Ideal Astrological Matches

Finding your ideal astrological match signals compatibility that anyone looking for a relationship would desire.

Let the Stars Guide You to Love

Most people know that the sign opposite theirs helps “complete them,” and that there is an affinity between sun signs of the same element and a compatible element. But, Gemini, why does that supposedly incompatible Taurus make your heart skip a beat? And Scorpio, why in the world does that Sagittarius make your blood boil with passion? Chances are, it’s a relationship between Venus and Mars in your two charts.

While space here doesn’t allow us to list all of the dates for Mars through the signs, your Venus doesn’t travel far from the Sun, so you will have it in your Sun sign, or within the two signs before or after your Sun sign. Venus is pure attraction, so when your Venus blesses a planet in another person’s chart, they will find you irresistible, and vice-versa. If we throw Mars into the mix, we could be talking about eternal love blooming between the two of you. Get personalized advice from a psychic!

So your Venus sign means everything regarding who you attract and the people who attract you.

Venus in Aries: Venus and Mars energies combine in your chart. There is a good chance your youthful, athletic body will attract all types, particularly fiery types.

Venus in Taurus: Venus is at home in Taurus and you are just naturally gorgeous to others. You embody everything earthy about sexuality and earthy types will love you.

Venus in Gemini: Venus loves language here, and your words can “charm the birds out of the trees.” Mental types will love your expression and won’t be able to walk away from your wonderful stories.

Venus in Cancer: Venus is all emotion and romance here, and a creative cook. The water signs will be drawn to your sensitivity and the earth signs will love your earthier talents in all the rooms of the house.

Venus in Leo: Your child-like enthusiasm always puts you at center-stage. Your naturally bright charisma attracts other fiery types and those who just enjoy your energy. Air signs will study you to learn your magic.

“Love and relationships are kind of like jobs, we change constantly until we find that right one that sticks around for the long haul.” – Lacy ext. 5494 

Venus in Virgo: Many of today’s sex symbols have Venus in Virgo, in spite of Virgo’s image as being nit-picky and bookish. Astrologers seem to have forgotten that Virgo is the goddess of the harvest and that special gift is irresistible to others, as are you!

Venus in Libra: Venus is elegant, charming and very happy in Libra. Your kind, loving words and lovely appearance attract pretty much everyone. Just don’t let indecision cause you to lose that perfect mate.

Venus in Scorpio: Much maligned as a bad placement for Venus, this is totally untrue. This placement is exciting to all those around you. If you can recognize that you can’t live without intense passion, and communicate that to those who adore you – the love of your life comes your way.

Venus in Sagittarius: Venus is Sagittarius is the “brainiac” who can’t get enough of travel, learning and adventure. You attract others who are insatiable in these areas. Live in that university town or that exotic place and you’re bound to find “the one.”

Venus in Capricorn: Here Venus knows what she wants and when she wants it. Love and passion build within you and once you’re there, that admirer has you forever, and vice versa.

Venus in Aquarius: Here Venus doesn’t just want a lover, she wants a “network.” As long as your love match loves social gatherings and exciting new ideas as much as you the perfect mate is yours.

Venus in Pisces: This Venus is unselfish and so compassionate, and you will have endless adoration from your beloved for these special traits. Just don’t let your ideals get in the way of seeing that perfect future mate right in front of you.

As another piece of the puzzle to matchmaking and finding your true love, your Venus sign is an essential one to know.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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69 thoughts on “Ideal Astrological Matches

  1. jeremy

    im a libra born oct 01 she is a scorpio born nov 18 she was just a friend then a few months ago somthing wonderful happened she want to date but is dating somone now should i wait or say %^)&^ it and move on

  2. nancy

    I am a tarus, married to a Scorpio for 10 years been with him for 22 years. He has cheated on me because he swears I have. He use to treat me real good. Had twins together but my kids now hate me, I guess I was not a good mother more of a friend. I now live with my dad he is 85 years old he has had some serious health problems. I feel my heart belongs with him right now. My husband found out that I was on a dating site and now he does not want anything to do with me. He is very hateful he tried to stop my social security from coming to me. I have become disabled and my kids do not understand what is wrong with me and either does he. He has told me that he loves me so much that I was his best friend but he acts like the devil. I’m just looking for someone to spend time with and that loves me. I’m a lot of fun to be with. I have asked him to spend time with me but he is always busy working so I went to search. I have never joined these dating sites. It has been hard trying to survive on no income coming in. There is so much damage to our relationship I can’t seem to get over. What is my match will I find Love someday?

  3. 08to10broken

    I’m scorpios and he is taurus, have been together for 5 years ( 2010 got some problem but sometime he or me still calling to each other, then finished 2011 ) since he left, why i being more miss and love him than. why I can’t love other man even though I try met new guys ?? why he don’t back cos we were so good couple. I wish I be his angle again. h can I do ?may u help me ?

  4. Virginia Larson

    I am Aquarius drawn to a Libra and a Gemini. Both are good men, both want to marry me. I just don’t know who will be the better for me.

