6 Secret Romantic Holiday Moments

You have shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping, parties, and all manner of distractions complicating the holidays. While most of those activities are fun and you love the excitement, it can be exhausting. How in the world can you manage to steal a few golden moments of quiet pleasure with your mate or lover? It’s not that tough – here are some delightful tips.

1. Schedule a late evening dinner together at a favorite quiet restaurant. Get there after the dinner hour crowd thins out. Enjoy your meal leisurely, no hurry. Sip some lovely wine, and even opt for a dessert to share. Chat about your day. Then do your final shopping excursion at stores that have late hours, and don’t worry about the clock. Stay out all night if you want.

2. Find a movie that appeals to both of you. Plan to attend the earliest showing on a Sunday morning, the one time you’re unlikely to encounter crowds. Snuggle and hold hands through the entire film.

3. Reserve an evening after work to do some decorating together. If trimming the tree is a group activity, do it another day. Pick out one area of your home, indoors or out, and do it to the nines. Assemble your materials ahead of time. Lay in some holiday beverages and ready-made snacks. Play holiday music and deck those halls. It’s essential to hang a sprig of mistletoe. Be the first lovers to share a kiss beneath that sprig.

4. Take a shower or bath together, followed by a nap. Whatever is on your to-do list will wait. Turn off the phones. Ignore the doorbell. Lock the bedroom door. Set a clock if you must, but aim for no less than a full hour of blessed sleep time before you’re up and running again. Yes, you can.

5. Go outside and play. Depending on your climate, go sledding, skating, swimming, sight-seeing, or find an unusual outdoor shopping venue. Try a flea market, craft fair, or gift fair. Don’t take the kids. Don’t invite your mother or your best friend. Go with your lover, shop till you drop, and then stop for tea or hot chocolate.

6. Find the church in your community, no matter the denomination, that has the very best music in town. Attend one service alone, together, day or evening. Spiritual renewal relieves tension, promotes quiet harmony, and makes us feel linked to each other. Music soothes the savage breast.

Holiday hustle can’t be avoided, but putting yourself and your partner at the top of your list can keep things in perspective. Try one or two of these ideas each week, or sprinkle small moments of togetherness into each day when you can. Don’t be surprised if you feel calmer, your lover seems more loving than usual, and the holidays are just a bit brighter.

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2 thoughts on “6 Secret Romantic Holiday Moments

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  2. jessica

    Dear Taryn, your suggestions are so perfectly lovely…they actually brought tears to my eyes. Thinking of couples nourishing their love and making that love and each other a top priority…that’s what makes the world go ’round! Thank you for writing this!



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