Summer Picks: Top Psychics for Love Readings

Time for an Emotional Overload?

With summer slowly approaching, things are about to heat up! Mercury retrograde (June 26 – July 20) could bring in lots of opportunities for misunderstandings and hurt feelings (as well as phones breaking and computers crashing). The Moon will get very close to Earth on June 23 which means emotions rev up and become more intense. This could be setting us all up for a very emotionally intense summer. Or could it be a time that you’ll ride the waves of emotional tides? Find out with love readings from these top psychics:

Aimee ext. 5711

A professional reader for over 10 years, she has developed her natural psychic abilities as a clairvoyant, medium and clairsentient. Connecting to you is quick, so get ready for a deeply profound experience. Aimee shares her extrasensory gifts by relaying messages from spirit without sugarcoating their communications. Don’t worry if you think you’ll hear something bad; Aimee is here to help you face your fears and worries. You’re not alone! Remove doubt and worry with a reading from Aimee ext. 5711.

Toby ext. 5745

Another highly skilled and experienced psychic, Toby has over 20 years of professional psychic experience. She is a clairvoyant and clairsentient. That means she can see and feel what’s going on and what’s going to happen. Some psychics describe this talent like watching a television show and being able to feel the actors’ emotions. She uses Tarot cards to open up to your energy and influences. Toby has dealt with betrayal and understands loss. If you’re at a breaking point, it’s times to get a reading from Toby. Let her ease your troubles and show you the road ahead.

Elaine ext. 5861

As a psychic who can see, hear and feel your pain (clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, respectively), Elaine masterfully deciphers your questions and gets to the heart of the matter. She says that it is very important for her “to help clients feel valued as individuals, understood, supported and reassured by providing intuitive, thoughtful and insightful readings that take into account past and present situations when considering options for the future.” She uses the Tarot, oracle cards and crystals to further validate what she’s getting from spirit. With so much connection and training as a psychic, it’s a true joy to have someone like Elaine on our line! Is your relationship spinning out of control? Find the balance you once had with a reading from Elaine ext. 5861.

Bart ext. 5901

It’s so good to laugh! Thank heavens, Bart is a naturally funny man and he uses that talent to help remove blocks! Being clairvoyant, a medium and an empath are just a few of his talents. He has spent his life studying the spiritual and paranormal world. He just gets it! It’s refreshing when you meet someone who truly believes there are no problems, but only solutions. He shares input from the other side that attests to the powerful presence of your crossed-over loved ones. If you want to find out if your relationship is headed towards marriage, a breakup or just more of the same, it’s time for a love path reading with Bart ext. 5901.

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