Restore the Spark in Your Marriage

Do you remember the day you first met your partner? What did it feel like to be around them? If it’s been a while since you felt that spark or any spark, perhaps it’s time to take a moment and figure out why. It doesn’t mean your relationship is over. It may mean the relationship is moving to a new level of intimacy and romance.

How Did You Feel?

Explore the process, as Psychic Raigan states in the video, of how you felt on your first dates. What did you feel, hear or see? Remembering back, recall what you were like and what you thought of your partner. Now, come to present day and how do you feel? What is the difference? Why is there a difference?

As Raigan says in the video, recalling the old emotions might reconnect you to the past. It might also pinpoint where your focus in the relationship has shifted.

Goals and Expectations

All relationships go through phases. Do you have an expectation that things would always be like when you first kissed? Recall the expectations you both created when you first started dating. What are your expectations now? Are they realistic? I found talking with someone outside of my relationship, like a psychic, helped me see the broader picture. It helped me to disassociate with the situation and see other points of views.

When my partner and I first started dating, we called and talked to each other every day. It was great. Now that we’ve been together for a few years, we now talk about our day when we get home. The TV is muted, the chores are set aside and we just talk about our day. I have added an additional expectation/condition, where I just get to vent if I need to and he listens without trying to solve the issues. This time keeps a strong connection between us, and I don’t feel like I need to call, text or e-mail him throughout the day or vice versa.

When you decided to get married, what were your goals? If you’ve met them, it might be time to create new goals. This might include setting aside one evening for a few hours that is just for you and your partner. You might set a goal to save for a short vacation for just the two of you. The goal can create a new bond between the two of you.

Projections and Unspoken Arguments

If you’re like me, you have your significant other’s voice in your head. It seems to tell you all sorts of things and, at times, I projected these thoughts onto my partner. I even got angry at him based on these thoughts, but he never said or did anything wrong. One time, I boldly told him what he was thinking, he replied, “You might be psychic, but you’re no mind reader.”

By consciously speaking what I thought he was thinking, he was able to let me know where I right or wrong. He also got to understand me better. Even though we’ve been together for years, I’m still learning new things about him because I ask him.

Taking your relationship to a new level may mean you leave the past behind. Creating a new future may mean trying new things (like saving for a vacation and then taking the vacation). Even spending some time by yourself can help your relationship. Then when you see your spouse, you have things to talk about and possibly new things to explore together.

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