  5. D

    I’m a Pisces 3/3/53 2:03pm – and she a Libra 10/20/58 1:08 pm, both on east coast. What kind of match is that? Will & can it last? Some challenges but comfortable.

  6. cheryl spidle

    What is the best sign for a taurus for a lasting loving relationship, not sure which would be 4 a good relationship and in the sexuality department and romance area?

  7. Carli

    I think I am falling in love with this guy thats an aries, I am a libra. How strong a connection or how long would a long would a relationship last? Also I know he was madly in love with his ex girlfriend whos a virgo, was their connection a good one? They were off and on because he cheated. She now lives very far away but he says she constantly bugs him (calling, texting). For instance we were on our first date just a few weeks ago and he had to turn his phone off she was calling so much! And hes off and on, one week will be amazing, we ll go on a date and talk all week. Then out of no where h wo/t text me for a whole week but everything will still be great when we re in class (we are in highschool) I just dont know what to do anymore. I asked him if he didnt want to talk to me anymore he swore I it wasnt that. So please help!!!!

  8. mary

    I.m a female gemini/he is a capricorn he he my best friend ‘we are both married. but he has made me feel alive. for the first time in yearlike we can.t get enough of each other. do u think sex would ruin this relationship. i.m 49 and he is 41.

  9. rita

    Someone please tell me about capricorn and virgo. I find it to be extremely challenging at times. I’m the cap born 12/25/84 my virgo is 9/19/90 any info would be helpful

  10. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Wow – so many questions. Let me start by saying that there are so many factors in relationship astrology with Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars all being key to romantic relationships. There are some very sound relationships based on the time of birth, as many couples will have a opposing Ascendants/rising signs, or share a Sun/rising sign, Moon/rising sign. In other words there are a lot of options between your charts even if you are.

    E: Venus in Libra and Sag are excellent Venus placements – Libra understands the Sag need for adventure and freedom while Sag loves Libra’s beauty and diplomacy (something Sag often forgets to later regrets!)

    Adriana: I gave your and your love’s birthdates a look – since I don’t have birth time or location, I don’t have the exact degree of your Moon, but it’s likely linked to your Scorpio’s Sun, mercury and Neptune – there are other strong links that look like an “ancient” connection – lovely match from what I can see – a few challenges, but relationships need challenges to function.

    Chris: Capricorn and Gemini can work, especially when the Gemini might be looking for someone who might offer them more of an “anchor” in life. Just stand your ground while being compassionate.

    Sarah: While Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, meaning each of you will find it difficult to compromise on certain things – there are so many links that could keep you together and both of your would tend to be loyal. Once any disagreement dissolves it will probably get pretty sexy, so if both of you can accept that – great!

    Pooja: Cancer and Gemini are two signs with a stronger likelihood of that Venus match I was referring to – could be great.
    Marcia: Aries and Taurus as well could likely have good Venus connections.

    Sonia and Corrado: Taurus the “the” Venus sign. Venus loves life, lust and delicious delights. As Taurus matures they are truly loyal. Corrado – glad you found your Gemini. They “get” people really quickly with their wonderful minds. Sonia – You and your Libra reflect different phases of Venus, but you share a love of beauty and comfort. You and your Virgo are both Earth signs, also compatible.

    Stephanie: 2 Cancers will tend to have the same “spirit” toward life. With other complementary aspects – same sign relationships can be great.
    Bailey: 2 Leos, as long as you work as a team, will be a real “dynamic duo.”

    Charles and Adriana: Scorpio (water) and Virgo (earth) are considered compatible signs, they are part of the same area of the sky that used to be 2 huge constellations, one’s story leading to the other’s.

    Same elements are also considered compatible, such as:
    Rydan’s: Cancer and Pisces (water),
    Avis’s: Scorpio and Cancer (water) – water signs have emotional compatibility
    Emileena’s: Libra and Gemini (air) mental connection, good communications

    We are now to the opposite signs: These people really “balance” each other. You do need constant compromise, but when all negotiations are handled, you are the perfect team, so:
    Hotnsexymarla: has such a relationship with Scorpio/Taurus – lots of passion there and compatible as long as both of you don’t “dig in your heels” at the same time.
    Lena: Sag and Gemini have such fun together! As long as you have some grounding, stable planets between you it can be a great match.

    Monie: While Aquarius is an air sign and Cancer is water, Aquarius is in the watery part of the sky. You do appreciate the sensitivity. As long as your Cancer feels secure, all will be well. Respect their ‘quiet time” and they should respect your need for interaction and talk.

