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Relationship Psychic Shares Her Success

We sat down recently with Psychic Simone ext. 5346 to ask her about her successes with clients. Being that Simone’s ideal questions stem from relationships, she shared what she had learned about how to attract what you really want, how to alter the way you think and adjust your surroundings to make that difference.

Simone ext. 5346 has been reading professionally for 14 years. A Pisces, she was drawn to metaphysics early on, and her family encouraged her psychic development: Her grandmother introduced her to astrology, and her mother took her on visits to the local metaphysical bookstore. At age 13, she began reading Tarot for friends and relatives, and by 18, she was making a profit. Simone ext. 5346 connects with callers by listening to their name, date of birth, and their specific question or issue. She gets confirmation by listening. She enjoys all types of questions, but has a special interest in relationship questions because she’s fascinated by the interaction of two people. “As a woman, I understand the needs we have in an intimate relationship,” she notes, “And the uncertainty of being in the ‘right’ relationship, if all isn’t going well.”

We sat down with her and asked her about her successes with clients.

“I had one woman who was calling about a relationship after many failed; she couldn’t find the right person, so she had me look to see what kind of person I saw coming into her life. I saw that a man wearing suit or uniform would be coming within the next six months. Three months later she called to tell me that she’d met a police officer online, so they started going out and they’ve been together ever since.

“I read about relationships more than anything else. Sometimes people want to know how somebody else feels about them and if they mean well, and I can look in and see that person’s intentions and how they feel about them.

“I had a man who called, bent out of shape about a girl he was seeing. She really wasn’t over her ex. When they got together it wouldn’t have worked out, because she wasn’t coming from a healthy place. And he just had a really hard time dealing with that. I ended up telling him that I saw her coming back at a later time. It was forever before she finally did come back, by the time she did, he didn’t want her, and he ended up in a relationship with somebody who was healthier. The transition was hard at first. He was very stuck on this girl, and couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to be with him, no matter what I told him. It was difficult for him to get this on his own, but he did after several months of calling every week.

“People need to use their intuition first. Sometimes people aren’t emotionally healthy themselves. When you’re coming from that place, you can’t expect somebody to be healthier than you. That does happen, but not usually. If they’re coming from a healthy place, it’s important that they be honest with themselves about what they’re looking for. Just know what you will and will not tolerate. Some people need other needy people to make them feel strong, and if that’s something that you need, then you’ll probably end up getting that.

“I had one woman selling her house, it was on the market for like a year, and she was really stressed out because it was upside down. She ended up selling it 3-4 months after I spoke to her, and for decent amount, even after the market crashed. I just told her that she probably needed to change the energy in the house and imagine her house selling. She had an ex-husband who shared the house with her, and after they broke up he moved out. I said, maybe some sage or salt in the corners, and it worked.”

If she could help people realize one thing, what would it be?

“Being honest with yourself is the best, the first step. Just attract the thing you really want to attract, don’t be confused about what you’re putting out there in the universe. Be very clear about what you want, with no exceptions.”

What can Simone ext. 5346 see for you?

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One thought on “Psychic Simone: Attract What You Truly Want

  1. Sandie Holmes

    Hi…I have had many readings from several different people that work for you..and, I hate to tell you that not anything that was read to me has come to pass. I have spent a lot of money with your company, but, all I got was hopes and dreams that was not true. I counted on you all to help me and guide me into the relationship that I had never had….When I started contacting you, I had meet a man, and for the first time in my life I felt real love..Your people told me all that he felt and what was going to happen..then I talked with some others and they also, lead me to beleive that I was going to meet the right man….wrong….I am still alone..and very depressed that what I beleived in was you and what ya’ll had read for me…Now, here I sit and wondering did I put to much faith in your people…but, you were my one and only hope to get thru being alone…thank you for listening to me….I know that this has done no good…but, I just wanted to let you know, that I am still alone…have not even meet anyone…thanks again…sorry that I put so much trust in your people..hurting again…Sandie


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