Psychic Sees Valentine Engagement

A client of mine was asking about Christmas presents from her boyfriend, and I told her “…That isn’t really fair,” and she said that the only thing she really, really wanted to know about was whether or not she would get an engagement ring. And I let her know that I didn’t see it in her stocking that Christmas.

She called me up a week after New Year’s and told me very sadly that my prediction was all too true, and that no proposal came on New Years day either. I did a reading for her and told her that I saw something “glinting” or “sparkling.” I could not determine if it was a ring for each time I looked at the image in my mind, the sparkles would be so bright I could not identify it, and they would dance around like it was in front of a reflective surface or a mirror.

So I switched gears, asked her to speak her boyfriend’s first name out loud for me three times, and I followed that energy to him to see what was in his psyche … and there, I could clearly see a ring. I could see that he had an image in his mind of one that had a “pink” tint to it (her favorite color) and that it was in a white gold setting.

I could see her boyfriend but it was like he was dripping wet, maybe in the rain? I did feel a sense of a lot of water and movement, like swaying, maybe they were dancing? I wasn’t getting a date or time per se, what I did see were little red hearts floating all around her in the air. She told me that they were not going to be together on Valentine’s Day, so that ruled it out. She said she was going to a family reunion in Nevada, and that he had to work. She felt that it would happen on their vacation in the Cayman Islands in June.

I could hear her disappointment, and knew she wanted this to happen before she went to the family reunion … to show it off to the relatives. Also they had been through some rough times when he had to deal with family issues, and so she had been waiting for the proposal for three years and was starting to think it would never happen. We talked about how it was going to happen, and that even though I felt the hearts were representative of Valentine’s Day, that maybe they were really symbols of love. She was happy about the future, no matter what.

She went to the family reunion and the actual picnic was at Lake Mead. One of her Uncles had a boat there and was giving rides up and down the river. He brought the boat back in, but stayed out about 20 feet away from the dock, and tossed out the anchor, said he was going to fish a bit … maybe they could catch something for the bar-b-que later.

He put his line in the water, and pretty soon was in a bit of a battle to pull the fish in, so he asked her help while he readied the net. She took over and pulled in what felt like a pretty big fish. As the line came up, she could see something glittering. She thought it was a weight, but as it crested the water, she could see a plastic bag with the glittering thing tied securely to the line. Then, the fish let go of the line. She was sorry she’d lost the fish, but even more, she was curious about the glitter … Her uncle didn’t seem upset at all, and told her to pull up the line, and see “what’s hooked on to it.”

You know what it was. It was her engagement ring! Just as she realized that, her boyfriend’s head popped out of the water. Her uncle helped him up onto the boat, and standing there in his dripping, wetsuit, he got down on one knee and proposed while her entire family watched from the boat, the dock, and on shore. Oh, and her niece had a job to do on the boat as well, her job was to toss confetti up and over the happy couple as they kissed. Heart shaped confetti!

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