In a Relationship? Men Are the Last to Know

If you’ve ever felt like you’re in a relationship with a man… and he feels like he’s just “hanging out,” you’re not alone. Check out this article on why men’s brains are hardwired differently than women’s, and how they’re often the last to know that a relationship is occuring… but that when he does figure it out, and if it is right for him, he’ll lock in. The Frisky reports:

When a man gets into a relationship, he’s usually the last to know.Women fall in love, men slip on it. Women gently twirl down the rabbit hole of love like whirligigs, landing on their feet in a land of wonder. But for men, love is a sudden minor concussion. One moment, we’re strolling down the street like a Pharoah in no hurry, snapping our fingers, whistling a jaunty tune. Maybe we’re leaving the apartment of a recent conquest early in the morning. Women call this the “Walk of Shame.” But to the male species, it’s called the “I Just Got Laid Parade.” Or maybe we’re just walking over to the beer store, smugly satisfied with ourselves for not immediately texting some chick back. Because no one owns the male spirit – it’s like a bacon-scented wind. We’re wild game you can’t tame, oh yeah. Then an ambush of unwanted emotions happens. Love is a banana peel. We wake up on our backs with a throbbing skull, swatting away clouds of mosquito-sized hearts buzzing around.

At least women look before they leap.

What do you think – what are the biggest differences in how men and women perceive relationships?

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One thought on “In a Relationship? Men Are the Last to Know

  1. daemonkain

    I think that this is truly sterotypical and not true, a lot of men look before they leap and are emotionally responsible, most of the time it women who do not know what they want


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