if you do decide to end your relationship, you do it like an adult!

The Huffington Post reports:

1. You haven’t made love to your partner in weeks or even months. You find you avoid situations that could lead to sex. You lie to your partner and say you’re tired or you have a headache. This disinterest could be a sign that you are stressed, tired, ill or that the relationship is disconnected. It can also be a sign that one of you is out the door.

2. You are on the internet trawling to meet other people. You find yourself looking up your old boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook and sending them a “Friend” request. You look at dating sites for married people interested in anonymous sex. You download photos of sexual partners for hire. You masturbate to fantasies of other people you know more than you do with thoughts of your partner. This can indicate a wide variety of interests and a healthy sexual appetite. It can also be a sign that you are looking for sex or a relationship outside of your marriage.

3. You are emotionally connected to someone other than your spouse in more important and intimate ways. You tell them all of your problems and confess your dissatisfaction in your marriage to this outside person. You talk to them about your sexual issues. You find that you text them and call them throughout the day. You think of telling them about your private thoughts instead of your spouse. You fantasize about them and wonder if they think of you in as well. You don’t include them in dinners or outings with your spouse but keep them to yourself. Don’t kid yourself that you can have a friendship that is closer than the one with your spouse and has the added energy of sexual attraction and still hope that eventually it won’t become sexual. Emotional affairs many times lead to affairs. You may already be halfway there.

If any of these signs are already in your path, talk to your spouse. Don’t wait until your fall into the hole in the road and can’t get out. If you can’t tell your partner, talk to a therapist or trusted friend. Tell on yourself, and get real with your feelings. If there are problems in the marriage, close off the exit of these potential affairs and work on the marriage first, before you end up losing a partnership that you may not want to end.

What do you think—what are the clear signs that somebody is about to cheat?

“Love and relationships are kind of like jobs, we change constantly until we find that right one that sticks around for the long haul.” – Lacy ext. 5494

“In order for a marriage to last, it had better consist of two very secure people.” – Jesse ext. 9027

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3 thoughts on “Signs You’re About to Cheat

  1. sangly

    Yes, I faced those situation in 2010, started from 2009. And this effects my mirrage badly, Although I have a baby last year with him but I can not forget my experience and related feeling. And I think it creats a prominent distance between us, atleast for me. He did so much for me and I always keep that in my mind. 1 and 3 are so real in my life. His habit of hidding things from me is unnessary. I wanted to give him support in his emotional state but he did not understand me.

  2. Lorelei

    I never even heard of the term “emotional affair” until fairly recently. In the past I have been in “emotional affairs,” not understanding what they really are. I never got physical with any of them, but I always felt this weird confusion about what they meant and wondered why I felt torn between my current partner and the friend.

    Now that I know of the term, it’s a lot easier to understand what is going on and what to do about things. =)


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