Transitional Tips: Easing out of Mercury Retrograde

Get Out of Mercury Retrograde Without a Scratch!

Mercury in Scorpio presents life as a maze—a sometimes daunting task which always requires navigation. Add a Mercury Retrograde to this mix and the lights go out, a fog rolls in and mist begins to fall. No wonder it’s hard to see! Fortunately, the cosmic communicator came out of retrograde on November 10. If you’ve been feeling introspective but unable to make progress on any of your life’s questions, that time is over now. By utilizing the positive aspects of Mercury in Scorpio, you can find the gold in your retrograde experience. All it requires is that you know where to look.

What’s Already Happened

What may have felt hopeless or fruitless is beginning to make sense to you now that the fog has lifted and sunny skies hover over your introspective feelings. In other words, you’re on the edges of the maze—not quite out or clear on how to get there, but with a crystalline view of what’s behind you. Where did you struggle? How could you have avoided it?

We all choose our reactions in life. If you learn from from the mistakes you’ve made thus far by observing your patterns and committing to changing those that no longer serve you, you’ll find the path ahead is a smoother one. Take responsibility for your own life. There’s nothing more empowering!

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Take a Good Look in the Mirror

One of the most beneficial aspects of Mercury in Scorpio is the ability to see through fallacies. Unfortunately, under this influence it can be difficult to turn that lie detector on ourselves. Don’t let that be the case! In the days surrounding the transition when you’re feeling particularly attuned to yourself (as noted above) consider where you may not have been honest with yourself. What do you really want in this life? Are there feelings and thoughts within you that have remained unsaid? The time is coming to express yourself fully, but it takes knowing yourself fully first.

Go Deep or Go Home

Self-realization comes from the willingness to commit to making your deepest desires reality. Never mind what anyone else thinks of you. Ask yourself what makes you happy from the core of your being. That’s what you can discover now. Set your intentions in the days surrounding Mercury’s transition. You’ll have the rest of the month (Mercury remains in transformative Scorpio until December.) to put plans in motion.

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