Your Weekly Career Forecast for October 29 – November 4, 2012

This Week in Work

The week starts with a tug of war between your ideals and your personal drive. Both have a lot of energy. At the same time, communications will be a little confused this week. Venus has moved into Libra where she is at home and graceful making this situation cooperative, so enjoy the pleasantries and do your best to find clarity in the midst of the enthusiasm and dreams.


You can electrify others with your words this week and any work-related travel should bring positive results. While partnerships and other relationships will be erratic and very changeable, Wednesday and Thursday give you an opportunity to communicate well. It won’t be dull! Boost your communication skills by chatting with Dave ext. 8018. He has the tools you need.


Demands from partners are emotionally intense at the beginning of the week but you are up to the intensity. Take a philosophical approach to their needs and you could really bring them around. Your Sun sign ruler, Venus, is entering the area in your chart that shows your workplace environment, so this will serve as a benefit over the coming month.


On Wednesday your creative efforts and natural charm could really work in your favor with the confusion now taking place at work. If you are an artist, Wednesday and Thursday will be profoundly productive. Your work is met with some resistance, possibly by a jealous competitor, but it won’t have a lasting impact. You are the source of inspiration and encouragement to others.


Your natural nurturing tendency (whether you’re a chef, teacher, in the service industry or serve as the person who “gets” everyone else in the workplace) will serve you well this week. Your ability to flow with the emotions of others can gain the attention of management and show your value to them, particularly if you work on Saturday.


You may find a parent or someone else in your home life feeling a bit threatened by your career focus on Monday, or you might just feel an inner pull between your desire to be at home and work demands. Don’t worry, this passes quickly and Wednesday and Thursday bring wonderful networking and communication opportunities.


There will be surprises regarding your personal finances and people who might invest in you and your career or decide your salary and bonuses this week. You are up to the challenge and there should be good news in the next few weeks.


While Venus, your Sun sign ruler, gracefully glides through Libra (one of her “homes”) over the next month, you will find a certain ease and loveliness in your life where there was much more of a struggle over the past few years. You continue on your creative and money-making quest under happy conditions even though there are a few challenges along the way. Thursday should be especially good for you.


Whatever doesn’t work smoothly at the beginning of the week will offer great energy for your creative efforts. You are developing really powerful work whether it is in the arts or in business and will have established a whole new level in your career in the next few years. Saturday brings good educational and travel “fodder” for your work.


The see-saw effect will continue between your driven ambitions and your naturally generous, happy, accepting nature. This can be really good news if you remember to “ready, aim” before you “fire!” If you discipline yourself to do this, then your career efforts are unstoppable.


While things continue to be a bit “edgy” this week, you like the high productivity produced by the energies. In fact, you can use this dynamic force to produce profound changes for the better in your career if you turn on the charm, particularly on Monday and Tuesday.


Work is truly intense at the beginning of the week. Your positive attitude and no-nonsense approach to technology and networking will serve you well, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. Keep building those connections and you will see massive career gains over the next few years. What does the future hold for your career? Psychic Justine ext. 5402 has your answers!


Endure the aggressive nature of others at work by using your more sensitive, creative nature and really strong intuitive energy flowing in this week to gain an edge. When the weekend comes, personal joy and lovely inspiration will stream into your life.

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