Decoding Spiritual Messages

Our daily lives are filled with spiritual messages and signs designed just for us. They appear on our path to teach us lessons, to help us make decisions, or simply to give us a preview of things to come. They can show us if we’re headed in the right direction, or nudge us to change course if the road we’re on no longer serves our best interests. But before we can reap the full benefits of these helpful messages and signs, we have to learn how to recognize them.

Since they’re hardly ever loud or intrusive, they can be quite easy to ignore or overlook. But the more we pay attention to our surroundings and cultivate our powers of observation, the more we start to see useful information all around us. We are in constant communication with the universe — it never stops sending us guidance and assistance.

Here are some instances when signs and spiritual messages are particularly easy to spot:

1. While Driving or Walking – What you see along the road is often an indication of what’s happening on a larger scale on your life path. For example, witnessing an accident while driving is usually a message to slow down the pace of your life. Or seeing a glove on the sidewalk can reassure you that support is on the way, since a glove often signifies a helping hand.

2. Through Music – The meaning of the song might apply directly to your life in some way, perhaps to give you strength, offer clarity about a decision, or just to remind you that other people have dealt with the same issues you’re facing now.

3. Overheard Conversations – If you overhear a woman on the phone talking about how she can’t wait for her upcoming trip to Italy, take heed. Maybe you’re meant to take a vacation yourself, or simply to add more activities to your life that fill you with excitement and anticipation.

4. Clock Patterns – Different numbers have different meanings, so if you ‘happen to’ see the same numbers repeatedly, one of our many skilled psychics can help you figure out why.

5. Home Repairs – A problem with your home can be a sign that your inner house could use some extra care as well. Water is a metaphor for our emotions, so a leaky roof or a plumbing problem can mean that you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed. A clogged drain might signify you have a suppressed issue or blocked emotion inside, and the time has come to let it go.

6. Extraordinary Circumstances – Sometimes an incident or combination of incidents makes you stand up and take notice. You can’t stop thinking about your European ex-boyfriend you haven’t spoken to in years, and he calls the next day. Or you’re trying to decide whether to move to Miami or New York, and you see a car with a New York license plate right in front of you … immediately after a radio commercial mentions New York, and twenty minutes later, you meet a guy in line at a cafe from, you guessed it: New York.

Psychic Interpretations
Psychics have a lot of experience interpreting and understanding different signs and why they appear to us when they do. Their knowledge, combined with their intuitive gifts and abilities, creates a very powerful force to help us understand with great accuracy what the universe is trying to tell us.

They can see the bigger picture of our lives and help us recognize information that would have otherwise gone over our heads. A psychic might validate what we already suspect to be true, or surprise us with insight that forces us to look at a situation in a new light.

We each have energy that connects us with other people and the universe, and psychics tap into that energy for our greatest good, serving as liaisons between our highest self and spirit. “When I deliver the messages I receive, callers develop an awareness of their unique potential,” explains Marin ext. 5113.

By answering our questions and concerns, psychics empower us to make informed, educated decisions about our future. With their help, we can then take full advantage of the wisdom and intelligence of the universe. Because when we ask, the universe always answers, one way or another.

11 thoughts on “Decoding Spiritual Messages

  1. Jakki Thomson

    A friend of mind has lost her husband and in the last months loads have gone wrong all connected to water her pool in Spain is leaking she has problems with here pool at home her basement has flooded her boiler broke and today she has a leak in the ceiling of her bedroom. Is he trying to tell her something.

  2. Jeneva malmoe

    My sister has white circle residue on her window. But it’s from inside the house and nothing was hung from the window. You this a spiritual communication? Someone help!!!

  3. Vivian Villanueva

    17 major plumbing roof electrical prob in 3 years 2 minrhs apart money gets sucked up all my electronics break no mater how carful i am a tree fell on my house whats wrong its not normal people see it

  4. Jennifer

    The pilot light of the hot water heater at our rental property wouldn’t stay lit. Baffling since it’s a brand new water heater. We had to replace it twice last year due to bad thermocouples from rain water getting it wet. This time, my husband cleaned out the leaves that were blocking the vent, after some work to build a new heater shed to keep it dry and clear it finally stayed lit. Then it happened at our other property. Dryer lint had collected and blocked the vent, easily cleared and fixed. And then it happened at the house we are renting – had to replace the water heater. Now it’s happening again at our rental property. This is all within a 30 day period. This has to be a message. Right?! So water heater, related to plumbing = emotional stuff. But specifically pilot light going out. What is this? Water and debris blocking vent for pilot light to stay lit. I’m thinking my husband – who is on the verge of an awakening breakthrough is not able to stay lit- his spiritual progress dampened? I can’t quit figure out the message. What does it mean? In 22 years of homeownership – this has never happened. Any help is appreciated.

  5. Heather

    1. Bathroom roof leak
    2. Work office roof leak
    3. Fishtank filter leak
    4. Car roof / windows leaking
    5. Kitchen sink won’t turn off completely
    What are these signs telling me and what can I do to fix myself to prevent more water flooding around me??

  6. Marie Elaine Cook

    I am in connection with the Universe and it speaks to me in many ways. I am constantly learning from my inner self and my guides, as I open my spirit to receiving guidance. I am fully aware of the implications of the Law of Attraction and always willing to help others.

    I am immensely thankful for what I have!

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