Testimonial of the Day: Liam

LiamLiam was very honest and empathetic about my situation. He helped me see the other person’s perspective and that I was reading into things way too much. He made me feel comfortable to follow my heart and that sometimes love takes time. I also realized from Liam how my own intuition can get in the way, because I’m not seeing the situation objectively. I look forward to his timelines, especially the next two months. Thank you!”


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3 thoughts on “Testimonial of the Day: Liam

  1. balancedesires

    Hi Miss Krystal!

    You were a gift to myself when I used my Karma Rewards up & I adored my reading with you. You are very down to earth & easy to talk to. I came across my notes from that evening & to my delight reviewed that I would be in transitions within Jan, Feb & March, that is happening just as you predicted. I did contact my fave Abigail just last week for an energy clearing so to speak which worked wonders. You are all invaluable, dynamic & incredible individuals! Many hugs & blessings!


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