Release Relationship Doubts

Get the Doubt Out of Your Relationship!

What can you do when you start encountering doubts in your relationship? And how do you know if they are genuinely coming from you? These doubts might be stemming from other people’s opinions. Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 shared her wisdom with me on how to distinguish between genuine or unjustified doubts that can affect a relationship.

Zofeya is a fourth-generation psychic who brings clarity to callers with her intuitive guidance and insights. She often starts a reading using Tarot: “I use Tarot as a starting point, and work off people’s energy from there. I have strong empathic abilities, so I’m able to really pull out emotions. The Tarot gets me started on what’s going on, and from there I pull in the bigger picture and the details.”

“There can be a lot of doubt, and self doubt in relationships,” Zofeya remarked. “Doubt because the person isn’t doing something the way it was in a previous relationship, or it’s not the way my best friend’s boyfriend is, so does my partner really care about me? Sometimes people in relationships do a lot of comparison. But what they’re not understanding is the differences between your relationships and those of other people. Also, a lot of doubtful feelings come from past hurt, doubt, or rejection. They take that and put it in this relationship.”

Release Relationship Doubts

“I tell people, they really need to use their own intuition to start with. Do you even really feel there’s a problem, or are you going off someone else’s interpretation, what they see? Because a lot of the time what happens is people will let a third voice into the relationship. They feel their relationship is going fine, and then suddenly someone tells them oh, it’s not. Now they feel it’s not fine.”

“So the first step is to get quiet and go within. How do you feel the relationship’s going? From there, if they still feel like something’s wrong then it’s more about identifying the problem and what they’re not happy with.”

Feelings Aren’t Facts

“Next, I ask people, are you really not happy with the relationship, or are you not happy with the relationship because you’ve got these ideals and expectations? I tell people, expectations are premeditated resentment. The person’s already not going to meet up to what you want because you’ve decided they can’t before anything happens.”

“I try to help them come to a healthy perspective first, because when emotions take over, feelings aren’t facts. Our emotions are all over the place, and we can’t always focus in on the situation with a rational head. So I try to give people clarity from the standpoint of a less emotional, more clear-minded perspective.”

Set Healthy Boundaries

Zofeya advised how to resolve situations when doubts that aren’t justified are coming from another person’s perspective. “You really need to silence that third voice that shouldn’t be there. It’s a situation by situation basis, but when that other person starts telling you what’s wrong with your relationship, you can say, thank you, I appreciate you voicing your concern. I’ll take it from here.”

“In as kind a way as they can with family and close friends, they need to set that boundary. That’s the biggest thing. People often don’t set boundaries, especially with family members. Sometimes we let others walk all over us. But when it comes to protecting your relationship, you need to set a boundary.”

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One thought on “Release Relationship Doubts

  1. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    Great article, Zofeya. I really like the part about expectations being premeditated resentment. I can’t count how many times I have seen unrealistic or unhealthful expectations do harm to a relationship.

    It’s much better to challenge a person than to impose expectations – especially when it comes to men. Men often love a playful challenge, but don’t deal well with expectations. As a better rule, challenges and boundaries are a much better way for women to get what they want and need.

    I agree – listen to your own intuition, and set boundaries in and around your relationships.

    Reed x5105


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