5 PDAs He Won’t Mind

What’s Appropriate in Public?

The type and intensity of the Public Displays of Affection we observe and experience differs depending upon the couple as well as the observer. As a general rule, women are more comfortable with PDAs than men, although this can certainly vary. Whether a male wants to be seen as more of  a “tough-guy,” or just prefers to be more private about his emotions, there’s probably a PDA comfort zone he’s already established in his mind that most women can only guess at. Let’s try and remove a little of the guesswork with these few key PDA guidelines!

Which Public Displays of Affection are most widely acceptable and why?

1. Handholding

Probably the most common form of PDA, handholding is a fairly safe way to express your feelings for him in public without making him uncomfortable. You are making a physical connection that says you enjoy touching him and being seen with him as either a current or potential love interest.

2. Sharing Personal Space

If the two of you are really into one another, stepping in closer to him is an easy, subtle way of sharing some public intimacy. It reveals an element of trust and attraction that exists between the two of you without getting all sloppy about it. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

3. Whispering

Leaning over to whisper something in his ear is a clever way of bringing intimacy into normal conversation, and has the added bonus of easily making him think of other future, more private, intimate moments with you.

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4. Kissing Hellos and Goodbyes

A quick kiss on the lips can be a sweet and validating way to let him know you are happy to see him or will miss him when he’s gone. This little peck is not to be confused with a slob-fest of wet kisses that leave everyone in the room- most likely including your guy- feeling weird and uncomfortable.

5. Light Touching

A gentle touch on his arm, shoulder, or even leg is a simple, great way to show affection without imposing on a guy with a shy PDA disposition. Whether its message is meant to be sweet, comforting, or to tease, this method easily accomplishes all three without crossing any anti-PDA lines.

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2 thoughts on “5 PDAs He Won’t Mind

  1. Marc from the UK

    Nice thought provoking article and reassuring, I am tactile so I enjoy intimacy. I did learn a few years ago though on a course at work that the only acceptable physical touch allowed is touching someone’s elbow! In other words anywhere else is considered sexual harrasment, so be careful!!!! But otherwise great.

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    wonderful information. it is nice to now your partners comfort zone when out in public.
    love whispering… makes the couple seem so mysterious. and a good whisper can be a great turn on.


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