Psychic Quinn: Soulmate by Design

Learn what you want in a partner or a soulmate. Design your soutlmate by listing the characteristics or traits of the kind of person you want.

Know What You Want

More often than not, people call looking for answers about love—that deep heart to heart, twin flame, sacred cord, soulmate love. Where the connection is so deep and profound, you feel as if you are dreaming and so happy you keep pinching yourself to make sure you are not dreaming.

Callers tell me about their last relationship or the love of their life who is gone for good in a retrospective attempt to bring insight into what kind of person they are looking for. This is great and I really enjoy hearing of the many traits the ex encompassed.

On the verge of my second marriage, a fight took place and I spent the night at a friend’s house and called my father. He told me to make a list of the kind of man I wanted and if my soon-to-be husband fit the list, than I was to fix it and move forward with the wedding. If he did not fit the list, I could let go and move forward with new hopes of meeting a great guy. I called this list, “Soulmate by Design.” I was 28 at the the time and getting ready to advance into the marriage that lasted for the next 20 years. I took my father’s words to heart, did the exercise, and found that the man I was going to marry indeed fit most of the list. My list is so different now, 48 years later.

With each 10 years, our tastes change and our personal climate evolves as we grow and experience many of life’s mysteries. We grow spiritually and financially, our education becomes enhanced and our family connections change. These things are only a few of the many factors that come into play when making a list to design your soulmate.

When we are young we are more likely to meet single people without a lot of baggage from past love relationships, or baby mama drama. In our young life, our list is different as our desires are different.Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

In our 30s, we come to know some of the hardships of life on a more personal level. Our 40s bring us wisdom and experience, our 50s cause us to take a look at our life and really determine what we want. In our 60s, if you are single you are very mature in your emotional thinking and bring many wonderful vibrations to a relationship. If I live 30 more years, I will write again what it is like to be in love and design your lover in the last phases of life. For now, here is a very basic list of things your “soulmate by design” may possess. Feel free to add to it or take away whatever elements aren’t too important to you:

1. Single
2. Happy
3. Nice looking
4. Working
5. Compassionate
6. Good listener
7. Sense of humor
8. Knows how to share
9. Good lover
10. Educated (to whatever level suits your needs)
11. Spiritual (in accordance with your needs)

The list I just shared with you are the 11 traits I require my soulmate to possess. You may also want to consider some other traits like: Sun sign, hair and eye color or body type. If you need further help with your list, call one of our love psychics. We are always happy to help those searching for love find it. We could even get you closer to finding your soulmate!


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