DreamCast: Standing on Pearls and Diamonds

In my dream, I am standing on pearls and diamonds, extending as far as my eye can see. My hair and dress are being blown by a fresh wind, and I have a man with me, probably my boyfriend. We are holding hands.

Barbara in the United Kingdom


Hello Barbara,


The pearls and diamonds symbolize what you value. Standing on these precious gemstones is most likely a message about your foundation, especially pertaining to relationships. You certainly value close ties and have a positive attitude about love. However, because you’re not touching the ground, you might ask yourself if you’re expecting too much from your boyfriend. Sometimes love requires us to walk through muddy emotional waters when the perfect stage of the relationship inevitably wears off. Still, the dream bodes well for your self-confidence in being able to sustain a successful relationship – if you come back down to earth once in a while.


Sweet dreams,

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