How Much Truth Do You Want in a Psychic Reading?

There are different types of psychic readings that you can receive and from different types of psychics and readers. Find what will work best for you.

What Do Want to Know?

I discuss a wide variety of topics with my clients, but the most common questions have to do with love and career. I am a straight-forward reader, and my clients call me when they want the truth served up to them without the sugar-coating. If  you want a bare-bones, no holds barred reading,  you may like a straightforward reader, like me. If you want to feel understood, like nobody else can ever “get” you like your reader, then you probably want to read with a compassionate reader. If you want to finish your reading feeling like you can take on the world, than you’re looking for an inspirational reader.

When I read for love, I get information on how people feel at that moment and before, then based on that, the most likely outcome if the lover in question stays the same in his or her opinion. Many clients want to know when the one they love might come back. It’s a tricky question. The objects of their desires are usually, according to my Tarot cards, in hard places and can’t make up their minds about who or what they want. I often see these missing lovers as going through tough times in their lives and they cannot handle commitment. Sometimes, I also see how the relationships had problems in the past which haven’t been resolved, and I feel many calling to get a lover back actually want some kind of closure.

Before calling for a love reading, see where your ideals for a reading fit. I imagine you’re somewhere in the middle of it all, and are not sure about what your life is all about. When you seek a reading, look for a psychic whose description matches your pace. If you want the cards all laid out on the table, go to a straightforward reader. If you seek someone to understand what you’re going through in this relationship and help you on your terms, seek a compassionate reader. If you desire a reader to tell you what you know, what drives you, and you want to hear it echo back in the phone with fire and gusto from a reader who keeps you high for days, go to an inspirational reader. Trust your gut.

As far as career readings, most callers want to know if they will get the job they’re looking for, when they’ll make more money, or they are wondering what to do with their career lives. The same rules apply as with love readings. Find readers who you’re drawn to. Spend time on picking your reader. Look at their pictures and read their descriptions. I went through a detailed hiring process where I had to describe myself best as I could, and my company made my biography shine. Not only that, but it was perfectly accurate.

Don’t ever give up! You may think you want the straightforward reader, but after trying one, you may feel like what you really wanted was a friend who gets you from “Hello!” Or, maybe you wanted to talk to the one who tugs your hair and says a simple, “Lighten up!” I feel anyone coming to this company for help or insight need look no further than her keyboard or listen on the other end of her phone line on customer service, and she will find the perfect reader for her situation.

6 thoughts on “How Much Truth Do You Want in a Psychic Reading?

  1. libby 5288

    Wow!! LOVE !!! how you described how client’s should understand how they can choose what they really want in a reader, I am very excited for the way this was written, yes, like this more client’s will feel more comfortable and won’t have to feel on edge whom they should choose, it’s sometimes very difficult for our customers especially first timers what to do or how do they go about choosing a psychic to speak to. You have open some great doors for many customers to feel more comfortable for them to now understand how to choose. I am straight forward as a reader, but also help my customers see that there is a better light on the other side of the tunnel. Sometimes we are in so much pain, I give my client’s love and understanding to their solutions, not only do they feel good about what to expect, but also give them a chance to invest in a relationship that they feel is not working, here is where I take my clients to a very special consideration of empowerment and direction to see life more clearly. Your writing is Amazing. Thank you Love and Light LIBBY:)

  2. susie

    i saw you and i new your the one i was looking for i sure hope that you can please email me back thank you for time .susie jean

  3. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    I really like this article Ophelia! How are you? Hope to see you again in our gathering place! 🙂

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    hi ophelia,
    your new picture is very pretty…
    good advice on the different types of readers – im a straighforward reader, yet i like to think i can deliver information with compassion and hope that i inspire those who i talk with to take the messages and wisdom and use it to bring their life condition to a higher level -having the caller happy in the end is the goal.
    i can see how sometimes pulling the band-aid off to quick can cause discomfort. ouch!
    i really like reading your articles, they are very down to earth and informative.
    buddha bless,


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