Regain Your Balance After a Relationship Ends

A “Failure” Can be a Springboard to a New Perspective

I frequently draw on my past experience in real estate when writing for the California Psychics newsletter. Recently, perspective and balance have been much on my mind, probably because a number of callers have had questions that directly relate to these subjects.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Will he (or she) return to me and renew our relationship?” Through the course of the reading I can tell, quite naturally, that this person feels a large gap in their life because the relationship has failed. Many times they feel that their lives are completely empty since this occurred. Their heartbreak is magnified since that person occupied so much of their thoughts and time.

I understand this completely. I really do. It is a very rare individual who does not need companionship and love in their life. But with the failure of their love relationship, life feels as if it entirely lacks its former balance. And when balance is missing, a perspective is skewed, as well.

When I first began selling real estate, I had to build my career. This meant that sales were achieved by very hard work, and these sales came sporadically. This is normal for beginning agents. But at the time, I was so desperate to achieve a good sales record (and a sufficient income) that it was extremely difficult for me to maintain my perspective. I labored over each sale from start to finish, feeling that life was bleak indeed if I failed in that particular sale. Since I began with so few sales, I had plenty of time to agonize over each one. My life was pretty much occupied with one activity—achieving success.

Looking back, I realize that I felt so out of balance at times because I had lost my perspective. I concentrated on each sale so intensely that I failed to see what else there was in life. I felt as if I emotionally lived or died with each success or failure to close on a property sale.

What I didn’t see at the time was that I let these sales take up so much of my thoughts that my emotional balance see-sawed back and forth as a result. My perspective was so narrow that I excluded other things in life that would have been enjoyable and made my life more well-rounded.

It is that way when we feel we have failed in a personal relationship. We are out of balance emotionally and have lost our perspective on life. One thing has disappeared, the one thing that occupied most of our actions, thoughts, and time. Of course we feel desperate. We feel as if nothing is left for us.

When I tell callers what I see during a reading, if they are receptive, I also add what I hope is positive insight into their situation. It is wonderful if I can tell them that the other person will reappear and the relationship can continue. It is sad when I must reveal that the other has moved on and will not return. But no matter what the future holds, I like to add the positive thought that their life does hold more, more than just what the one person contributed.

I don’t say that they will forget the person or that they will recover soon. They will not forget, but they will go on to another relationship. But between that relationship and the next, I endeavor to convey what I have perceived in the past—there are truly more great things in life than just the one relationship. There are people who would love to be our friends. There are activities we have never tried that are available to us. There are still new places to visit and wonderful sights to see.

For our own good we must attempt to develop perspective—and with it, balance—in our lives. When we attempt to close the sale on one house, the only sale that we have active, then of course that sale occupies a large part of our minds and time. But when we have a dozen sales pending, our emotional and financial well-being does not rest on one individual sale. We have gained some perspective. We will do our best, but failure does occur in life. And when that failure occurs, we do have other sales to fall back on. This is, in effect, what I want for my callers. I want more for them than just that one thing in life. I want a variety of things for them so that they may keep their perspective and their balance.

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