Psychics Read Your Sex Life

What can you tell about a person’s sex life in a reading? You can get an insightful indication of whether it’s hot or not, our psychics reveal. If you have questions about the state of your sex life in your relationship, they can often tell whether it’s passionate or anything but, and whether or not your partner may also be involved with another. Don’t be shy about asking, “It’s perfectly normal to inquire,” confirms Tammy ext. 9380, a Medium, Clairvoyant and Tarot reader, who says about 80% of the calls she gets each week revolve around the subject of sex.

Psychics tune into your sex life in different ways. Some see auras of color, others may be able to see it in their cards, hear it in your voice, or pick it up from your energy. For master Tarot reader Jesse ext. 9027, a strong sexual connection appears as a red or purple shade around a couple’s names after she writes them down. “It looks like a current of red and it’s powerful!” she describes. “If the sex isn’t good, I see a big black crack. A sexless relationship comes through like ice. And, if one of the partners is having sex with someone else, one name appears cold and the other looks passionate.”

The color of a caller’s aura tells Tammy much about their sex life. “A dull red orange can mean a caller’s sex drive is suppressed. Dull colors around the second chakra (which rule sexual energy and finances, she says) can mean there is a block of dark energy or no energy at all. If there are issues in both areas, it’s not unusual that when one issue clears up, the other does as well,” the psychic explains. “If they light up in orange red with other colors (like a bright rainbow of auras) it shows me the couple is connecting on many levels not just physically.”

It’s rare for intuitive Shauna ext. 9010 to find actual soulmates, when she’s looking into sexual relationships. “There just aren’t as many soulmates around as we believe there are,” she reports. But when the Clairvoyant does come across soulmate partnerships in her readings, “They come in as a true blending of two people, heart and soul.” More often, Shauna feels the intensity of “twin flames chemistry”, or two people who share extreme sexual passion in her readings. These are not soulmates,” she reminds us. Unfortunately, these relationships are often riddled with problems and get worse when the twin flames chemistry peaks or burns out. It’s good to know that there are plenty of people you can have this kind of passion with, because unfortunately when things do go bad, the couple often clings together because the sex has been, or still is, so good. A pair in this situation can end up bringing each other down. What they really need to do is just move on, she counsels.

Shauna can also sense when a partner in a relationship has psychological blocks that are causing sexual dysfunction, and if a partner is just not into it 100% sexually.

Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Tarot reader TeriLynn ext. 9625 reads the energy of a couple, tuning in to how they are relating sexually at the time of the call. She recently had a call from a woman who was worried about her partner’s sudden lack of sexual interest. “After a review of the situation, I could tell her that her partner was having problems at work and not with her. I told her that her lover would realize this within a month, and the relationship would resume at its normal pace.” A little more than a month later, her client called to say that her lover had come back to her bearing chocolates, and with a heartfelt apology, their passion ensued.

The Tarot can tell much about a caller’s sex life, our psychics say. A great sex life manifests in the Devil and Lust cards. The Devil indicates a need for more physical or intimate relations. The Lust card indicates the passion one feels for life and one’s sexual partner. When both cards come out together this indicates a hot and heavy sex life. The six of swords can indicate a routine or a boring sex life, our Tarot readers explain.

Some of our psychics may also get an impression of a sexual relationship when they visualize a couple on their psychic viewing screens. Tammy checks to see in which direction they are facing. “If they are facing away from each other, the sexual bond is not strong. However, a couple may be facing each other and be very connected – except on a sexual level,” she describes.

But many times these sexual relationships can be fixed, our psychics agree. They might see forthcoming events which will draw the couple closer sexually, suggest counseling, or taking more time for sensual interaction. “We seem to live in a disposable world,” Jesse warns. “It’s a shame that so many are quick to throw away their relationships when the relationship is good in every area, except that perhaps it has been losing heat sexually. ”

If you honestly have a great relationship in every other way but sex and you once had a good sex life, psychic suggest that you give your love the attention it deserves and work on locating that all important spark!

Most importantly, know you’re not alone. If your sex life is struggling, talk about it!

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