Your Weekly Money Horoscope for June 17 – 23, 2013

Welcome Summer!

This is the last week before Mercury turns retrograde when initiating ideas may seem like swimming upstream for three weeks. Use this week’s planetary support to plan and prepare for that short speed bump in your money horoscope.

• Monday, Mars and Uranus form a supportive angle. Got a great money-making idea? Find your voice and spread your message in a unique way.

• Wednesday is the luckiest day of the year when Jupiter and the Sun join energies—at the very least, buy a lottery ticket.

• Friday is the Summer Solstice when the Sun moves into Cancer and summer begins.

• Sunday, a Full Moon in Capricorn supports productive energy that gets stuff done.


The spotlight is on your career and Sunday’s Full Moon. Use that power to build on your financial foundation. Avoid spending beyond budget or borrowing money.


With the luckiest day of the year, June 19, falling in your second house, money practically seeks you out. This would be a good day to buy a lottery ticket.

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On June 19 Jupiter conjuncts the Sun in your sign, and it’s the luckiest day of the year. You might do well with a small gamble such as buying a lottery ticket or two.


This week should be about preparing for Jupiter’s move into your sign next week. Mercury retrograde buys you more time to plan—approximately three weeks.


Try to use the beginning of the week to catch up on some rest because the Capricorn Full Moon on Sunday will make you suddenly more popular at work, and work quickly picks up.


The luckiest day of the year is June 19 when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun in your career house. This could mean a long-awaited position opens up that could also mean more money.


Neptune, Venus and Saturn in your second, sixth and tenth houses continue to give you financial benefit and support, especially in earned income and career status—they form a strong force.


The Full Moon shines a light on communications, which could bring opportunities to your money horoscope. You’re still involved in a water triangle which lends support to your actions.

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Sunday’s Full Moon puts emphasis on your second house of income. Budget now for the year ahead so you can take full advantage of lucky Jupiter’s transit next week.


The Full Moon in your sign is an empowering gift to this week’s money horoscope. Expanding your social circle will add to your career-related popularity and in turn, your finances.


Your financial forecast indicates that the Full Moon in Capricorn will assist you spiritually to prepare you for next week’s Jupiter transit, as well as to ease any current financial stresses.


Your budget still needs to be adhered to this week, but your money horoscope suggests that the Full Moon in Capricorn can help you network and gain future business opportunities.

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  2. Sharon Chavez

    Money is always a good thing when you have been out of work for 2 years
    Lottey tickets always give us hope in the world.

    Thank you for all you do


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