Psychic Rowan: Love is Everything

Psychic Rowan ext. 5423 Shares Her Success

Rowan ext. 5423 was raised within a lineage of gifted psychics and honed her gifts through the study of shamanism, tarot, dream work and a spiritual study of nature. She works with her guides, is highly empathic and receives clairvoyant and clairaudient messages. She gets confirmation of the information she is receiving by way of tingling sensations in her hands and head. She enjoys providing hope and inspiration on all types of issues, but excels in the areas of love and life purpose. Rowan has the ability to see your highest good and guide you toward manifesting your greatest potential.

We sat down with Rowan to discuss her remarkable successes with clients, and got some great answers.

“I had a mother call me recently who was having trouble with her baby,” she told us. “The baby was only a week old and wouldn’t stop crying and fussing, she was disturbed. She called me to look into the baby’s energy field, to look for emotional blockages. I saw an expansive, watery blue energy. The baby was very happy to be here, but also showed me that he was afraid, that he was scared and felt disconnected from his mother. I asked him why, and he said he didn’t know if his mother was OK. When I looked at her energy field, I saw that in the past, around birth, there was a shakiness and dark red color around her periphery. I asked the mother how the birth was. Sure enough, she had had some very frightening complications after the baby was born. The baby was fine, but the mother was not. I told her to hold the baby and tell him that she’s OK, that she’s made it and they’re all safe and together now. The next day, she called me to say he’d had his first restful night, was bright and alert all morning. All he needed was to hear that Mom was OK, and he’s been wonderful ever since, no more crying.

“For me, one of the biggest rewards a psychic can receive is to watch a client step into a place of empowerment and self love, my mission is to bring people into harmony with themselves. I want everyone to literally fall in love with themselves.”

What about clients who have had problems with relationships?

“Rob was a client who had been in a tumultuous relationship. His partner would break his heart, push him away, then pull him back in, only to break his heart again. It was unhealthy, and very damaging to his sense of self worth. His energy field reflected that, and was consistently very gray. His girlfriend had many self-love issues she was working with, and it came out in the form of self-sabotage. By staying together, they were perpetuating a sense of being unlovable. So I could see, I could also see it was never going to work out. But with the right focus, Rob was very near a breakthrough with how he saw himself and his life. So I focused on that. We worked on how to step away from the unhealthy and emotionally abusive relationship, how to turn the focus inward, and ways he could start to treat himself the way he wanted to treat himself by her and by anyone. Little steps, little daily acts of self love and self care, daily affirmations. It was a long process. One day Rob called me — he was really breathless with excitement, he had just come to the realization that he was never going to get the kind of love that he deserved from his girlfriend. Something clicked inside him, and he realized that the energy changed and he was just brimming and full of love for himself. He realized that he had love not just for himself, but even for her despite the pain and for the world at large. It was a reality-shifting, profound spiritual epiphany. He could say he loved her and forgave her, but also released any need to be with her anymore. A grace came over him, almost. In turn, I could see his whole energy field was bursting with golden light, he had gone from gray to golden. It brought me to tears a little bit, seeing somebody truly transform their energy.”

What would she most like people to recognize?

“We are all interconnected and divine beings, worthy of love, and that love is the building block of creation. So as much as you can work towards loving yourself and those around you, you are also working towards healing the world.”

What can Rowan ext. 5423 see for you?

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