Psychic Revelations: What Men Think is Sexy

4 Keys to Being More Sexy

Are men really the enigma we allow them to be? Or are they a bit more simple and predictable in what they think is sexy? Here’s what a few of our psychics had to say about what men see as sexy.

Psychic Reba ext. 5508: He Will Choose You, for You

Go ahead and pile on the makeup. Wear the latest, hottest fashions. Get that bra to push the girls way up. Just know that he can usually see through all that as Reba tells us. “Sexy for him is a sexy lady walking into a room wearing lots of bling and sparkles on her clothes and her body, but don’t worry ladies. Your man may not actually be looking at the woman hidden beneath all that bling. Remember that men also find shiny new cars sexy. Sexy to a man is flirty and fun, and if you are the right lady and he crosses your path, he will choose you.” Need some help removing the protective barrier you constructed? Reba can help open up the barriers to let love through.

Psychic Esther ext. 9669: More Intelligence, Less Drama

No one likes a drama queen—except herself, of course. Attention-getting stunts are for teenagers and young adults who don’t know better. So if you stayed up all night worrying if you’re going to have the same office drama tomorrow as you did today, save it. Men don’t want to hear about it. Esther explains it best that a woman should allow her intelligence to shine through and to relax into her confidence. “Please don’t be a drama queen. Men don’t like drama queens. Be honest in your relationship.” Of course, a little feminine grace and charm never hurts as Esther adds, “Never leave home without your lipstick.” Ready to leave the life of drama behind, but not sure how? Let Esther guide you to a empowered life path.

Psychic Skylar ext. 9887: It’s All in Your Attitude

I’ve been told so many times that men look for confidence in a woman. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to see, but Skylar breaks it down this way: “Confidence is enhanced by feeling good about who we are as individuals, focusing on our strengths and by discovering our true passions. These are just some of the catalysts that heighten our sexiness. This is perceived by men as a positive feminine trait that is alluring, and intrigues the imagination. It’s within our minds where the perception of “sexiness” is stored. That’s why it’s important to focus on what makes us feel good about ourselves, to evolve into the best we can be spiritually and emotionally, and radiate that energy out to others, to share, inspire, and enjoy!” Is your confidence shaky? Skylar can help tap into it again and show you how to make it stronger!

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