    Kathy: Libra and Pisces also have a Venus signature in common. Libra is rules by Venus and Venus is exalted in Pisces and is a watery expression of the planet of love. If Pisces’ dreaminess doesn’t frustrate your more proactive personality, and you remain sensitive to Pisces, you could very well have a romantic long-term relationship

    Denis: It’s always nice to hear from a Capricorn. Glad things are going well…

  11. teresa in humboldt

    i have been in a relationship with an aries male for naerly 11 i am gemini.he has broken my heart severily. ive only been with 4 men since high school.him beeing the 4th.i worshipped the ground he walked on .have built my life around him.he has been cheating for many months.and actually told me that he doesnt love her,he loves me ,but doesnt want to give either of us up. she seemed to adapt to that idea.but not really liking it.i tried,dont know why,im old school,never even crossed my mind to cheat.and the thought of him with someone else,well,just kills me.she is aware of my morals,and im sure she knew it wouldnt take long for me to want the hole thing doneshe openly admitts she knows his heart is with i told him i cant do the sharing party.and though,he said he wouldt stop seeing either of us.he now .
    is shinning my calls.what the hell,could he be being loyal to her now.i know i should just walk away.but i have so much of my soul invested ,its heard.can you provide some magic ,to get this jerkwaud out of my head.crying myself to sleep,feeling like i just handed him to her on a platter.he loves me ,but she wins.whatever.i need help,ive totally lost my mind and heart,self esteem patience & i know hes not worth ,ima hopeless romantic,but i need to get real,before i get some awful desease.maybe you can suggest another sign to look for. he was suppose to be my perfect chmat

  12. renee

    I’m a capricorn jan. 16 1980 my guy is a sagitt dec. 18 1982 so I’m a little older and that not a big deal at all we do love each other a lot but I’m not sure were we should really be going in our relationship of almost 2 years or if it going to work out at all we ALWAYS debate everything so are we compatable???????

  13. colleen

    I’m a Virgo & have two guys that are my friends etc… One is a Virgo & one is a Sagitarius. Am I going in the wrong direction. Which sign is a Virgo woman suppose to do?

  14. Karen

    I don’t feel it’s in the astrology,I feel it’s in the individual,has a great deal to do with your up bringing,usually from birth to 6 ,how your personal bonding with your siblings was,don’t get me wrong I’m very much into astrology,I just don’t think it has anything to do with love,people just want to hear that there with the wright sign,follow your instinks and heart you’ll get for the nasty comments about Taurus,you just happen to have had a few bad experiences with them buy chance nothing more,my daughter is a taurus,very kind and loving,she would give you the shirt of her back or the food out of her mouth,she is a hero in remission form cancer

  15. chris

    l,m a true capricorn and he is a Gemini,can love go forward with the menory of a long 45yr marriage he had and can he accept me for who l am, not the slender wife he had,who was sick their whole marriage from the time she was 17yrs old

  16. emileena

    im a libra born oct. 15 and my boyfriend of 9 years is a gemini born may 25th. we have 2 kids and had more downs then ups but,it seems like we can never walk away from each other no matter how many times we try or what we’ve done to the other. why is that,and are our signs meant for each other?

  17. adriana cantu

    I’m virgo (female) n almost married w a scorpio guy -Im agu 23 1974 and he is nov 13 1969….it is a good match??

  18. Bailey

    I am a female Leo, very stubborn, love to be the centre of attention and a born leader in anything that I do. My partner, also a Leo and posesses almost every exact quality as I do, have been together for 3 years now and even though all readings I have found that claim such a match could never work and are doomed for failure due to both our needs for the spotlight I have found that we both compliment eachother perfectly and thrive off our equalities and our differences. I believe if it’s true love then you can make it work, regardless of what your sign may be. No compromise is to great for love.

  19. Monie

    I am an Aquarius, interested in a Cancer. Odd pair, but he turns me on with his calm nature, his charm and his intellect. Can this work?

  20. Sonia Allen

    I read the article above and have no idea how to read the “Venus in … ”
    There are 2 women in my life I could see myself with, one a Libra and the other a Virgo.
    The Virgo is hot, fun and there seems to be a strong connection. The Libra is older, settled, but somewhat harsh at times. What should I do ???

    @ Corrado – I am a Taurus and have met other Taureans as you have described, but that doesn’t make all of us that way. I thank God everyday for my morals and ethics. When I was in my teens and 20’s I was most of you described. My 30’s were a changing point in my life and I am now (at 49) quite content to be the person I have become – honest, loyal, loving and helpful to people and animals alike. I have to tell you it’s a much better feeling being loving rather going around hating everyone and everything !! Circumstances and experience with tragedy can make a person rough around the edges. I’m glad you have found someone that you love, it makes all the difference in the world 🙂

  21. rydan

    i’m a cancer and he is a pisces, will we make it longer than just a few months? he has my heart and soul but has he fallen for me too?

  22. corrado

    I’m lucky to have found my Gemini. She seems to know what makes me tick. She is loyal n loves me to a fault.Never felt So loved n the conection 2nd to none!!!!!!!!!! Now let’s talk a about the the Big Back Stabbing Liar Taurus women are, n I may speak, my Mom, my Ex wife, n ex fiance were.This astrological sign should be recalled to” Sosiopath” they move w the most cold n caculating back stabbing ease; w out blinking an eye n feeling proud n justified. These Cold hearted Calous Bitches learn the hard way. KARMA Is A BItch!!!!


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