Sex With Your Ex

Why do people always insist on having sex with their exes? What are the psychic consequences? Our psychics weighed in:

Psychic Fiona ext. 5178:

What do I tell clients who keep having sex after their divorce? It depends. If the divorce was a mistake and they still love each other, and want to get back together, having sex can help to jump start the re-bonding process, and that’s good. If, on the other hand, having sex with an ex-spouse who doesn’t love you anymore, but is just using you because he or she knows you care and is taking advantage of your feelings, that’s a completely different thing. In that case the sex needs to stop and a good psychic reading can help to rebuild self respect. There is life after divorce no matter how painful the break up may have been. Life is never stagnate. New cycles of time bring in new joys, new ways of looking at life, new experiences, and new love.

Psychic Judith ext. 9889:

You’re blocking what is trying to enter your life. Your future is not your past. Let it unfold. What is out there is meant to be. Now is the time to move forward. You have to let the past go and embrace what’s ahead. There is a reason why they are your ex. Fear is never the answer, and not moving on is fear of the unknown and letting go, even if it’s bad, you hold on. Look forward with excitement. Know that this is where you are, because you earned the right to move forward into the blessing that awaits you. Let yourself fly free of the pain and disappointments of your past.

When a man and a woman become divorced and choose to move on with their lives, many times there is still a love connection, a bond that still ties them. Couples will often find themselves still longing for the intimate connection that they once had with that person. Many times couples will still keep the intimate level of the relationship alive for some time. This isn’t always a bad thing; in many ways it can be good within the healing process of the relationship.

As ex-couples are sexually involved, it doesn’t always mean that they will get back together, but what it does do, is heal the wounds of the past with that partner. In many ways it can help to release the connection and allow one to move on in a non-regretting, loving way. As couples are divorced, they no longer have the issues that they did during the relationship, so when a sexual encounter does occur, it is in a lighter, playful way, and that brings closure and healing, which allows couples to let go with no guilt.

Instead of a bitter ending of fighting and arguing, sexual interaction is like the icing on the cake. Instead of murky soup left behind, friendship is more likely to exist, which is always a better way to end a relationship.

What do you think – is sex with ex ever a good idea?

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