Sex-Only Relationships

So you say you want a sex only relationship, a friend with whom you share those very special benefits. It sounds great in theory but can it actually work out? In reality, is it possible to separate our feelings from our physical desires?

The most important question to ask yourself before committing to a no-strings relationship is will this relationship fulfill my needs?

First, you’ll want to understand why you want to do this. If it is purely to satisfy yourself with just the physical aspects of a relationship, then you must be prepared to disregard any emotional connection you feel – or will feel – for the other person. In most cases, when you have sex with somebody it’s inevitable to feel connected to that person, and once you cross that emotional line it is very difficult to go backward.

“No-strings” clause
So how can you avoid all of the emotional stuff? It is simple: under all circumstances, both parties must be completely clear about what they want from this booty call. You must be open and honest about the fact that there are no strings attached – otherwise, the “wires” may get crossed, leading to some awkward situations. The last thing you want to hear from your playmate are those horrific words “I love you” – especially after you have agreed to a sex-only relationship. So save yourself some drama, and choose your partner wisely.

This selection process isn’t for the shy and timid. You may find yourself experimenting with several partners until you find that person who can satisfy most of your needs. And why settle for anything other than mind-blowing sex? If you do, it could be that you unconsciously want more. So be honest with yourself about what it is you’re looking for. If you want more, then don’t get involved in this type of relationship – or you’ll end up getting hurt.

Safety – physical and emotional
Another thing to remember – always practice safe sex. Your “friend with benefits” might be have the same type of arrangement with others – or might embark on another friendship of this type. Since there is no commitment, you don’t have any leverage with them.

Neither you nor your partner can be the jealous type! Showing or seeing signs of jealousy will complicate matters, and also demonstrate that one of you wants more of a committed relationship.

These scenarios aren’t made for the needy, or the weak. Avoid sex-only relationships if you have self-confidence issues or any serious insecurities. In order to move forward with this type of arrangement, you’ll need to be self-assured, strong – and open-minded. If you have any doubts about starting a sex-only relationship, it’s probably best to avoid it.

On the flip side, a sex-only relationship can be fun and enjoyable if your head is in the right space. Just remember to set boundaries – and stay on the same page as your playmate.

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